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The average area for zip codes in Austria is 37.9 km² with the largest being 6215 in Tirol at 440.1 km² and the smallest being 8636 in Steiermark at 96,478 m². In Austria the average population for a postal code is 3,863 with the most populated being zip code 1220 in Vienna, Wien at 329,170. The median age for postal codes in Austria range from 34.4 years old for 6733 in Fontanella, Vorarlberg to 56.3 years old for 8790 in Eisenerz, Steiermark. The fastest growing postal code is 6458 in Tirol with population growth of 84.1% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 4.2% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area8,379 km²
Population8.2 million
Population Density979.2 / km²
Postal Codes1220, 1210, 1230 (2,242 more)
Area Codes1, 2142, 2143 (1,040 more)
Businesses in Austria666,248

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
1010 - 1400Vienna24
1300 - 4441Lower Austria617
4010 - 5360Upper Austria421
5010 - 5114, 5151 - 5205, 5300 - 5771Salzburg (state)135
6010 - 6691, 9900 - 9992Tyrol (state)277
6700 - 6993Vorarlberg91
7000 - 7572Burgenland144
8010 - 9323Styria344
9010 - 9873Carinthia197

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2,245 Postal Codes in Austria

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
1220ViennaVienna329,170104.1 km²
1210ViennaVienna212,15245.2 km²
1230ViennaVienna175,68932.5 km²
1110ViennaVienna147,97223.5 km²
1100ViennaVienna143,24531.9 km²
5020SalzburgSalzburg (state)129,84750.9 km²
6020IglsTyrol (state)117,39597.7 km²
4020LinzUpper Austria115,50634.6 km²
1140MauerbachLower Austria89,06639.2 km²
9020KlagenfurtCarinthia85,20476.2 km²
1020ViennaVienna83,29717.3 km²
1130ViennaVienna82,83036.7 km²
1190ViennaVienna79,28724.5 km²
4600WelsUpper Austria65,90270 km²
8010GrazStyria65,55729.5 km²
1120ViennaVienna62,8938.1 km²
8020GrazStyria61,87714.7 km²
1030ViennaVienna58,7527.4 km²
1160ViennaVienna49,8528.5 km²
6850DornbirnVorarlberg47,029125.4 km²
4030LinzUpper Austria46,52036.3 km²
9500VillachCarinthia46,47190.7 km²
2700Wiener NeustadtLower Austria42,61362.2 km²
3100Sankt PöltenLower Austria38,78458.5 km²
1200ViennaVienna38,3845.2 km²
4040LinzUpper Austria37,47750.4 km²
4400SteyrUpper Austria37,42445.5 km²
1180ViennaVienna36,3616.2 km²
1170ViennaVienna35,63210.7 km²
1150ViennaVienna32,9783.925 km²
6800Feldkirch, VorarlbergVorarlberg31,49134.7 km²
6900LochauVorarlberg29,75741.4 km²
8054Styria26,82425.8 km²
1010ViennaVienna25,4712.9 km²
8041GrazStyria25,3818.4 km²
4060LeondingUpper Austria25,28222.1 km²
2500Lower Austria24,68050.8 km²
8700NiklasdorfStyria24,378107.8 km²
8055GrazStyria23,8517.9 km²
6890LustenauVorarlberg23,68722.4 km²
1090ViennaVienna23,6522.991 km²
3500StratzingLower Austria22,69441.9 km²
4050TraunUpper Austria22,42515.1 km²
8605KapfenbergStyria21,92566.8 km²
3400KlosterneuburgLower Austria21,84463.4 km²
8160MortantschStyria19,972119.4 km²
6330KufsteinTyrol (state)19,72156.4 km²
5400DürrnbergSalzburg (state)19,47721.4 km²
2340Maria EnzersdorfLower Austria19,17910.2 km²
2620TernitzLower Austria18,41069.1 km²
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