Ghardaïa Province
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34 Postal Codes in Ghardaïa Province

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area86,105 km²
Population423,206 (More Details)
Male Population215,590 (50.9%)
Female Population207,616 (49.1%)
Median Age22.4
Postal Codes47000, 47001, 47002 (31 more)
Area Code29

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
47002 - 47004Metlili2

34 Postal Codes in Ghardaïa Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
47000Ghardaïa Province
47001Ghardaïa Province
47002MetliliGhardaïa Province50,117
47003BerrianeGhardaïa Province44,580
47004MetliliGhardaïa Province50,117
47005Ghardaïa Province
47006Ghardaïa Province
47007ZelfanaGhardaïa Province
47008Ghardaïa Province
47009Ghardaïa Province
47010Ghardaïa Province
47011Ghardaïa Province
47012Ghardaïa Province
47013Ghardaïa Province
47014Ghardaïa Province
47015Ghardaïa Province
47016Ghardaïa Province
47017Ghardaïa Province
47018Ghardaïa Province
47019Ghardaïa Province
47020Ghardaïa Province
47021Ghardaïa Province
47022Ghardaïa Province
47023Ghardaïa Province
47024Ghardaïa Province
47025Ghardaïa Province
47026Ghardaïa Province
47027Ghardaïa Province
47028Ghardaïa Province
47029Ghardaïa Province
47030Ghardaïa Province
47031Ghardaïa Province
47800Ghardaïa Province
47801Ghardaïa Province

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Ghardaïa Province Demographic Information

Population Density4.91 / km²
Male Population215,590 (50.9%)
Female Population207,616 (49.1%)
Median Age22.4
Male Median Age22.2
Female Median Age22.6
Businesses in Ghardaïa Province508
Population (1975)124,048
Population (2000)324,857
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +241.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +30.3%

Ghardaïa Province

Ghardaïa (Arabic: ولاية غرداية‎, Mozabite: / ⵜⴰⵖⴻⵔⴷⴰⵢⵜ) is a province (wilaya) in eastern Algeria, named after its capital Ghardaïa. The M'Zab Valley, located there, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   ︎  Ghardaïa Province Wikipedia Page