74 Postal Codes in Algiers Province

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area1,190 km²
Population1.9 million (More Details)
Male Population930,997 (49.8%)
Female Population938,106 (50.2%)
Median Age30
Postal Codes16000, 16001, 16002 (71 more)
Area Code21

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
16000 - 16080, 16300 - 16808Algiers53
16120 - 16127Bordj El Kiffan8

74 Postal Codes in Algiers Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
16000AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16001AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16002AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16004El HarrachAlgiers Province
16005Hussein Dey (commune)Algiers Province
16006Kouba, AlgeriaAlgiers Province
16007AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16008Bab El OuedAlgiers Province
16009AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16010AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16011AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16012RouibaAlgiers Province20,742
16015Algiers Province
16017RouibaAlgiers Province20,742
16020AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16021AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16022AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16023Algiers Province
16024Algiers Province
16025Algiers Province
16026Algiers Province
16027Algiers Province
16028Ben AknounTipaza Province
16029Algiers Province
16030Algiers Province
16031Bordj El KiffanAlgiers Province123,246
16035Algiers Province
16038AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16039AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16040Algiers Province
16050Algiers Province
16051El HarrachAlgiers Province
16053Algiers Province
16057Les EucalyptusAlgiers Province
16058Algiers Province
16066AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16067AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16068AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16069AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16070AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16071AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16072AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16073AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16075AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16076AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16079AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16080AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16092Kouba, AlgeriaAlgiers Province
16102AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16111Algiers Province
16115El Marsa, AlgiersAlgiers Province
16120Bordj El KiffanAlgiers Province123,246
16121Bordj El KiffanAlgiers Province123,246
16122Bordj El KiffanAlgiers Province123,246
16124Bordj El KiffanAlgiers Province123,246
16125Bordj El KiffanAlgiers Province123,246
16126Bordj El KiffanAlgiers Province123,246
16127Bordj El KiffanAlgiers Province123,246
16200Algiers Province
16210Algiers Province
16300Algiers Province
16302Algiers Province
16305AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16311Bab EzzouarAlgiers Province275,630
16320Algiers Province
16330Algiers Province
16800AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16801AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16802AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16803El Marsa, AlgiersAlgiers Province
16805AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16806AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16807AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663
16808AlgiersAlgiers Province1,977,663

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Algiers Province Demographic Information

Population1.9 million
Population Density1,570 / km²
Male Population930,997 (49.8%)
Female Population938,106 (50.2%)
Median Age30
Male Median Age29.6
Female Median Age30.4
Businesses in Algiers Province6,568
Population (1975)1,349,431
Population (2000)1,614,952
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +38.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +15.7%

Algiers Province

Algiers (Arabic: ولاية الجزائر‎ Wilāyat al-Jazāʼir) is a province (wilayah) in Algeria, named after its capital, Algiers, which is also the national capital. It is adopted from the old French département of Algiers and has a population of about 3 mil..  ︎  Algiers Province Wikipedia Page