78 Postal Codes in Tipaza Province

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area2,166 km²
Population1.3 million (More Details)
Male Population653,225 (50.6%)
Female Population637,750 (49.4%)
Median Age26.7
Postal Codes09021, 16003, 16018 (75 more)
Area Code24

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
42030 - 42034, 42037 - 42039Hadjeret Ennous7
42040 - 42049Sidi Rached10
42060 - 42064Bourkika6

78 Postal Codes in Tipaza Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
09021MouzaïaTipaza Province32,981
16003Tipaza Province
16018’Aïn BenianTipaza Province31,102
16028Ben AknounTipaza Province
16047Dély IbrahimTipaza Province
16060Pointe PescadeTipaza Province
16083Baraki, AlgiersTipaza Province105,402
16086ChéragaTipaza Province27,835
16095SaoulaTipaza Province16,812
16097SouidaniaTipaza Province
16101’Aïn BenianTipaza Province31,102
16104El AchourTipaza Province
16202’Aïn BenianTipaza Province31,102
42000Tipaza Province
42001HadjoutTipaza Province27,549
42002CherchellTipaza Province
42003Tipaza Province
42005Ahmar El AinTipaza Province
42006Nador, TipazaTipaza Province
42007Gouraya, TipazaTipaza Province
42008AttatbaTipaza Province
42009Bou IsmaïlTipaza Province22,411
42010Tipaza Province
42011BourkikaTipaza Province
42012Tipaza Province
42013Tipaza Province
42014Tipaza Province
42015DouaoudaTipaza Province
42017LarhatTipaza Province
42018Tipaza Province
42019Tipaza Province
42020Tipaza Province
42021Sidi GhilesTipaza Province
42022Tipaza Province
42023Tipaza Province
42024BouhlouTipaza Province
42026Tipaza Province
42027Tipaza Province
42028Tipaza Province
42029Tipaza Province
42030Hadjeret EnnousTipaza Province
42031Hadjeret EnnousTipaza Province
42032Hadjeret EnnousTipaza Province
42033Hadjeret EnnousTipaza Province
42034Hadjeret EnnousTipaza Province
42035Tipaza Province
42036Tipaza Province
42037Hadjeret EnnousTipaza Province
42038Nador, TipazaTipaza Province
42039Hadjeret EnnousTipaza Province
42040Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42041Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42042Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42043Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42044Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42045Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42046Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42047Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42048Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42049Sidi RachedTipaza Province
42050Tipaza Province
42051Tipaza Province
42052DouaoudaTipaza Province
42053DouaoudaTipaza Province
42054Tipaza Province
42055Tipaza Province
42056Tipaza Province
42057Tipaza Province
42058Tipaza Province
42059Tipaza Province
42060BourkikaTipaza Province
42061BourkikaTipaza Province
42062BourkikaTipaza Province
42063BourkikaTipaza Province
42064BourkikaTipaza Province
42200HadjoutTipaza Province27,549
42400Tipaza Province
42440FoukaTipaza Province

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Tipaza Province Demographic Information

Population1.3 million
Population Density596.0 / km²
Male Population653,225 (50.6%)
Female Population637,750 (49.4%)
Median Age26.7
Male Median Age26.6
Female Median Age26.8
Businesses in Tipaza Province4,630
Population (1975)274,900
Population (2000)858,338
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +369.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +50.4%

Tipaza Province

Tipaza or Tipasa (Arabic: ولاية تيبازة‎, Tibaza, older Tefessedt) is a province (wilaya) on the coast of Algeria, Its capital is Tipasa, 50 km west of the capital of Algeria.   ︎  Tipaza Province Wikipedia Page