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The average area for zip codes in Australia is 2,910.9 km² with the largest being 0872 in Northern Territory at 1,002,280.6 km² and the smallest being 2007 in Ultimo, State of New South Wales at 0.561 km². In Australia the average population for a postal code is 9,075 with the most populated being zip code 4350 in Mount Kynoch, State of Queensland at 114,408. The average population density for a postal code in Australia is 672.5 / km² with the densest being zip code 2010 in Darlinghurst, State of New South Wales at 12,528 / km². The median age for postal codes in Australia range from 19.5 years old for 2703 in Yanco, State of New South Wales to 64.8 years old for 3944 in Portsea, State of Victoria. The fastest growing postal code is 6038 in Carabooda, State of Western Australia with population growth of 162.5% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 6.6% per year.

TimezoneCentral Australia Time
Area7,692,024 km²
Population21.5 million
Population Density2.8 / km²
Postal Codes4350, 2170, 4740 (3,330 more)
Area Codes2, 3, 4 (2 more)
Businesses in Australia1,502,507

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
0800 - 0909Northern Territory51
1001 - 2899New South Wales964
2600 - 2620, 2900 - 2914Australian Capital Territory31
3000 - 3996Victoria (Australia)759
4000 - 4895Queensland469
5000 - 5960South Australia396
6000 - 6997Western Australia499
7000 - 7923Tasmania157

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3,333 Postal Codes in Australia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
4350Mount Kynoch, QueenslandQueensland114,408312.6 km²
2170Campbelltown, New South WalesNew South Wales107,73754.3 km²
4740Te Kowai, QueenslandQueensland87,787886.8 km²
3030Point Cook, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)87,126253.5 km²
4670South Bingera, QueenslandQueensland85,2471,783.8 km²
2560New South Wales80,195409.7 km²
2145Mays Hill, New South WalesNew South Wales78,53726.3 km²
3029Truganina, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)77,052106.5 km²
2250Kariong, New South WalesNew South Wales75,131722.5 km²
4870Freshwater, QueenslandQueensland73,952326.7 km²
3977Victoria (Australia)73,417138.5 km²
2770Penrith, New South WalesNew South Wales67,32425 km²
6210Madora Bay, Western AustraliaWestern Australia67,18263.6 km²
2148BlacktownNew South Wales65,60438.9 km²
3150Glen Waverley, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)64,59627.2 km²
4305Flinders View, QueenslandQueensland64,47974.2 km²
4211Clagiraba, QueenslandQueensland63,607376 km²
3023Footscray, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)62,48739.6 km²
4655Torquay, QueenslandQueensland60,978544.2 km²
2650Bomen, New South WalesNew South Wales60,5524,057.1 km²
3805Narre Warren, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)60,23627.5 km²
3350Ballarat CentralVictoria (Australia)60,19690 km²
3064Donnybrook, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)59,916128.1 km²
6065WannerooWestern Australia59,38149.7 km²
2259Wyee, New South WalesNew South Wales58,910548 km²
2153Baulkham Hills, New South WalesNew South Wales58,39224.7 km²
3199Frankston, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)58,26834.4 km²
3216Belmont, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)57,53853.1 km²
3021St Albans, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)57,43619.9 km²
2261Berkeley Vale, New South WalesNew South Wales56,44088 km²
4680Queensland56,3304,976.2 km²
2166Cabramatta, New South WalesNew South Wales54,91215.3 km²
3175Dandenong, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)54,46573.9 km²
6155Canning Vale, Western AustraliaWestern Australia53,26934.1 km²
4551Battery Hill, QueenslandQueensland53,22497.7 km²
4207Bahrs Scrub, QueenslandQueensland53,158283.3 km²
6164Success, Western AustraliaWestern Australia52,66378.8 km²
3037Victoria (Australia)52,66223.3 km²
7250Launceston, TasmaniaTasmania52,243184.9 km²
6163Coolbellup, Western AustraliaWestern Australia51,84543 km²
2176Bossley ParkNew South Wales51,58819.3 km²
2340New South Wales51,5103,357.1 km²
3073Reservoir, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)50,76118.8 km²
3806Berwick, VictoriaVictoria (Australia)50,49246.3 km²
4814TownsvilleQueensland50,37965 km²
2155Richmond, New South WalesNew South Wales49,44434.8 km²
2480Goolmangar, New South WalesNew South Wales49,3781,372.5 km²
4215Queensland49,11519.5 km²
2615ActonAustralian Capital Territory48,52660.9 km²
4152Carindale, QueenslandQueensland47,41723.2 km²
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