83 Postal Codes in Rangpur Division

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TimezoneBangladesh Time
Area16,185 km²
Population17.5 million (More Details)
Male Population8,712,276 (49.9%)
Female Population8,743,959 (50.1%)
Median Age23.9
Postal Codes5000, 5010, 5020 (80 more)
Area Codes521, 5222, 531 (4 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
5000 - 5030Panchagarh District3
5100 - 5120Thākurgaon7
5200 - 5260Dinājpur8
5400 - 5460Rangpur City12

83 Postal Codes in Rangpur Division

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
5000Panchagarh DistrictRangpur Division48,531
5010Rangpur Division
5020Panchagarh DistrictRangpur Division48,531
5030Panchagarh DistrictRangpur Division48,531
5040Rangpur Division
5041Rangpur Division
5100ThākurgaonRangpur Division71,096
5101ThākurgaonRangpur Division71,096
5102ThākurgaonRangpur Division71,096
5103ThākurgaonRangpur Division71,096
5110Rangpur Division
5120ThākurgaonRangpur Division71,096
5121Rangpur Division
5130Rangpur Division
5140ThākurgaonRangpur Division71,096
5141ThākurgaonRangpur Division71,096
5200DinājpurRangpur Division206,234
5201DinājpurRangpur Division206,234
5210DinājpurRangpur Division206,234
5216DinājpurRangpur Division206,234
5220Rangpur Division
5226DinājpurRangpur Division206,234
5230Rangpur Division
5231Rangpur Division
5240DinājpurRangpur Division206,234
5241DinājpurRangpur Division206,234
5250Parbatipur UpazilaRangpur Division48,020
5260DinājpurRangpur Division206,234
5266RamkrishnapurRangpur Division
5270Hili (community development block)Rangpur Division
5280Rangpur Division
5281Rangpur Division
5282Rangpur Division
5290Ghoraghat UpazilaRangpur Division
5291Ghoraghat UpazilaRangpur Division
5300Rangpur Division
5301Rangpur Division
5320Rangpur Division
5330Jaldhaka UpazilaRangpur Division
5340Rangpur Division
5341Rangpur Division
5350Rangpur Division
5351Rangpur Division
5400Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5401Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5402Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5403Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5404Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5405Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5410Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5420Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5430BadarganjRangpur Division32,600
5431Rangpur Division
5440Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5441Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5450Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5460Rangpur CityRangpur Division343,122
5470Rangpur Division
5500LalmanirhatRangpur Division65,127
5501Rangpur Division
5502Rangpur Division
5510Aditmari UpazilaRangpur Division
5520LalmanirhatRangpur Division65,127
5530LalmanirhatRangpur Division65,127
5540Rangpur Division
5541Rangpur Division
5542BurimāriRangpur Division
5630ChilmāriRangpur Division49,736
5631ChilmāriRangpur Division49,736
5650Rangpur Division
5670Rangpur Division
5700Rangpur Division
5710Rangpur Division
5711Rangpur Division
5720Rangpur Division
5721Rangpur Division
5730Rangpur Division
5740Rangpur Division
5741Rangpur Division
5750Rangpur Division
5751Rangpur Division
5760Rangpur Division
5761Rangpur Division

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Rangpur Division Demographic Information

Population17.5 million
Population Density1,078 / km²
Male Population8,712,276 (49.9%)
Female Population8,743,959 (50.1%)
Median Age23.9
Male Median Age23.7
Female Median Age24.1
Businesses in Rangpur Division5,042
Population (1975)7,908,918
Population (2000)14,608,256
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +120.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +19.5%

Rangpur Division

Rangpur Division (Bengali: রংপুর বিভাগ) was formed on 25 January 2010, as Bangladesh's 7th division. Before that, it had been the northern eight districts of the Rajshahi Division. The Rangpur division consists of eight districts. There are 58 Upazil..  ︎  Rangpur Division Wikipedia Page