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The average area for zip codes in Belgium is 26.8 km² with the largest being 5660 in Couvin, Wallonia at 207.1 km² and the smallest being 9000 in Gent, Flanders at 32,932 m². In Belgium the average population for a postal code is 9,865 with the most populated being zip code 1030 in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Bruxelles-Capitale at 132,977. The median age for postal codes in Belgium range from 32.4 years old for 1210 in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Bruxelles-Capitale to 56.5 years old for 8670 in Koksijde, Flanders. The fastest growing postal code is 6441 in Thuin, Wallonia with population growth of 57.9% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 3.1% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area3,028 km²
Population10.4 million
Population Density3,435 / km²
Postal Codes4682, 4683, 4684 (1,174 more)
Area Codes10, 11, 12 (43 more)
Businesses in Belgium1,194,189

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1,177 Postal Codes in Belgium

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
4682LiègeWallonia3,36010.4 km²
4683LiègeWallonia2,5592.32 km²
4684OupeyeWallonia3,9786.4 km²
4690Zichen-Zussen-BolderFlanders8,62438.2 km²
4700EupenWallonia16,42282.3 km²
47014,04213.4 km²
4710LontzenWallonia3,96914.7 km²
4711WalhornWallonia2,30313.6 km²
4720KelmisWallonia5,1062.856 km²
4721KelmisWallonia1,7726.5 km²
47283,4069.1 km²
4730RaerenWallonia6,91757.2 km²
4731RaerenWallonia6,11015.2 km²
4750VerviersWallonia5,81797.1 km²
47604,881101.3 km²
47611,27049.9 km²
47704,716100 km²
4771AmblèveWallonia1,62232.8 km²
4780St. VithWallonia4,40335.6 km²
478254319 km²
4783St. VithWallonia1,15935.8 km²
4784St. VithWallonia2,59250.1 km²
47901,58654.3 km²
47912,62455.6 km²
4800VerviersWallonia40,00923.1 km²
4801VerviersWallonia11,3436.3 km²
4802VerviersWallonia7,3433.624 km²
4820DisonWallonia4,5714.211 km²
48215,6439.8 km²
4830LimbourgWallonia2,9058.4 km²
48311,4918.8 km²
4834LimbourgWallonia1,2157.5 km²
48373,70185.8 km²
4840WelkenraedtWallonia5,5067.6 km²
4841Henri-ChapelleWallonia3,04017.2 km²
4845Sart-lez-SpaWallonia7,993106.9 km²
4850MontzenWallonia5,17619.5 km²
4851PlombièresWallonia2,86716 km²
48522,19016.8 km²
4860PepinsterWallonia12,10920.7 km²
48611,2094.342 km²
4870TroozWallonia8,41324.3 km²
4877LiègeWallonia4,09816 km²
4880AubelWallonia4,04019.8 km²
4890Thimister-ClermontWallonia4,97628.6 km²
4900Spa, BelgiumWallonia11,24239.8 km²
4910TheuxWallonia12,37983.5 km²
4920LiègeWallonia12,61379.9 km²
4950WaimesWallonia7,76497.6 km²
4960VerviersWallonia12,154100.4 km²
4970Circuit de Spa-FrancorchampsWallonia6,95985.2 km²
4980Trois-PontsWallonia2,21552.3 km²
4983Trois-PontsWallonia39516.5 km²
4987La GleizeWallonia3,415108.7 km²
49903,44991.2 km²
5000NamurWallonia18,79613.3 km²
5001NamurWallonia4,7063.178 km²
5002NamurWallonia5,8014.159 km²
5003NamurWallonia1,5754.093 km²
5004NamurWallonia5,2844.436 km²
5020NamurWallonia30,95554.8 km²
50211,1285.5 km²
50221,6925.5 km²
5024NamurWallonia2,6049.9 km²
5030NamurWallonia17,97651.9 km²
50311,99712.9 km²
50325,56631.8 km²
5060SambrevilleWallonia33,47534.4 km²
5070Fosses-la-VilleWallonia11,25763 km²
5080NamurWallonia4,63827.7 km²
5081La Bruyère, BelgiumWallonia3,60225.6 km²
5100WépionWallonia31,94652.6 km²
5101NamurWallonia7,38318.4 km²
51408,58935.9 km²
5150FloreffeWallonia7,76139 km²
5170ProfondevilleWallonia12,36950.4 km²
5190Spy, BelgiumWallonia18,60246.9 km²
530027,24486.3 km²
531016,322103.4 km²
5330MaillenWallonia3,86742 km²
5332AssesseWallonia32010.4 km²
5333AssesseWallonia2134.043 km²
5334AssesseWallonia38011.1 km²
5336CourrièreWallonia1,42610.8 km²
5340GesvesWallonia6,77565 km²
5350OheyWallonia2,69126 km²
53511,24311.7 km²
5352OheyWallonia5425.3 km²
53532797.3 km²
53543266.6 km²
5360HamoisWallonia3,21326.2 km²
536156918.2 km²
5362HamoisWallonia7318.2 km²
53631,50116.4 km²
53647557.3 km²
53703,58380.1 km²
5372HavelangeWallonia64410.8 km²
53744115.2 km²
53764838.6 km²
53774,98795.4 km²
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