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The average area for zip codes in Belgium is 26.8 km² with the largest being 5660 in Couvin, Wallonia at 207.1 km² and the smallest being 9000 in Gent, Flanders at 32,932 m². In Belgium the average population for a postal code is 9,865 with the most populated being zip code 1030 in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Bruxelles-Capitale at 132,977. The median age for postal codes in Belgium range from 32.4 years old for 1210 in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Bruxelles-Capitale to 56.5 years old for 8670 in Koksijde, Flanders. The fastest growing postal code is 6441 in Thuin, Wallonia with population growth of 57.9% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 3.1% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area3,028 km²
Population10.4 million
Population Density3,435 / km²
Postal Codes9000, 1020, 7624 (1,174 more)
Area Codes10, 11, 12 (43 more)
Businesses in Belgium1,194,189

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
1000 - 1212, 1931 - 1950Brussels54
1500 - 4690, 8000 - 9999Flanders414
4000 - 7970Wallonia464

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1,177 Postal Codes in Belgium

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
9000GhentFlanders6532,932 m²
1020Woluwe-Saint-PierreBrussels1,2480.218 km²
7624TournaiWallonia1270.712 km²
7621TournaiWallonia5130.984 km²
4351Remicourt, BelgiumWallonia6061.095 km²
3501WimmertingenFlanders5321.101 km²
1210Saint-Josse-ten-NoodeBrussels24,3331.178 km²
1081KoekelbergBrussels18,4451.228 km²
5541Hastière-par-delàWallonia4271.26 km²
3717HerstappeFlanders791.338 km²
9403NeigemFlanders6481.389 km²
41624431.501 km²
37324281.662 km²
3742MartenslindeFlanders8511.771 km²
42542491.819 km²
7906TournaiWallonia1731.852 km²
85826591.945 km²
3831TongerenFlanders6521.973 km²
3054VaalbeekFlanders4561.976 km²
9932ZomergembovenFlanders5372.074 km²
4451LiègeWallonia8692.124 km²
4253GeerWallonia2372.174 km²
7603TournaiWallonia9422.193 km²
9571HemelveerdegemFlanders3372.194 km²
4672BlegnyWallonia8202.238 km²
7642AntoingWallonia5522.25 km²
7533TournaiWallonia1972.286 km²
4683LiègeWallonia2,5592.32 km²
1083GanshorenBrussels22,2592.35 km²
42523952.379 km²
1060Saint-Gilles, BelgiumBrussels48,8842.43 km²
6020DampremyWallonia6,3262.461 km²
4431AnsWallonia4,2712.461 km²
40425,3812.479 km²
41615202.483 km²
4623LiègeWallonia1,9622.552 km²
1620DrogenbosFlanders6,4682.786 km²
7024MonsWallonia1,2212.806 km²
7941BrugeletteWallonia5342.844 km²
96361,0822.855 km²
4720KelmisWallonia5,1062.856 km²
7810AthWallonia1,2352.881 km²
1082Sint-Agatha-BerchemBrussels21,6542.904 km²
42632752.944 km²
46011,1542.95 km²
4453JuprelleWallonia4182.97 km²
1601Sint-Pieters-LeeuwFlanders1,8712.98 km²
16736432.994 km²
9451KerkskenFlanders2,2643.022 km²
9661ParikeFlanders7953.022 km²
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