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Postal Code AZ 2116, Azerbaijan - Map and Information

Primary CityÇobankənd
Local TimeSaturday 12:16 PM
TimezoneAzerbaijan Standard Time
Coordinates40.5628° / 45.5832°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/5/156:26 PM4.155 km10,000 m5km SW of Lanjaghbyur,
10/3/142:45 AM451.6 km34,270 m7km WNW of Tovuz,
4/28/0810:20 PM3.745.7 km10,000
1/12/0712:00 AM4.281.3 km5,000
1/21/065:17 AM3.791.2 km37,900 mGeorgia (Sak'art'velo)
3/12/057:02 PM4.633.3 km10,000
4/28/021:32 AM3.587.5 km33,000
1/23/011:27 AM4.291.5 km33,000
10/28/001:00 PM3.480.2 km33,000
7/18/9712:33 AM4.270.5 km33,000

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Primary City

Çobankənd (also, Chobankend) is a village and municipality in the Gadabay Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 1,802. The municipality consists of the villages of Çobankənd and Yenikənd.    Çobankənd Wikipedia Page