90 Postal Codes in Biskra Province

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area20,986 km²
Population871,618 (More Details)
Male Population441,145 (50.6%)
Female Population430,473 (49.4%)
Median Age22.5
Postal Codes05053, 07000, 07001 (87 more)
Area Code33

90 Postal Codes in Biskra Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
05053MenaâBiskra Province
07000BiskraBiskra Province307,987
07001LiouaBiskra Province
07002Ouled DjellalBiskra Province
07003Tolga, AlgeriaBiskra Province68,246
07004Sidi KhaledBiskra Province64,476
07005Sidi OkbaBiskra Province34,985
07006Biskra Province
07007DoucenBiskra Province
07008LiouaBiskra Province
07009Biskra Province
07010M'ChounecheBiskra Province
07011OurlalaBiskra Province
07012Zeribet El OuedBiskra Province23,187
07013Biskra Province
07014Biskra Province
07015Biskra Province
07016BiskraBiskra Province307,987
07017Biskra Province
07018Biskra Province
07019Biskra Province
07020Biskra Province
07021Biskra Province
07022Biskra Province
07023BranisBiskra Province
07024ChetmaBiskra Province
07025DjemorahBiskra Province
07026Biskra Province
07027Biskra Province
07028El HaouchBiskra Province
07029Biskra Province
07030El OutayaBiskra Province
07031FoughalaBiskra Province
07032Biskra Province
07033LiouaBiskra Province
07034MekhadmaBiskra Province
07035OumacheBiskra Province10,424
07036Biskra Province
07037Biskra Province
07038Biskra Province
07039Aïn NagaBiskra Province
07040Biskra Province
07041Biskra Province
07042Biskra Province
07043Biskra Province
07044Biskra Province
07045Biskra Province
07046Biskra Province
07047Biskra Province
07048Biskra Province
07049Biskra Province
07050Biskra Province
07051Biskra Province
07052Biskra Province
07053Biskra Province
07054Biskra Province
07055Biskra Province
07056Biskra Province
07057Biskra Province
07058Biskra Province
07059Biskra Province
07060Biskra Province
07061Biskra Province
07062Biskra Province
07063Biskra Province
07064Biskra Province
07065Biskra Province
07066Biskra Province
07067Biskra Province
07068M'LiliBiskra Province
07069Biskra Province
07070Biskra Province
07071Biskra Province
07072Biskra Province
07073Biskra Province
07074Biskra Province
07075Biskra Province
07076Biskra Province
07077Biskra Province
07078Biskra Province
07079Biskra Province
07080Biskra Province
07081Biskra Province
07082Biskra Province
07083Biskra Province
07084Zeribet El OuedBiskra Province23,187
07085Biskra Province
07086Biskra Province
07400Ouled DjellalBiskra Province
07800Biskra Province

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Biskra Province Demographic Information

Population Density41.5 / km²
Male Population441,145 (50.6%)
Female Population430,473 (49.4%)
Median Age22.5
Male Median Age22.3
Female Median Age22.8
Businesses in Biskra Province1,037
Population (1975)236,061
Population (2000)624,270
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +269.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +39.6%

Biskra Province

Biskra (Arabic: ولاية بسكرة‎; Berber: Tibeskert) is a province (wilaya) of Algeria. The capital city is Biskra. Tolga is one of the famous daïras of this wilaya. Other localities include Lichoua, Sidi Okba, Sidi Khaled, El-Kantara and Ouled Djellal.   ︎  Biskra Province Wikipedia Page