66 Postal Codes in Tirana County

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area152 km²
Population877,998 (More Details)
Male Population434,230 (49.5%)
Female Population443,767 (50.5%)
Median Age32.2
Postal Codes1000, 1001, 1002 (63 more)
Area Codes4, 47, 55 (2 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
1000 - 1033Tirana33

66 Postal Codes in Tirana County

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
1000TiranaTirana County374,801
1001TiranaTirana County374,801
1002TiranaTirana County374,801
1003TiranaTirana County374,801
1004TiranaTirana County374,801
1005TiranaTirana County374,801
1006TiranaTirana County374,801
1007TiranaTirana County374,801
1008TiranaTirana County374,801
1009TiranaTirana County374,801
1010TiranaTirana County374,801
1011TiranaTirana County374,801
1012TiranaTirana County374,801
1013TiranaTirana County374,801
1014TiranaTirana County374,801
1015TiranaTirana County374,801
1016TiranaTirana County374,801
1017TiranaTirana County374,801
1018TiranaTirana County374,801
1019TiranaTirana County374,801
1020TiranaTirana County374,801
1021TiranaTirana County374,801
1022TiranaTirana County374,801
1023TiranaTirana County374,801
1024TiranaTirana County374,801
1025TiranaTirana County374,801
1026TiranaTirana County374,801
1027TiranaTirana County374,801
1028TiranaTirana County374,801
1029KamëzTirana County11,026
1030KamëzTirana County11,026
1031TiranaTirana County374,801
1032VorëTirana County4,973
1033TiranaTirana County374,801
1034PetrelëTirana County
1035BaldushkTirana County
1036NdroqTirana County
1037BërzhitëTirana County
1038Pezë e MadheTirana County
1039PrezëTirana County
1040DajtTirana County
1041VaqarrTirana County
1042Zall-BastarTirana County
1043ShëngjergjTirana County
1044Sauk, AlbaniaTirana County
1045Farka e MadheTirana County
1046Tirana County
1047BabrruTirana County4
1048Zall-HerrTirana County
1049KrrabëTirana County1,177
1050MëzezTirana County
1051KasharTirana County
1052YzberishtTirana County
1053BërxullëTirana County
1054BathoreTirana County
2501KavajëTirana County29,354
2502KavajëTirana County29,354
2503RrogozhinëTirana County5,620
2504GolemTirana County
2505SynejTirana County
2506HelmasTirana County
2507LekajTirana County
2508Tirana County
2509Luz i VogëlTirana County
2510KryevidhTirana County
2511SinaballajTirana County

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Tirana County Demographic Information

Population Density5,776 / km²
Male Population434,230 (49.5%)
Female Population443,767 (50.5%)
Median Age32.2
Male Median Age31.8
Female Median Age32.6
Businesses in Tirana County7,799
Population (1975)135,385
Population (2000)588,332
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +548.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +49.2%

Tirana County

The County of Tirana (Albanian: Qarku i Tiranës) is one of the 12 Counties of Albania. The population at the 2011 census was 749,365, in an area of 1652 km². Its capital is the city Tirana.   ︎  Tirana County Wikipedia Page