964 Postal Codes in New South Wales

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TimezoneEastern Australia Time
Area801,634.1 km²
Population7.7 million (More Details)
Male Population3,776,600 (49.2%)
Female Population3,892,822 (50.8%)
Median Age38.3
Postal Codes2880, 2840, 2836 (961 more)
Area Code2

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
1001 - 1299Sydney184
1230 - 1240Haymarket12
1311 - 1329Darling Point21
1311 - 1329Paddington21
1330 - 1340Potts Point8
1335 - 1355Woollahra4
1435 - 1445Alexandria4
1435 - 1445Alexandria4
1595 - 1602Lane Cove4
1690 - 1699Davidson11
1690 - 1699Forestville12
1740 - 1750City of Parramatta6
1781 - 1797North Rocks5
2071 - 2073Gordon3
2074 - 2076Wahroonga2
2081 - 2083Berowra2
2105 - 2107Avalon Beach2
2155 - 2157, 2753 - 2755Richmond7
2170 - 2172, 2555 - 2557Campbelltown5
2520 - 2522Wollongong2
2748 - 2751Penrith8

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964 Postal Codes in New South Wales

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
2880New South Wales21,31566,184.1 km²
2840New South Wales3,30562,475.5 km²
2836White Cliffs, New South WalesNew South Wales1,08831,522.6 km²
2835New South Wales4,74830,329.6 km²
2711New South Wales3,52124,161.9 km²
2648New South Wales2,63823,604.8 km²
2831Coolabah, New South WalesNew South Wales1,78822,374.2 km²
2878New South Wales22218,286 km²
2877EuabalongNew South Wales4,98714,971.7 km²
2715New South Wales1,81314,051.8 km²
2879New South Wales96713,325.1 km²
2839New South Wales1,58212,287.2 km²
2710DeniliquinNew South Wales10,76810,445.9 km²
2832New South Wales2,9589,693.8 km²
2675New South Wales1,6018,510.6 km²
2400New South Wales11,2397,567.4 km²
2825New South Wales2,6787,196.4 km²
2354New South Wales3,9717,141.8 km²
2829New South Wales3,5686,854.6 km²
2388New South Wales3,3816,685 km²
2460New South Wales31,8136,624.9 km²
2669New South Wales2,1416,293.5 km²
2652New South Wales4,9476,103.9 km²
2850New South Wales18,4275,951.9 km²
2580New South Wales30,4605,498.9 km²
2795New South Wales44,1855,328.7 km²
2833CollarenebriNew South Wales7065,044.5 km²
2372New South Wales5,6914,934.1 km²
2824New South Wales2,5774,845.2 km²
2370New South Wales8,3544,775.6 km²
2330New South Wales22,9584,732.5 km²
2350New South Wales28,2734,544.5 km²
2390New South Wales9,4784,220.8 km²
2630New South Wales9,3854,209.1 km²
2622New South Wales3,5624,193.9 km²
2665Moombooldool, New South WalesNew South Wales2,1724,108.9 km²
2642Talmalmo, New South WalesNew South Wales5,1684,083.1 km²
2650Bomen, New South WalesNew South Wales60,5524,057.1 km²
2550BuckajoNew South Wales17,1433,966.3 km²
2469New South Wales4,4363,864.9 km²
2365Ben Lomond, New South WalesNew South Wales3,9453,795.8 km²
2671Burcher, New South WalesNew South Wales4,7613,769.9 km²
2357GowangNew South Wales4,6853,671.4 km²
2440New South Wales23,7773,604.6 km²
2871New South Wales9,8093,560.4 km²
2838Goodooga, New South WalesNew South Wales3693,487.1 km²
2405Garah, New South WalesNew South Wales6173,421 km²
2583New South Wales4,5913,384 km²
2340New South Wales51,5103,357.1 km²
2737Euston, New South WalesNew South Wales8993,344 km²
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New South Wales Demographic Information

Population7.7 million
Population Density9.57 / km²
Male Population3,776,600 (49.2%)
Female Population3,892,822 (50.8%)
Median Age38.3
Male Median Age37.4
Female Median Age39.2
Businesses in New South Wales420,537
Population (1975)4,443,717
Population (2000)6,114,059
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +72.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +25.4%

New South Wales

New South Wales (abbreviated as NSW) is a state on the east coast of Australia. It borders Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, South Australia to the west, the Tasman Sea to the east and surrounds the whole of the Australian Capital Terri..  ︎  New South Wales Wikipedia Page