207 Postal Codes in Buenos Aires

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TimezoneArgentina Time
Area203 km²
Population3.0 million (More Details)
Male Population1,388,840 (46%)
Female Population1,627,633 (54%)
Median Age36.9
Postal Codes1001, 1002, 1003 (204 more)
Area Codes11, 221, 223 (17 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
1001 - 1437Buenos Aires199
1002 - 1020, 1033 - 1062San Nicolás23
1011 - 1014, 1057 - 1062Retiro11
1016 - 1024, 1111 - 1119Recoleta13
1064 - 1078, 1095 - 1098Monserrat15
1066 - 1068, 1140 - 1143San Telmo6
1130 - 1138Constitución9
1156 - 1168La Boca12
1172 - 1188, 1206 - 1211Almagro16
1186 - 1189Once5
1219 - 1232San Cristóbal10
1241 - 1249Parque Patricios12
1265 - 1295Barracas24

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207 Postal Codes in Buenos Aires

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
1001Buenos AiresBuenos Aires13,5280.855 km²
1002Buenos AiresBuenos Aires6,8230.318 km²
1003Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9850.165 km²
1004Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9900.151 km²
1005Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,8270.241 km²
1006Buenos AiresBuenos Aires13,4520.218 km²
1007Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,8290.195 km²
1008Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9960.242 km²
1009Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,94176,443 m²
1010Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9560.303 km²
1011Buenos AiresBuenos Aires97475,894 m²
1012Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,00296,744 m²
1013Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,0390.194 km²
1014Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,7620.147 km²
1015Buenos AiresBuenos Aires9930.173 km²
1016Buenos AiresBuenos Aires11,4320.13 km²
1017Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,5020.182 km²
1018Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9300.173 km²
1019Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,9770.23 km²
1020Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9150.216 km²
1021Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,92041,699 m²
1022Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,5990.129 km²
1023Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6180.155 km²
1024Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,8050.121 km²
1025Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,3670.18 km²
1026Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,7940.233 km²
1027Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6960.133 km²
1028Buenos AiresBuenos Aires19,1950.136 km²
1029Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6860.144 km²
1030Buenos AiresBuenos Aires23,0680.148 km²
1031Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6900.172 km²
1032Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9110.158 km²
1033Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,8240.265 km²
1034Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6260.111 km²
1043Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,00526,921 m²
1048Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,99614,635 m²
1057Buenos AiresBuenos Aires99515,215 m²
1058Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,98231,687 m²
1059Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,98714,603 m²
1061Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,95611,317 m²
1062Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,87516,690 m²
1063Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,7610.552 km²
1064Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,7620.166 km²
1065Buenos AiresBuenos Aires13,6380.186 km²
1066Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9330.17 km²
1067Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,9550.109 km²
1068Buenos AiresBuenos Aires9,8800.123 km²
1069Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9390.18 km²
1070Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9910.191 km²
1071Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,9280.205 km²
1072Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,94537,085 m²
1073Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9530.255 km²
1074Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9310.185 km²
1075Buenos AiresBuenos Aires11,8630.184 km²
1076Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9390.192 km²
1077Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,9310.363 km²
1078Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,9830.178 km²
1079Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9270.151 km²
1080Buenos AiresBuenos Aires11,9390.109 km²
1081Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9350.165 km²
1082Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,7390.219 km²
1083Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,6850.181 km²
1095Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,96127,801 m²
1096Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,5880.115 km²
1098Buenos AiresBuenos Aires98529,971 m²
1101Buenos AiresBuenos Aires9907,442 m²
1103Buenos AiresBuenos Aires94922,667 m²
1104Buenos AiresBuenos Aires49,9183.075 km²
1106Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,7200.119 km²
1107Buenos AiresBuenos Aires27,1402.568 km²
1111Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,7440.214 km²
1112Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,3690.164 km²
1113Buenos AiresBuenos Aires17,1880.1 km²
1114Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,7380.175 km²
1115Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,9300.138 km²
1117Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,7530.18 km²
1118Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,7210.13 km²
1119Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,2220.111 km²
1130Buenos Aires5,4630.385 km²
1133Buenos Aires2,8610.171 km²
1134Buenos Aires2,9350.1 km²
1136Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,9550.187 km²
1137Buenos Aires2,6750.124 km²
1138Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,8070.245 km²
1139Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,2200.233 km²
1140Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,7720.19 km²
1141Buenos AiresBuenos Aires4,5520.222 km²
1143Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7530.161 km²
1148Buenos Aires2,9640.163 km²
1152Buenos Aires6230.121 km²
1156Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,2380.102 km²
1157Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,0790.105 km²
1158Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,5470.772 km²
1159Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,3950.273 km²
1160Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,4320.268 km²
1161Buenos AiresBuenos Aires2,1480.156 km²
1162Buenos Aires4,29185,747 m²
1163Buenos Aires3,4530.326 km²
1164Buenos Aires3,5240.263 km²
1166Buenos Aires4,91956,331 m²
1167Buenos Aires1,3410.125 km²
1168Buenos Aires37485,938 m²
1170Buenos AiresBuenos Aires17,3100.594 km²
1171Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,5370.254 km²
1172Buenos AiresBuenos Aires10,8810.448 km²
1173Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,3280.276 km²
1174Buenos AiresBuenos Aires8,9220.263 km²
1175Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,4410.42 km²
1176Buenos AiresBuenos Aires10,6870.208 km²
1177Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,77890,811 m²
1178Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,56990,048 m²
1179Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,1040.215 km²
1180Buenos AiresBuenos Aires8,9000.296 km²
1181Buenos AiresBuenos Aires8,9050.435 km²
1182Buenos AiresBuenos Aires14,2470.407 km²
1183Buenos AiresBuenos Aires8,8930.363 km²
1184Buenos AiresBuenos Aires6,9950.294 km²
1185Buenos AiresBuenos Aires6,1330.248 km²
1186Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,83863,977 m²
1188Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,5720.307 km²
1189Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,93649,580 m²
1190Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,70428,582 m²
1191Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,92761,521 m²
1196Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,83585,895 m²
1201Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,93787,604 m²
1206Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,80092,579 m²
1207Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,91378,434 m²
1211Buenos AiresBuenos Aires9,0990.289 km²
1214Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,86192,712 m²
1216Buenos AiresBuenos Aires6,9980.219 km²
1217Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,2730.183 km²
1218Buenos AiresBuenos Aires5,2680.211 km²
1219Buenos AiresBuenos Aires11,3700.357 km²
1220Buenos AiresBuenos Aires7,2890.284 km²
1221Buenos AiresBuenos Aires9,4440.325 km²
1222Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,7140.193 km²
1223Buenos AiresBuenos Aires9,2680.248 km²
1224Buenos Aires69,8903.426 km²
1225Buenos AiresBuenos Aires9,36745,222 m²
1226Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,79151,682 m²
1227Buenos AiresBuenos Aires1,84257,434 m²
1229Buenos Aires3,8480.1 km²
1230Buenos Aires3,53446,380 m²
1232Buenos Aires5,6390.194 km²
1233Buenos Aires5,4180.247 km²
1235Buenos AiresBuenos Aires3,3820.129 km²
1237Buenos Aires11,5500.49 km²
1238Buenos Aires8,9290.189 km²
1239Buenos Aires16,9300.144 km²
1240Buenos Aires8,3050.204 km²
1241Buenos Aires6,9180.35 km²
1242Buenos Aires4,1910.21 km²
1243Buenos Aires2,2220.217 km²
1244Buenos Aires6,1170.344 km²
1245Buenos Aires1,9130.171 km²
1246Buenos Aires5,4260.297 km²
1247Buenos Aires5,6430.318 km²
1248Buenos Aires8350.128 km²
1249Buenos Aires7,3450.364 km²
1250Buenos Aires4,4170.313 km²
1251Buenos Aires1,89237,184 m²
1252Buenos Aires3,56565,230 m²
1253Buenos Aires3,5610.131 km²
1255Buenos Aires5,2690.169 km²
1263Buenos Aires2,8890.3 km²
1264Buenos Aires2,0160.208 km²
1265Buenos Aires3,5870.302 km²
1266Buenos Aires71867,160 m²
1267Buenos Aires4,3210.34 km²
1268Buenos Aires4,2800.305 km²
1269Buenos Aires7290.117 km²
1270Buenos Aires4,5780.403 km²
1272Buenos Aires2,8380.418 km²
1273Buenos Aires3,2260.32 km²
1274Buenos Aires1,4110.172 km²
1275Buenos Aires13,5741.105 km²
1276Buenos Aires1,4460.106 km²
1277Buenos Aires2,1660.237 km²
1278Buenos Aires4,2460.401 km²
1279Buenos Aires1,31769,656 m²
1280Buenos Aires2,0580.269 km²
1281Buenos Aires6,1320.571 km²
1282Buenos Aires3,2680.263 km²
1283Buenos Aires71099,172 m²
1285Buenos Aires5,4370.407 km²
1286Buenos Aires2,1590.198 km²
1289Buenos Aires72754,081 m²
1290Buenos Aires72575,174 m²
1293Buenos Aires71899,615 m²
1295Buenos Aires2,6300.168 km²
1405Buenos AiresBuenos Aires89,9013.303 km²
1406Buenos AiresBuenos Aires224,39912 km²
1407Buenos Aires177,15314.2 km²
1408Buenos Aires93,3607.4 km²
1414Buenos AiresBuenos Aires98,6605.9 km²
1416Buenos AiresBuenos Aires98,0436.1 km²
1417Buenos Aires92,4487.1 km²
1425Buenos AiresBuenos Aires166,6089.1 km²
1426Buenos AiresBuenos Aires119,0207.5 km²
1427Buenos AiresBuenos Aires81,0615.9 km²
1428Buenos Aires108,3177.2 km²
1429Buenos Aires84,3325.1 km²
1430Buenos Aires76,6425.3 km²
1431Buenos Aires78,1206.2 km²
1437Buenos Aires125,43012 km²
1439TapialesBuenos Aires Province148,53416.6 km²
1440Buenos Aires75,4706.8 km²

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Buenos Aires Demographic Information

Population3.0 million
Population Density14,859 / km²
Male Population1,388,840 (46%)
Female Population1,627,633 (54%)
Median Age36.9
Male Median Age34.5
Female Median Age39
Businesses in Buenos Aires239,551
Population (1975)2,294,475
Population (2000)2,853,251
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +31.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +5.7%

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires (/ˈbweɪnəs ˈɛəriːz/ or /ˈaɪrɪs/, Spanish: [ˈbwenos ˈaiɾes]) is the capital and largest city of the Argentine Republic. The city is located on the western shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata, on the continent's southeastern coast...  ︎  Buenos Aires Wikipedia Page