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Postal Code 26026 - Chahbounia, Médéa Province

Primary CityChahbounia
Local TimeMonday 7:13 PM
TimezoneCentral European Standard Time
Coordinates35.5447° / 2.6033°
Related Postal Codes260202602126022260232602426025

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
1/2/1812:59 PM4.793.1 km8,260 m11km SW of El Affroun, Algeriausgs.gov
11/15/085:55 AM4.156.3 km10,000 mnorthern Algeriausgs.gov
2/8/0812:50 PM3.958.6 kmNonenorthern Algeriausgs.gov
1/21/085:23 PM3.741.7 kmNonenorthern Algeriausgs.gov
12/27/079:25 PM3.153 km10,000 mnorthern Algeriausgs.gov
10/29/075:22 PM3.467.4 km20,000 mnorthern Algeriausgs.gov
10/12/079:35 PM3.945.8 km10,000 mnorthern Algeriausgs.gov
9/4/077:41 AM4.258.3 km7,800 mnorthern Algeriausgs.gov
8/27/075:03 PM3.756.2 kmNonenorthern Algeriausgs.gov
8/26/079:09 PM4.241.3 km10,000 mnorthern Algeriausgs.gov

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Primary City

Chahbounia is a town and commune in Médéa Province, Algeria. According to the 1998 census it has a population of 5,734.  ︎  Chahbounia Wikipedia Page