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Postal Code 06080 - Aït Smaïl, Béjaïa Province

Primary CityAït Smaïl
Local TimeSaturday 6:28 PM
TimezoneCentral European Standard Time
Coordinates36.7333° / 4.85°
Related Postal Codes060810608206083060840608506086

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/26/139:00 AM529.3 km10,000 m8km ESE of Bejaia,
5/19/132:07 AM536.9 km6,700 m13km ESE of Bejaia,
3/1/1310:43 AM4.243.6 km14,800 mnorthern
2/22/134:30 AM4.538.4 km11,400 m24km NE of Bejaia,
11/28/123:50 PM4.531.4 km10,000 mnorthern
10/9/1211:14 PM4.639.9 km10,000 mnorthern
6/3/127:57 AM441.3 km10,000 mnorthern
11/27/089:38 AM3.535.9 km10,000 mnorthern
11/5/082:26 PM4.323.7 kmNonenorthern
9/23/083:07 PM3.528.3 kmNonenorthern

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Primary City

Aït-Smail is a town in northern Algeria.   ︎  Aït Smaïl Wikipedia Page