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Postal Code 3129 - Sylhet Division

Area Codes821831861871
Local TimeSaturday 8:10 AM
TimezoneBangladesh Standard Time
Coordinates24.6996° / 91.7447°
Related Postal Codes312331243125312631273128

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/20/175:23 PM4.473.9 km38,770 m21km S of Dharmanagar, Indiausgs.gov
4/18/177:01 AM4.541.7 km34,060 m4km NW of Chhatak, Bangladeshusgs.gov
1/3/171:09 AM5.780.7 km32,000 m20km ENE of Ambasa, Indiausgs.gov
11/14/166:10 PM4.659.4 km32,420 m24km S of Karimganj, Indiausgs.gov
10/19/1612:20 AM4.454.5 km29,790 m33km NNW of Baniachang, Bangladeshusgs.gov
5/7/162:43 AM4.177.9 km37,620 m14km NE of Cherrapunji, Indiausgs.gov
10/29/153:15 PM4.871.3 km36,310 m11km W of Hailakandi, Indiausgs.gov
6/9/1410:40 AM4.160.8 km31,790 m14km NW of Khowai, Indiausgs.gov
3/1/135:30 PM5.248.4 km38,700 m24km SSW of Karimganj, Indiausgs.gov
12/30/1212:16 AM4.354.5 km22,500 mIndia-Bangladesh border regionusgs.gov

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