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Postal Code 26022 - Médéa Province

Area Codes25
Local TimeSaturday 6:43 PM
TimezoneCentral European Standard Time
Coordinates35.9792° / 2.9211°
Related Postal Codes260202602126023260242602526026

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
1/2/1812:59 PM4.756 km8,260 m11km SW of El Affroun, Algeriausgs.gov
3/16/154:13 AM3.759.4 km10,000 m3km SE of Bouinan, Algeriausgs.gov
2/1/153:38 PM4.262.9 km10,000 m1km NNW of Bouinan, Algeriausgs.gov
2/1/1512:06 PM4.756.8 km19,050 m5km SSE of Bouinan, Algeriausgs.gov
12/26/149:55 AM5.161.8 km14,260 m2km SSW of Bougara, Algeriausgs.gov
12/23/1412:59 AM4.758.5 km13,430 m5km SSW of Bougara, Algeriausgs.gov
12/23/1412:00 AM4.957.7 km7,290 m5km SE of Bouinan, Algeriausgs.gov
12/19/143:06 AM4.662.9 km10,000 m1km NNW of Bouinan, Algeriausgs.gov
12/16/147:02 AM452.1 km15,360 m10km S of Bouinan, Algeriausgs.gov
9/8/144:46 AM462.9 km13,940 m1km WSW of Bougara, Algeriausgs.gov

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