1 Postal Code in Beni Slimane

TimezoneCentral European Time
Postal Code26001
Businesses in Beni Slimane, Médéa Province32

1 Postal Code in Beni Slimane, Médéa Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
26001Beni SlimaneMédéa Province

Beni Slimane

Beni Slimane is a town and commune in Médéa Province, Algeria. According to the 1998 census it has a population of 31,588.  ︎  Beni Slimane Wikipedia Page

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CityAdministrative RegionCountry Or RegionCity PopulationPostal Codes
DjouabMédéa ProvinceAlgeria26016
Ouled DahmaneMédéa ProvinceAlgeria26032
Ouled RabahMédéa ProvinceAlgeria2605326073
Sidi ZaharMédéa ProvinceAlgeria26048