1,391 Postal Codes in Bangladesh

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TimezoneBangladesh Time
Area14,770 km²
Population156.1 million
Population Density10,569 / km²
Postal Codes1000, 1100, 1200 (1,388 more)
Area Codes11, 15, 16 (320 more)
Businesses in Bangladesh197,809

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
1000 - 2480, 7700 - 8121Dhaka Division353
3000 - 3374Sylhet Division127
3400 - 4762Chittagong Division343
5000 - 5761Rangpur Division83
5800 - 6780Rajshahi Division140
7000 - 7632, 9000 - 9461Khulna Division171
8200 - 8741Barisal Division103

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1,391 Postal Codes in Bangladesh

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
1000DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1100DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1200Dhaka Division
1203DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1204DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1205DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1206DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1207DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1208DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1209DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1211DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1212DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1213DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1214DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1215Tejgaon Thana
1216DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1217DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1218DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1219DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1221DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1222DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1223DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1225DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1229DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1230DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1231DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1232DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1236DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1310DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1311DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1312DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1313DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1320DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1321DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1322DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1323DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1324DhakaDhaka Division10,356,500
1325Dhaka Division
1330Dhaka Division
1331Dhaka Division
1332Dhaka Division
1333Dhaka Division
1334Dhaka Division
1335Dhaka Division
1340Savar UpazilaDhaka Division
1341Dhaka Division
1342Savar UpazilaDhaka Division
1343Savar UpazilaDhaka Division
1344Savar UpazilaDhaka Division
1345Savar UpazilaDhaka Division
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