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Postal Code 07019 - Biskra Province

Area Codes33
Local TimeMonday 7:18 PM
TimezoneCentral European Standard Time
Coordinates34.7891° / 5.9447°
Related Postal Codes070130701407015070160701707018

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/15/177:50 AM4.796.5 km10,000 m10km WNW of Merouana, Algeriausgs.gov
5/30/1711:48 AM4.328 km10,400 m28km WNW of Zeribet el Oued, Algeriausgs.gov
11/18/164:08 AM4.932.8 km10,240 m20km WNW of Zeribet el Oued, Algeriausgs.gov
11/17/1611:42 PM5.227 km26,410 m26km WNW of Zeribet el Oued, Algeriausgs.gov
3/18/154:31 PM4.293.3 km10,000 m8km SSE of Ras el Aioun, Algeriausgs.gov
4/30/1310:53 AM470.8 km10,400 m23km W of Ain Touta, Algeriausgs.gov
4/5/092:49 PM4.564.1 km39,400 mnorthern Algeriausgs.gov
3/2/0910:42 PM4.253 km10,000 mnorthern Algeriausgs.gov
11/5/0712:48 PM3.868.1 kmNonenorthern Algeriausgs.gov
8/1/078:28 PM3.829.6 km6,300 mnorthern Algeriausgs.gov

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