243 Postal Codes in Buenos Aires Province

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TimezoneArgentina Time
Area30,771 km²
Population17.0 million (More Details)
Male Population8,264,994 (48.7%)
Female Population8,715,765 (51.3%)
Median Age30.6
Postal Codes1160, 1161, 1162 (240 more)
Area Codes220, 2202, 221 (124 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
1160 - 1168, 1265 - 1274Dock Sud16
1870 - 1875Avellaneda5

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243 Postal Codes in Buenos Aires Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
1160Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,4320.268 km²
1161Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,1480.156 km²
1162Buenos Aires4,29185,747 m²
1163Buenos Aires3,4530.326 km²
1164Buenos Aires3,5240.263 km²
1166Buenos Aires4,91956,331 m²
1167Buenos Aires1,3410.125 km²
1168Buenos Aires37485,938 m²
1265Buenos Aires3,5870.302 km²
1266Buenos Aires71867,160 m²
1267Buenos Aires4,3210.34 km²
1268Buenos Aires4,2800.305 km²
1269Buenos Aires7290.117 km²
1272Buenos Aires2,8380.418 km²
1274Buenos Aires1,4110.172 km²
1419Buenos Aires Province143,56311.2 km²
1439TapialesBuenos Aires Province148,53416.6 km²
1602Buenos Aires Province67,2728 km²
1603Buenos Aires Province30,6484.078 km²
1605Buenos Aires Province45,0655.3 km²
1606Buenos Aires Province13,6611.547 km²
1607Villa AdelinaBuenos Aires Province47,1116 km²
1609Buenos Aires Province74,83012.8 km²
1611Don TorcuatoBuenos Aires Province67,76521.6 km²
1612Buenos Aires Province25,6093.614 km²
1613Buenos Aires Province113,80822.9 km²
1614Buenos Aires Province38,8205.1 km²
1615Buenos Aires Province136,27718.6 km²
1617Buenos Aires Province112,56624.1 km²
1618Buenos Aires Province118,10741 km²
1619Buenos Aires Province72,14817.1 km²
1620Buenos Aires Province20,3466.4 km²
1621Buenos Aires Province65,09426.6 km²
1623Buenos Aires Province52,07442.2 km²
1625Belén de EscobarBuenos Aires Province97,422208.4 km²
1627Buenos Aires Province24,39052 km²
1629Pilar, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province105,545166.9 km²
1631Buenos Aires Province46,59548 km²
1633Fátima, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province39,44759.8 km²
1635Buenos Aires Province39,50724.5 km²
1636Buenos Aires Province79,29710.2 km²
1638Vicente LópezBuenos Aires Province26,5053.532 km²
1640Martínez, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province69,11610.1 km²
1641Buenos Aires Province12,2012.217 km²
1642San Isidro, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province56,85812.5 km²
1643BéccarBuenos Aires Province55,4569.5 km²
1644Buenos Aires Province62,3779 km²
1646Buenos Aires Province114,2381,141.6 km²
1648Buenos Aires Province87,19925.4 km²
1650Buenos Aires Province171,23425.6 km²
1651Buenos Aires Province13,4421.473 km²
1653Buenos Aires Province82,8789.6 km²
1655Buenos Aires Province42,7276.1 km²
1657Buenos Aires Province72,07913.4 km²
1659Buenos Aires Province11,06031.1 km²
1661Buenos Aires Province80,05021.7 km²
1663Buenos Aires Province201,07730 km²
1664San Miguel, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province99,57325 km²
1665Buenos Aires Province274,57537.3 km²
1667Buenos Aires Province119,37543.5 km²
1669Buenos Aires Province60,88540.4 km²
1672Buenos Aires Province10,1901.091 km²
1674Buenos Aires Province23,9413.553 km²
1676Buenos Aires Province16,0611.723 km²
1678Buenos Aires Province105,52211.3 km²
1682Buenos Aires Province46,2335.1 km²
1684Buenos Aires Province71,89217.1 km²
1686Buenos Aires Province124,69126.6 km²
1688Buenos Aires Province64,5218.8 km²
1702Buenos Aires Province69,9677.4 km²
1704Ramos MejíaBuenos Aires Province146,40710.1 km²
1706Buenos Aires Province66,9158.7 km²
1708Morón, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province96,53312.3 km²
1712CastelarBuenos Aires Province117,83320.3 km²
1713Buenos Aires Province41,76915.3 km²
1714Buenos Aires Province141,33322.8 km²
1716Buenos Aires Province123,66631.5 km²
1718Buenos Aires Province48,4786.2 km²
1722Buenos Aires Province279,39943 km²
1723Mariano Acosta, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province63,83447.7 km²
1727Marcos Paz, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province61,575434.9 km²
1739Buenos Aires Province29,8486.5 km²
1741Buenos Aires Province51,830756.7 km²
1742Buenos Aires Province70,88114.3 km²
1744Buenos Aires Province284,905113.4 km²
1746Buenos Aires Province44,48433.1 km²
1748Buenos Aires Province102,304372.5 km²
1752Buenos Aires Province78,4645.4 km²
1754Buenos Aires Province348,43926.3 km²
1755Buenos Aires Province163,39914.9 km²
1757Buenos Aires Province274,80823.5 km²
1759Buenos Aires Province330,40350 km²
1761Pontevedra, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province68,53354.5 km²
1763Buenos Aires Province236,029118.5 km²
1765Buenos Aires Province183,79217.8 km²
1766Buenos Aires Province137,35410.7 km²
1768Buenos Aires Province105,3469.4 km²
1770Buenos Aires Province77,43610 km²
1776Buenos Aires Province71,28225.7 km²
1778Buenos Aires Province79,26116.4 km²
1804Ezeiza, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province134,498124.8 km²
1806Tristán SuárezBuenos Aires Province44,96848.5 km²
1812Tristán SuárezBuenos Aires Province33,87794.3 km²
1814Buenos Aires Province59,0721,193.8 km²
1822Buenos Aires Province55,3366 km²
1824Buenos Aires Province247,76826 km²
1825Buenos Aires Province72,1987.8 km²
1826Buenos Aires Province95,90810.3 km²
1828Buenos Aires Province306,29642.8 km²
1832Buenos Aires Province131,80316.8 km²
1834Buenos Aires Province127,55515.8 km²
1835Buenos Aires Province16,0042.052 km²
1836Buenos Aires Province60,87611.3 km²
1838Buenos Aires Province52,6078.2 km²
1842Esteban EcheverríaBuenos Aires Province203,93758.1 km²
1846Buenos Aires Province121,27216.1 km²
1847Buenos Aires Province57,5917.7 km²
1849Buenos Aires Province70,76912.8 km²
1852Buenos Aires Province172,95459.4 km²
1854Buenos Aires Province62,18013.9 km²
1856Buenos Aires Province71,15516.2 km²
1858Buenos Aires Province37,46577 km²
1862Buenos Aires Province57,84143.9 km²
1865Buenos Aires Province69,692660.2 km²
1870Buenos Aires Province109,99413.7 km²
1871Buenos Aires Province63,35511.5 km²
1872Buenos Aires Province68,33612.8 km²
1874Buenos Aires Province56,7337.1 km²
1875Wilde, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province67,08412.3 km²
1876Buenos Aires Province159,75725.3 km²
1878QuilmesBuenos Aires Province312,86843.5 km²
1881Buenos Aires Province108,55912.5 km²
1882Buenos Aires Province84,11813.5 km²
1884Buenos Aires Province185,85033.2 km²
1885Buenos Aires Province100,40557.2 km²
1886Buenos Aires Province21,6536.7 km²
1888Buenos Aires Province323,384149.4 km²
1889Ranelagh, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province66,28712.7 km²
1890Buenos Aires Province24,7086.8 km²
1891Buenos Aires Province49,67421.5 km²
1893Buenos Aires Province18,41036.3 km²
1894PereyraBuenos Aires Province4,09579.1 km²
1900La PlataBuenos Aires Province730,622862.5 km²
1913Buenos Aires Province31,8633,520.7 km²
1923Buenos Aires Province96,953150.5 km²
1925Manuel B. GonnetBuenos Aires Province44,665107.5 km²
1980Buenos Aires Province30,4401,136.8 km²
1987Buenos Aires Province11,9621,189.5 km²
2700Buenos Aires Province109,8323,046.5 km²
2705Rojas, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province24,3482,023.1 km²
2720ColónBuenos Aires Province26,3641,012.3 km²
2740Buenos Aires Province30,6741,232.5 km²
2741Buenos Aires Province35,5291,614.2 km²
2752Buenos Aires Province15,795553.8 km²
2760Buenos Aires Province24,585869.7 km²
2800Buenos Aires Province124,9481,225.8 km²
2804Buenos Aires Province105,199989.9 km²
2812Buenos Aires Province33,026645.4 km²
2900Buenos Aires Province152,141666.2 km²
2907Buenos Aires Province1,8231,328 km²
2915Buenos Aires Province36,3311,086.5 km²
2930Buenos Aires Province62,5491,367.2 km²
2938Buenos Aires Province17,9515,959.9 km²
2942Buenos Aires Province35,3021,533.5 km²
6000Buenos Aires Province92,8432,265.3 km²
6005Buenos Aires Province15,1671,490.8 km²
6015General ViamonteBuenos Aires Province18,9182,157.4 km²
6032Buenos Aires Province17,3501,605.6 km²
6050Buenos Aires Province11,5702,549.5 km²
6064Buenos Aires Province9,4661,839.1 km²
6070Buenos Aires Province43,0835,758.1 km²
6230Buenos Aires Province32,6227,366.7 km²
6237Buenos Aires Province18,5443,984.9 km²
6339Buenos Aires Province8,795806.1 km²
6346Buenos Aires Province6,1751,855.8 km²
6400Buenos Aires Province45,6895,460.1 km²
6409Buenos Aires Province9,6811,240.1 km²
6435Buenos Aires Province12,1114,822.4 km²
6450Buenos Aires Province41,3564,516.7 km²
6455Carlos TejedorBuenos Aires Province11,8193,902.8 km²
6465Buenos Aires Province10,2391,623.8 km²
6500Buenos Aires Province49,6844,284.8 km²
6530Buenos Aires Province23,3502,517.7 km²
6550Buenos Aires Province35,8834,913.9 km²
6555Buenos Aires Province17,8603,849.8 km²
6600Buenos Aires Province66,5731,051 km²
6605Buenos Aires Province18,1651,608.7 km²
6612SuipachaBuenos Aires Province10,980937 km²
6620Buenos Aires Province67,5242,078.2 km²
6634Buenos Aires Province11,3221,110.4 km²
6640Buenos Aires Province42,4602,194.8 km²
6660Buenos Aires Province37,1194,749 km²
6700Jáuregui, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province115,266774.1 km²
6720San Andrés de GilesBuenos Aires Province24,8611,123.9 km²
6725Buenos Aires Province15,3831,052.5 km²
6740Buenos Aires Province51,6012,280.6 km²
7000TandilBuenos Aires Province136,2524,851.3 km²
7020Buenos Aires Province21,1295,307.6 km²
7100Buenos Aires Province28,6631,971.5 km²
7103Buenos Aires Province3,4732,720.1 km²
7108Buenos Aires Province75,993291.3 km²
7114Buenos Aires Province8,5772,134.5 km²
7116Buenos Aires Province3,9093,451.8 km²
7118Buenos Aires Province2,9002,343.7 km²
7130ChascomúsBuenos Aires Province45,2934,204.1 km²
7150Buenos Aires Province21,1406,751.9 km²
7160Buenos Aires Province10,3802,594.7 km²
7163Buenos Aires Province22,1233,002.8 km²
7165Buenos Aires Province35,913142.5 km²
7167PinamarBuenos Aires Province20,84660.7 km²
7174Buenos Aires Province21,2433,087.5 km²
7200Buenos Aires Province24,5303,367.3 km²
7203Buenos Aires Province15,9164,270.3 km²
7220Buenos Aires Province23,7321,880.9 km²
7223Buenos Aires Province18,9671,832.7 km²
7240Buenos Aires Province38,7281,743.9 km²
7245Buenos Aires Province13,7651,560 km²
7260Buenos Aires Province34,2022,698.6 km²
7263Buenos Aires Province11,5593,365.4 km²
7300Buenos Aires Province68,1726,563.3 km²
7303Buenos Aires Province9,9024,106.7 km²
7400Buenos Aires Province118,3107,755.3 km²
7406Buenos Aires Province10,8864,766.3 km²
7414Laprida, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province10,7253,417 km²
7500Buenos Aires Province52,0405,917.6 km²
7513Buenos Aires Province12,2983,802 km²
7521San Cayetano, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Province8,6632,979 km²
7530Buenos Aires Province22,9335,240.2 km²
7540Buenos Aires Province39,8305,971.7 km²
7600Sierra de los PadresBuenos Aires Province663,2321,466.6 km²
7607Buenos Aires Province38,9391,610.2 km²
7620Buenos Aires Province45,3364,099.6 km²
7630Buenos Aires Province88,9544,496.6 km²
7635Buenos Aires Province18,6164,715.4 km²
8000Bahía BlancaBuenos Aires Province311,1152,280.7 km²
8109Buenos Aires Province62,3921,308.4 km²
8136Buenos Aires Province33,47910,137.9 km²
8150Buenos Aires Province15,7305,812.9 km²
8153Monte HermosoBuenos Aires Province6,600198.4 km²
8160Buenos Aires Province13,8384,204.3 km²
8174Buenos Aires Province21,7233,489.1 km²
8180Buenos Aires Province15,7076,419.3 km²
8504Buenos Aires Province29,50113,623.1 km²

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Buenos Aires Province Demographic Information

Population17.0 million
Population Density551.8 / km²
Male Population8,264,994 (48.7%)
Female Population8,715,765 (51.3%)
Median Age30.6
Male Median Age29.4
Female Median Age31.8
Businesses in Buenos Aires Province218,586
Population (1975)9,445,272
Population (2000)13,981,023
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +79.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +21.5%

Buenos Aires Province

Buenos Aires (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbwenos ˈaiɾes], Provincia de Buenos Aires) (English: Good airs) is the largest and most populous Argentinian province. It takes the name from the city of Buenos Aires, which used to be the provincial capital unt..  ︎  Buenos Aires Province Wikipedia Page