36 Postal Codes in Dibër County

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area2,586 km²
Population126,060 (More Details)
Male Population64,220 (50.9%)
Female Population61,840 (49.1%)
Median Age28.5
Postal Codes8001, 8002, 8003 (33 more)
Area Codes217, 218, 219 (1 more)

36 Postal Codes in Dibër County

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
8001Burrel, AlbaniaDibër County15,405
8002Klos, DibërDibër County683
8003UlëzDibër County4
8004Baz, AlbaniaDibër County
8005KomsiDibër County
8006Dibër County
8007SuçDibër County
8008XibërDibër County
8009Dibër County
8010DerjanDibër County
8011MacukullDibër County
8012RukajDibër County
8013Dibër County
8014Dibër County
8301PeshkopiDibër County14,848
8302MaqellarëDibër County
8303MelanDibër County
8304Qendër TominDibër County
8305Kastriot, AlbaniaDibër County
8306Fushë-ÇidhënDibër County
8307SllovëDibër County
8308Dibër County
8309Zall-DardhëDibër County
8310Zall-ReçDibër County
8311Arras, AlbaniaDibër County
8312LurëDibër County
8313SelishtëDibër County
8314MuhurrDibër County
8315MuhurrDibër County
8401BulqizëDibër County11,212
8402BulqizëDibër County11,212
8403MartaneshDibër County
8404ShupenzëDibër County
8405OstrenDibër County
8406ZerqanDibër County
8407GjoricëDibër County

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Dibër County Demographic Information

Population Density48.7 / km²
Male Population64,220 (50.9%)
Female Population61,840 (49.1%)
Median Age28.5
Male Median Age26.7
Female Median Age30.3
Businesses in Dibër County120
Population (1975)148,549
Population (2000)195,642
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -15.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -35.6%

Dibër County

Dibër County (Albanian: Qarku i Dibrës) is one of the 12 counties of Albania. The population at the 2011 census was 137,047, in an area of 2586 km². Its capital is the city Peshkopi.   ︎  Dibër County Wikipedia Page