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The average area for zip codes in Austria is 37.9 km² with the largest being 6215 in Tirol at 440.1 km² and the smallest being 8636 in Steiermark at 96,478 m². In Austria the average population for a postal code is 3,863 with the most populated being zip code 1220 in Vienna, Wien at 329,170. The median age for postal codes in Austria range from 34.4 years old for 6733 in Fontanella, Vorarlberg to 56.3 years old for 8790 in Eisenerz, Steiermark. The fastest growing postal code is 6458 in Tirol with population growth of 84.1% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 4.2% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area8,379 km²
Population8.2 million
Population Density979.2 / km²
Postal Codes3483, 3484, 3485 (2,242 more)
Area Codes1, 2142, 2143 (1,040 more)
Businesses in Austria666,248

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2,245 Postal Codes in Austria

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
3483GrafenwörthLower Austria71111.1 km²
3484GrafenwörthLower Austria2,42635.8 km²
3485GrafeneggLower Austria1,43917.5 km²
3491Straß im StraßertaleLower Austria1,58622.7 km²
3492GrafeneggLower Austria1,70311.8 km²
3493Lower Austria2,0134.847 km²
3494GedersdorfLower Austria2,21517.6 km²
3495Lower Austria2,4219.8 km²
3500StratzingLower Austria22,69441.9 km²
3502Lower Austria
3504Lower Austria
3506Nußdorf ob der TraisenLower Austria1,72513.6 km²
3508PaudorfLower Austria2,46230.3 km²
3511Lower Austria2,98612.3 km²
3512DürnsteinLower Austria4,53537.6 km²
3521GföhlLower Austria41820.8 km²
3522Lower Austria1,60043.7 km²
3524Lower Austria91039.8 km²
3525SallingbergLower Austria64221.4 km²
3531WaldhausenLower Austria57220.7 km²
3532Lower Austria1,40452.3 km²
3533Lower Austria1,01333.5 km²
3541Krems an der DonauLower Austria1,40835.5 km²
3542GföhlLower Austria4,38896 km²
3543Krumau am KampLower Austria69622.3 km²
3544Sankt Leonhard am HornerwaldLower Austria1479 km²
3550LangenloisLower Austria6,13834.6 km²
3552Lengenfeld, AustriaLower Austria3,12529.3 km²
3553LangenloisLower Austria81634 km²
3561LangenloisLower Austria5757.6 km²
3562Lower Austria1,19123.2 km²
3564Gars am KampLower Austria73129.6 km²
3571Gars am KampLower Austria3,30943 km²
3572Sankt Leonhard am HornerwaldLower Austria1,13555 km²
3573Gars am KampLower Austria37514.3 km²
3580RosenburgLower Austria8,35989.8 km²
3591Altenburg, Lower AustriaLower Austria82028.1 km²
3592RöhrenbachLower Austria57221.7 km²
3593PöllaLower Austria76487.2 km²
3594Lower Austria20617.3 km²
3595Brunn an der WildLower Austria84232.2 km²
3601DürnsteinLower Austria84317.1 km²
3602Lower Austria60717.2 km²
3610Weinzierl am WaldeLower Austria1,77634.5 km²
3611Weinzierl am WaldeLower Austria52016.6 km²
3613Albrechtsberg an der Großen KremsLower Austria1,40237.7 km²
3620Spitz, AustriaLower Austria1,64526.1 km²
3621Spitz, AustriaLower Austria52622.1 km²
3622Lower Austria1,54439.3 km²
3623Lower Austria1,34547.1 km²
3631OttenschlagUpper Austria1,53751.2 km²
3632Traunstein, AustriaLower Austria1,12551.5 km²
3633AltmelonLower Austria1,05868.4 km²
3641AggsbachLower Austria6317.9 km²
3642Lower Austria76927.7 km²
3643Maria Laach am JauerlingLower Austria95939.9 km²
3644Emmersdorf an der DonauLower Austria1,56424.6 km²
3650PöggstallLower Austria2,56669.2 km²
3652LeibenLower Austria2,07921.7 km²
3653WeitenLower Austria1,16938.5 km²
3654RaxendorfLower Austria86023.7 km²
3660Klein-PöchlarnLower Austria9446.8 km²
3661Lower Austria92624.1 km²
3662Lower Austria97818.7 km²
3663PöggstallLower Austria65013.1 km²
3664MartinsbergLower Austria1,11532.2 km²
3665MartinsbergLower Austria1,00753.7 km²
3671Marbach an der DonauLower Austria1,6408.9 km²
3672Maria TaferlLower Austria76113.4 km²
3680SäusensteinLower Austria2,84913 km²
3681SäusensteinLower Austria1,55839.9 km²
3683Sankt Oswald, Lower AustriaLower Austria1,84650.7 km²
3684Sankt Oswald, Lower AustriaLower Austria73024.7 km²
3691NöchlingLower Austria1,02419.5 km²
3701GroßweikersdorfLower Austria3,49157.3 km²
3702RußbachLower Austria1,41630.8 km²
3704Lower Austria88215.8 km²
3710DippersdorfLower Austria3,29155.1 km²
3711Lower Austria59413.5 km²
3712Lower Austria96221 km²
3713Burgschleinitz-KühnringLower Austria73232.4 km²
3714Sitzendorf an der SchmidaLower Austria1,35541.2 km²
3720RavelsbachLower Austria1,63326.4 km²
3721MaissauLower Austria1,20420.9 km²
3722Lower Austria37715.2 km²
3730Lower Austria5,21870.6 km²
3741PulkauLower Austria1,53834.6 km²
3742WeitersfeldLower Austria31018.1 km²
3743RöschitzLower Austria64113.5 km²
3744Horn DistrictLower Austria64217.3 km²
3751Horn, AustriaLower Austria1,13527.7 km²
3752WeitersfeldLower Austria55324.3 km²
3753PerneggLower Austria1,34774.4 km²
3754Lower Austria1,15440.4 km²
3761Lower Austria28615.4 km²
3762Lower Austria55527.4 km²
3763JaponsLower Austria72127.7 km²
3800Göpfritz an der WildLower Austria1,37145.8 km²
3804AllentsteigLower Austria1,96073.3 km²
3811Göpfritz an der WildLower Austria47814.8 km²
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