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The average area for zip codes in Argentina is 3,512.3 km² with the largest being 9050 in Provincia de Santa Cruz at 63,044.7 km² and the smallest being 1101 in Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires at 7,442 m². In Argentina the average population for a postal code is 54,961 with the most populated being zip code 5000 in Córdoba, Provincia de Córdoba at 1.4 million. The median age for postal codes in Argentina range from 17.0 years old for 3636 in Provincia de Formosa to 41.4 years old for 8180 in Provincia de Buenos Aires. The fastest growing postal code is 9405 in Provincia de Santa Cruz with population growth of 359% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 10.7% per year.

TimezoneArgentina Time
Area2,780,400 km²
Population41.3 million
Population Density14.9 / km²
Postal Codes1001, 1002, 1003 (788 more)
Area Codes11, 220, 2202 (309 more)
Businesses in Argentina930,539

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
1001 - 1440Buenos Aires207
1439 - 2942, 6400 - 8180Buenos Aires Province243
2000 - 2300, 2440 - 2520, 3000 - 3080Santa Fe Province19
2354 - 2357, 3740 - 3763, 4184 - 4354Santiago del Estero Province28
2820 - 2840, 3100 - 3280Entre Ríos Province16
3300 - 3384Misiones Province17
3400 - 3485Corrientes Province25
3500 - 3541, 3700 - 3734Chaco Province20
3600 - 3636Formosa Province9
4000 - 4178Tucumán Province17
4400 - 4651Salta Province21
4500 - 4514, 4600 - 4655Jujuy Province16
4700 - 4750Catamarca Province15
5300 - 5386La Rioja Province15
5400 - 5467San Juan Province18
5500 - 5620Mendoza Province17
5700 - 5883San Luis Province8
6200 - 6221, 6300 - 6387, 8200 - 8307La Pampa Province20
8300 - 8407Neuquén Province14
8400 - 8536Río Negro Province13
9000 - 9220Chubut Province14
9300 - 9407Santa Cruz Province7

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791 Postal Codes in Argentina

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
1001Buenos AiresBuenos Aires13,5280.855 km²
1002Buenos AiresBuenos Aires6,8230.318 km²
1003Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9850.165 km²
1004Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9900.151 km²
1005Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,8270.241 km²
1006Buenos AiresBuenos Aires13,4520.218 km²
1007Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,8290.195 km²
1008Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9960.242 km²
1009Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,94176,443 m²
1010Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9560.303 km²
1011Buenos AiresBuenos Aires97475,894 m²
1012Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,00296,744 m²
1013Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,0390.194 km²
1014Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,7620.147 km²
1015Buenos AiresBuenos Aires9930.173 km²
1016Buenos AiresBuenos Aires11,4320.13 km²
1017Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,5020.182 km²
1018Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9300.173 km²
1019Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,9770.23 km²
1020Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9150.216 km²
1021Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,92041,699 m²
1022Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,5990.129 km²
1023Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6180.155 km²
1024Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,8050.121 km²
1025Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,3670.18 km²
1026Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,7940.233 km²
1027Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6960.133 km²
1028Buenos AiresBuenos Aires19,1950.136 km²
1029Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6860.144 km²
1030Buenos AiresBuenos Aires23,0680.148 km²
1031Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6900.172 km²
1032Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9110.158 km²
1033Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,8240.265 km²
1034Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6260.111 km²
1043Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,00526,921 m²
1048Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,99614,635 m²
1057Buenos AiresBuenos Aires99515,215 m²
1058Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,98231,687 m²
1059Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,98714,603 m²
1061Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,95611,317 m²
1062Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,87516,690 m²
1063Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,7610.552 km²
1064Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,7620.166 km²
1065Buenos AiresBuenos Aires13,6380.186 km²
1066Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9330.17 km²
1067Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,9550.109 km²
1068Buenos AiresBuenos Aires9,8800.123 km²
1069Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9390.18 km²
1070Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9910.191 km²
1071Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,9280.205 km²
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