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Postal Code 16120 - Bordj El Kiffan, Algiers Province

Primary CityBordj El Kiffan
Local TimeSaturday 1:15 PM
TimezoneCentral European Standard Time
Coordinates36.7733° / 3.1725°
Related Postal Codes161211612216123161241612516126

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/9/165:12 PM4.728.1 km11,120 m1km SSE of Bougara,
12/26/149:55 AM5.129.3 km14,260 m2km SSW of Bougara,
12/21/149:53 AM4.428.9 km21,400 m4km E of Boufarik,
9/21/145:58 AM3.62.1 km10,000 m1km N of Bordj el Kiffan,
9/8/144:46 AM428.2 km13,940 m1km WSW of Bougara,
7/31/149:11 PM5.59.2 km10,000 m11km N of Bordj el Kiffan,
7/16/138:00 PM4.827.7 km9,800 m3km ENE of Bouinan,
11/22/117:32 PM3.424.7 km16,400 mnorthern
2/9/108:35 PM4.122.9 km8,100 mnorthern
11/6/089:02 AM3.35 kmNonenorthern

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Primary City

Bordj El Kiffan (Arabic 'برج الكيفان') is a suburb of the city of Algiers in northern Algeria. It is in the eastern section of the city, near Matares Beach. Fort de l'Eau (Fr. 'Water Fortress') under French rule prior to 1962, used to be a famous be..  ︎  Bordj El Kiffan Wikipedia Page