56 Postal Codes in Elbasan County

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area3,199 km²
Population285,833 (More Details)
Male Population143,767 (50.3%)
Female Population142,066 (49.7%)
Median Age32.2
Postal Codes3001, 3002, 3003 (53 more)
Area Codes512, 513, 514 (5 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
3001 - 3006Elbasan8

56 Postal Codes in Elbasan County

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
3001ElbasanElbasan County100,903
3002ElbasanElbasan County100,903
3003ElbasanElbasan County100,903
3004ElbasanElbasan County100,903
3005ElbasanElbasan County100,903
3006ElbasanElbasan County100,903
3007CërrikElbasan County14,269
3008Belsh-QendraElbasan County
3009BradasheshElbasan County
3010Labinot-FushëElbasan County
3011ShirgjanElbasan County
3012GracenElbasan County
3013FunarElbasan County5
3014GjinarElbasan County
3015ZavalinëElbasan County
3016PapërElbasan County
3017ShalësElbasan County
3018GostimëElbasan County
3019Mollas, ElbasanElbasan County
3020Klos, ElbasanElbasan County
3021ElbasanElbasan County100,903
3022KajanElbasan County
3023Fierzë, ElbasanElbasan County
3024Labinot-MalElbasan County
3025Shushicë, ElbasanElbasan County
3026TreganElbasan County
3027ElbasanElbasan County100,903
3301Elbasan County
3302PishajElbasan County
3303SkënderbegasElbasan County
3304Sult, AlbaniaElbasan County
3305KukurElbasan County
3306KushovëElbasan County
3307Tunja e ReElbasan County
3308PoroçanElbasan County
3309Lenie, AlbaniaElbasan County
3310KodovjatElbasan County
3401LibrazhdElbasan County
3402LibrazhdElbasan County
3403PrrenjasElbasan County
3404PrrenjasElbasan County
3405RrajcëElbasan County
3406StravajElbasan County
3407QukësElbasan County650
3408HotolishtElbasan County
3409LibrazhdElbasan County
3410Lunik, AlbaniaElbasan County
3411QukësElbasan County650
3412StëblevëElbasan County
3413PrrenjasElbasan County
3501PeqinElbasan County7,513
3502Përparim, PeqinElbasan County
3503PajovëElbasan County
3504ShezëElbasan County
3505GjoçajElbasan County
3506KarinëElbasan County

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Elbasan County Demographic Information

Population Density89.4 / km²
Male Population143,767 (50.3%)
Female Population142,066 (49.7%)
Median Age32.2
Male Median Age30.8
Female Median Age33.6
Businesses in Elbasan County535
Population (1975)196,949
Population (2000)372,928
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +45.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -23.4%

Elbasan County

Elbasan County (Albanian: Qarku i Elbasanit) is one of the 12 counties of Albania. The population at the 2011 census was 295,827, in an area of 3199 km². Its capital is the city Elbasan.   ︎  Elbasan County Wikipedia Page