473 Postal Codes in Afghanistan

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TimezoneAfghanistan Time
Population29.1 million
Postal Codes1001, 1002, 1003 (470 more)
Area Codes20, 21, 23 (54 more)
Businesses in Afghanistan5,182

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
1001 - 1064Kabul Province22
1101 - 1103, 1551 - 1556Parwan Province11
1151 - 1159, 1501 - 1503Panjshir Province10
1201 - 1256Kapisa Province9
1301 - 1358Maidan Wardak Province11
1401 - 1456Logar Province9
1601 - 1656Bamyan Province9
1701 - 1764Balkh Province17
1801 - 1863Faryab Province16
1901 - 1960Jowzjan Province13
2001 - 2056Samangan Province9
2101 - 2156Sar-e Pol Province9
2201 - 2261Paktia Province14
2301 - 2368Ghazni Province21
2401 - 2468Paktika Province21
2501 - 2562Khost Province15
2601 - 2671Nangarhar Province24
2701 - 2754Laghman Province7
2801 - 2864Kunar Province17
2901 - 2957Nuristan Province10
3001 - 3065Herat Province20
3101 - 3160Farah Province13
3201 - 3259Ghor Province12
3301 - 3356Badghis Province9
3401 - 3475Badakhshan Province28
3501 - 3556Kunduz Province9
3601 - 3664Baghlan Province17
3701 - 3766Takhar Province19
3801 - 3865Kandahar Province18
3901 - 3962Helmand Province15
4001 - 4060Zabul Province13
4101 - 4154Urozgan Province7
4201 - 4258Daykundi Province11
4301 - 4355Nimruz Province8

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473 Postal Codes in Afghanistan

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
1001KabulKabul Province3,043,532
1002KabulKabul Province3,043,532
1003KabulKabul Province3,043,532
1004KabulKabul Province3,043,532
1005KabulKabul Province3,043,532
1006KabulKabul Province3,043,532
1007KabulKabul Province3,043,532
1008KabulKabul Province3,043,532
1051Char AsiabKabul Province
1052Kabul Province
1053BagramiKabul Province
1054Kabul Province
1055Khāk-e Jabār-e BālāKabul Province
1056Kabul Province
1057Kabul Province
1058Kabul Province
1059Dehnawe FarzaKabul Province
1060Kabul Province
1061ShakardarahKabul Province
1062KalakanKabul Province
1063Mir Bacha KotKabul Province5,405
1064PaghmanKabul Province49,157
1101CharikarParwan Province53,676
1102CharikarParwan Province53,676
1103CharikarParwan Province53,676
1151Panjshir Province
1152Panjshir Province
1153Panjshir Province
1154Panjshir Province
1155Panjshir Province
1156Jabal os SarajParwan Province15,032
1157BagramParwan Province
1158Panjshir Province
1159Panjshir Province
1201Kapisa Province
1202Kapisa Province
1203Kapisa Province
1251Kapisa Province
1252AlasayKapisa Province
1253Kapisa Province
1254Kapisa Province
1255NijrabKapisa Province
1256Tagab, Kapisa ProvinceKapisa Province6,400
1301Maidan SharMaidan Wardak Province1,600
1302Maidan SharMaidan Wardak Province1,600
1303Maidan SharMaidan Wardak Province1,600
1351Gardan DehMaidan Wardak Province
1352Maidan Wardak Province
1353Maidan Wardak Province
1354Maidan Wardak Province
1355Maidan Wardak Province
1356Maidan Wardak Province
1357Maidan Wardak Province
1358Maidan Wardak Province
1401Pul-i-AlamLogar Province13,247
1402Pul-i-AlamLogar Province13,247
1403Pul-i-AlamLogar Province13,247
1451Logar Province
1452Ḩukūmatī AzrahLogar Province12,526
1453Logar Province
1454Baraki BarakLogar Province22,305
1455Logar Province
1456Logar Province
1501BāzārakPanjshir Province65,000
1502BāzārakPanjshir Province65,000
1503BāzārakPanjshir Province65,000
1551Parwan Province
1552Parwan Province
1553Parwan Province
1554Parwan Province
1555Parwan Province
1556Parwan Province
1601BamyanBamyan Province61,863
1602BamyanBamyan Province61,863
1603BamyanBamyan Province61,863
1651Bamyan Province
1652Panjab DistrictBamyan Province13,471
1653Bamyan Province
1654Bamyan Province
1655Bamyan Province
1656Bamyan Province
1701Mazar-i-SharifBalkh Province303,282
1702Mazar-i-SharifBalkh Province303,282
1703Mazar-i-SharifBalkh Province303,282
1751BalkhBalkh Province114,883
1752Balkh Province
1753Balkh Province
1754Balkh Province
1755Balkh Province
1756Kholm, AfghanistanBalkh Province64,933
1757Balkh Province
1758Balkh Province
1759DehdadiBalkh Province
1760Balkh Province
1761Balkh Province
1762ShulgarehBalkh Province
1763Keshendeh-ye BalaBalkh Province
1764Balkh Province
1801MaymanaFaryab Province75,900
1802MaymanaFaryab Province75,900
1803MaymanaFaryab Province75,900
1851Faryab Province
1852AndkhoyFaryab Province29,208
1853Faryab Province
1854Faryab Province
1855Faryab Province
1856Faryab Province
1857Faryab Province
1858Faryab Province
1859Faryab Province
1860KowlianFaryab Province
1861Faryab Province
1862Faryab Province
1863Faryab Province
1901SheberghanJowzjan Province55,641
1902SheberghanJowzjan Province55,641
1903SheberghanJowzjan Province55,641
1951Jowzjan Province
1952Jowzjan Province
1953Jowzjan Province
1954Jowzjan Province
1955Jowzjan Province
1956AqchaJowzjan Province
1957Jowzjan Province
1958DarzābJowzjan Province9,642
1959Ab KolokJowzjan Province
1960QarqinJowzjan Province15,018
2001Samangan Province
2002Samangan Province
2003Samangan Province
2051Samangan Province
2052Samangan Province
2053Samangan Province
2054Samangan Province
2055Samangan Province
2056Samangan Province
2101Sar-e Pol citySar-e Pol Province52,121
2102Sar-e Pol citySar-e Pol Province52,121
2103Sar-e Pol citySar-e Pol Province52,121
2151ChīrasSar-e Pol Province12,779
2152Sar-e Pol Province
2153Sar-e Pol Province
2154Sar-e Pol Province
2155Sar-e Pol Province
2156Sar-e Pol Province
2201GardezPaktia Province103,601
2202GardezPaktia Province103,601
2203GardezPaktia Province103,601
2251Paktia Province
2252Paktia Province
2253Paktia Province
2254Paktia Province
2255Paktia Province
2256Paktia Province
2257Paktia Province
2258Paktia Province
2259Paktia Province
2260Paktia Province
2261Paktia Province
2301GhazniGhazni Province141,000
2302GhazniGhazni Province141,000
2303GhazniGhazni Province141,000
2351Nawa, AfghanistanGhazni Province
2352‘Alāqahdārī GēlānGhazni Province
2353Ghazni Province
2354Ghazni Province
2355Ghazni Province
2356Ghazni Province
2357MirayGhazni Province
2358Ghazni Province
2359Ghazni Province
2360Ghazni Province
2361Ghazni Province
2362Ghazni Province
2363Ghazni Province
2364Ghazni Province
2365Ghazni Province
2366Jaghori DistrictGhazni Province
2367Ghazni Province
2368MalestanGhazni Province
2401Sharana, AfghanistanPaktika Province7,366
2402Sharana, AfghanistanPaktika Province7,366
2403Sharana, AfghanistanPaktika Province7,366
2451Paktika Province
2452Paktika Province
2453Paktika Province
2454Paktika Province
2455Paktika Province
2456Paktika Province
2457Zarghūn ShahrPaktika Province13,737
2458Yahya KheylPaktika Province
2459Paktika Province
2460Paktika Province
2461Paktika Province
2462Paktika Province
2463Paktika Province
2464Paktika Province
2465Paktika Province
2466Paktika Province
2467Paktika Province
2468Paktika Province
2501KhostKhost Province96,123
2502KhostKhost Province96,123
2503KhostKhost Province96,123
2551Spera, Khost ProvinceKhost Province
2552Tani (Khost)Khost Province
2553Shamal, Khost ProvinceKhost Province
2554Khost Province
2555DadwalKhost Province
2556Khost Province
2557Khost Province
2558Khost Province
2559Khost Province
2560Khost Province
2561Khost Province
2562Khost Province
2601JalalabadNangarhar Province200,331
2602JalalabadNangarhar Province200,331
2603JalalabadNangarhar Province200,331
2651Nangarhar Province
2652Nangarhar Province
2653Nangarhar Province
2654Tōrah BōrahNangarhar Province
2655Nangarhar Province
2656Nangarhar Province
2657Nangarhar Province
2658Nangarhar Province
2659Nangarhar Province
2660Nangarhar Province
2661Nangarhar Province
2662Deh-e BālāNangarhar Province
2663Achin DistrictNangarhar Province
2664Nangarhar Province
2665Nangarhar Province
2666Nangarhar Province
2667Nangarhar Province
2668Nangarhar Province
2669Nangarhar Province
2670Nangarhar Province
2671Nangarhar Province
2701Laghman Province
2702Laghman Province
2703Laghman Province
2751Laghman Province
2752Laghman Province
2753Laghman Province
2754Laghman Province
2801Asadabad, AfghanistanKunar Province48,400
2802Asadabad, AfghanistanKunar Province48,400
2803Asadabad, AfghanistanKunar Province48,400
2851Kunar Province
2852Nur GalKunar Province
2853Kunar Province
2854Kunar Province
2855Kunar Province
2856MarawaraKunar Province
2857Kunar Province
2858ĀsmārKunar Province15,708
2859Kunar Province
2860Kunar Province
2861Kunar Province
2862DarwāzkayKunar Province111
2863Mano GaiKunar Province
2864Kunar Province
2901Nuristan Province
2902Nuristan Province
2903Nuristan Province
2951Nuristan Province
2952Nuristan Province
2953Nuristan Province
2954Nuristan Province
2955Nuristan Province
2956Nuristan Province
2957Nuristan Province
3001HeratHerat Province272,806
3002HeratHerat Province272,806
3003HeratHerat Province272,806
3004HeratHerat Province272,806
3005HeratHerat Province272,806
3051Herat Province
3052KohsanHerat Province12,087
3053GulranHerat Province
3054Herat Province
3055Koshk-e KohnehHerat Province
3056Herat Province
3057KarukhHerat Province17,484
3058Obe, AfghanistanHerat Province
3059Herat Province
3060Herat Province
3061Herat Province
3062Herat Province
3063Herat Province
3064Zendeh JanHerat Province10,104
3065Herat Province
3101Farah, AfghanistanFarah Province43,561
3102Farah, AfghanistanFarah Province43,561
3103Farah, AfghanistanFarah Province43,561
3151Farah Province
3152Farah Province
3153Farah Province
3154Farah Province
3155Farah Province
3156Farah Province
3157Farah Province
3158Farah Province
3159Farah Province
3160Farah Province
3201Ghor Province
3202Ghor Province
3203Ghor Province
3251Ghor Province
3252Ghor Province
3253Ghor Province
3254Ghor Province
3255Ghor Province
3256Ghor Province
3257Ghor Province
3258ShahrakGhor Province15,967
3259KwajahaGhor Province
3301Badghis Province
3302Badghis Province
3303Badghis Province
3351Badghis Province
3352Badghis Province
3353GhormachBadghis Province30,000
3354Badghis Province
3355QadesBadghis Province
3356Badghis Province
3401Fayzabad, BadakhshanBadakhshan Province44,421
3402Fayzabad, BadakhshanBadakhshan Province44,421
3403Fayzabad, BadakhshanBadakhshan Province44,421
3451Koran va MonjanBadakhshan Province
3452Badakhshan Province
3453KhombokBadakhshan Province
3454KeshemBadakhshan Province
3455DudgahBadakhshan Province
3456DarayemBadakhshan Province
3457Badakhshan Province
3458Badakhshan Province
3459Khwahan, AfghanistanBadakhshan Province
3460Badakhshan Province
3461Badakhshan Province
3462Khash DarrehBadakhshan Province
3463Badakhshan Province
3464Badakhshan Province
3465Badakhshan Province
3466GhumayBadakhshan Province
3467Badakhshan Province
3468Kulan, AfghanistanBadakhshan Province
3469Badakhshan Province
3470Baharak, AfghanistanBadakhshan Province
3471Jorm, AfghanistanBadakhshan Province12,106
3472Badakhshan Province
3473Badakhshan Province
3474Badakhshan Province
3475Badakhshan Province
3501Kunduz ProvinceKunduz Province161,902
3502Kunduz ProvinceKunduz Province161,902
3503Kunduz ProvinceKunduz Province161,902
3551Kunduz Province
3552Imam SahibKunduz Province9,659
3553Kunduz Province
3554Kunduz Province
3555Kunduz Province
3556Khan AbadKunduz Province71,531
3601Puli KhumriBaghlan Province56,369
3602Puli KhumriBaghlan Province56,369
3603Puli KhumriBaghlan Province56,369
3651Bazar-e TalehBaghlan Province
3652DowshiBaghlan Province
3653KhinjānBaghlan Province
3654Baghlan Province
3655Baghlan Province
3656Baghlan Province
3657Baghlan Province
3658Baghlan Province
3659Baghlan Province
3660Baghlan Province
3661Baghlan Province
3662Baghlan Province
3663Baghlan Province
3664BatobBaghlan Province
3701Takhar Province
3702Takhar Province
3703Takhar Province
3751Takhar Province
3752Takhar Province
3753Takhar Province
3754Rustaq DistrictTakhar Province25,636
3755Takhar Province
3756Takhar Province
3757Takhar Province
3758Takhar Province
3759Takhar Province
3760Takhar Province
3761Takhar Province
3762Takhar Province
3763Takhar Province
3764Takhar Province
3765Takhar Province
3766Yangī Qal‘ahTakhar Province6,541
3801KandaharKandahar Province391,190
3802KandaharKandahar Province391,190
3803KandaharKandahar Province391,190
3851Kandahar Province
3852Kandahar Province
3853Kandahar Province
3854Kandahar Province
3855Kandahar Province
3856Kandahar Province
3857Kandahar Province
3858Kandahar Province
3859KhakrezKandahar Province
3860Arghandab DistrictKandahar Province
3861Kandahar Province
3862Kandahar Province
3863Kandahar Province
3864Kandahar Province
3865GhorakKandahar Province
3901Lashkar GahHelmand Province43,934
3902Lashkar GahHelmand Province43,934
3903Lashkar GahHelmand Province43,934
3951Helmand Province
3952Helmand Province
3953Helmand Province
3954Helmand Province
3955GirishkHelmand Province43,588
3956SanginHelmand Province13,579
3957Helmand Province
3958Helmand Province
3959Musa QalaHelmand Province
3960Helmand Province
3961Helmand Province
3962WashirHelmand Province
4001Qalat, ZabulZabul Province12,191
4002Qalat, ZabulZabul Province12,191
4003Qalat, ZabulZabul Province12,191
4051Zabul Province
4052Zabul Province
4053Zabul Province
4054Zabul Province
4055Zabul Province
4056Zabul Province
4057Zabul Province
4058Zabul Province
4059Zabul Province
4060Zabul Province
4101TarinkotUrozgan Province10,000
4102TarinkotUrozgan Province10,000
4103TarinkotUrozgan Province10,000
4151Urozgan Province
4152Deh RawoodUrozgan Province
4153Urozgan Province
4154Urozgan Province
4201Nili, AfghanistanDaykundi Province
4202Nili, AfghanistanDaykundi Province
4203Nili, AfghanistanDaykundi Province
4251Daykundi Province
4252Daykundi Province
4253Daykundi Province
4254Daykundi Province
4255Daykundi Province
4256Daykundi Province
4257Daykundi Province
4258Daykundi Province
4301ZaranjNimruz Province49,851
4302ZaranjNimruz Province49,851
4303ZaranjNimruz Province49,851
4351Nimruz Province
4352KhāshNimruz Province15,133
4353Nimruz Province
4354Nimruz Province
4355Nimruz Province


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