95 Postal Codes in Médéa Province

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area8,866 km²
Population862,834 (More Details)
Male Population439,507 (50.9%)
Female Population423,327 (49.1%)
Median Age24.8
Postal Codes09050, 09051, 09052 (92 more)
Area Code25

95 Postal Codes in Médéa Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
09050Médéa Province
09051Médéa Province
09052Médéa Province
09053Médéa Province
09054Médéa Province
09055Médéa Province
09056Médéa Province
09058Médéa Province
09059Médéa Province
10044Souk El KhemisMédéa Province
26000Médéa Province
26001Beni SlimaneMédéa Province
26002Médéa Province
26003Ksar BoukhariMédéa Province77,166
26004Médéa Province
26005Médéa Province
26006BerrouaghiaMédéa Province80,573
26007Challalat El AdhaouraMédéa Province
26008El OmariaMédéa Province
26009Médéa Province
26010Médéa Province
26011MédéaMédéa Province147,707
26014BouskeneMédéa Province
26015Médéa Province
26016DjouabMédéa Province
26017Médéa Province
26018Médéa Province
26019OuzeraMédéa Province
26020Médéa Province
26021ZoubiriaMédéa Province
26022Médéa Province
26023BoughezoulMédéa Province
26024BerrouaghiaMédéa Province80,573
26025BouskeneMédéa Province
26026ChahbouniaMédéa Province
26027Ouled BrahimMédéa Province
26028Ksar BoukhariMédéa Province77,166
26029Ksar BoukhariMédéa Province77,166
26030Médéa Province
26031Médéa Province
26032Ouled DahmaneMédéa Province
26033MedjebarMédéa Province
26034Médéa Province
26035Médéa Province
26036Médéa Province
26037Médéa Province
26038Ouled BrahimMédéa Province
26039Médéa Province
26041Médéa Province
26042Médéa Province
26043Médéa Province
26044BerrouaghiaMédéa Province80,573
26046Médéa Province
26047Médéa Province
26048Sidi ZaharMédéa Province
26049Médéa Province
26050Sebt AzizMédéa Province
26051Ouled BrahimMédéa Province
26052Médéa Province
26053Ouled RabahMédéa Province
26054Bou AicheMédéa Province
26055BerrouaghiaMédéa Province80,573
26056Médéa Province
26057Médéa Province
26058Médéa Province
26059Médéa Province
26060Médéa Province
26061Draa EssamarMédéa Province
26062Ouled BrahimMédéa Province
26063Médéa Province
26064OuledMédéa Province
26065Médéa Province
26066MédéaMédéa Province147,707
26067SanegMédéa Province
26068Médéa Province
26069Médéa Province
26070Médéa Province
26071Médéa Province
26072Médéa Province
26073Ouled RabahMédéa Province
26074Ouled BrahimMédéa Province
26075Médéa Province
26076Médéa Province
26800ZoubiriaMédéa Province
35010Médéa Province
38020Médéa Province
38021Médéa Province
38022Médéa Province
38023Médéa Province
38024Médéa Province
38025Médéa Province
38026Médéa Province
38027Médéa Province
38028Médéa Province
38029Médéa Province

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Médéa Province Demographic Information

Population Density97.3 / km²
Male Population439,507 (50.9%)
Female Population423,327 (49.1%)
Median Age24.8
Male Median Age24.8
Female Median Age24.8
Businesses in Médéa Province562
Population (1975)587,381
Population (2000)835,905
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +46.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +3.2%

Médéa Province

Médéa (Arabic: ولاية المدية‎) is a province (wilaya) of Algeria. The capital is Médéa.   ︎  Médéa Province Wikipedia Page