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TimezoneAmazon Time
Area224,299 km²
Population547,037 (More Details)
Male Population277,249 (50.7%)
Female Population269,788 (49.3%)
Median Age23.3
5-digit CEP69300-000, 69301-000, 69303-000 (33 more)
Postal Codes2,113
Area Code95

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36 5-digit CEP in Roraima

5-digit CEPCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
69300-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima
69301-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima5,8742.608 km²
69303-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima11,4774.103 km²
69304-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima9,2103.818 km²
69305-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima12,7549.1 km²
69306-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima7,9784.055 km²
69307-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima18,7831,342.9 km²
69308-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima5,3429.7 km²
69309-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima24,5624.848 km²
69310-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima4,8922.5 km²
69311-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima10,8975.4 km²
69312-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima55,557889.9 km²
69313-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima35,99211.8 km²
69314-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima38,3705.9 km²
69315-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima4,6602.086 km²
69316-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima44,41912.1 km²
69317-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima51,542728.6 km²
69318-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima
69340-000MucajaíRoraima19,75812,789.3 km²
69343-000AmajariRoraima12,60427,903 km²
69345-000PacaraimaRoraima14,7177,935.1 km²
69348-000Iracema, RoraimaRoraima9,53013,718.3 km²
69350-000Roraima16,08025,710.6 km²
69355-000Normandia, RoraimaRoraima13,3409,616.9 km²
69358-000UiramutãRoraima10,1298,058.5 km²
69360-000CaracaraíRoraima21,38247,623.9 km²
69370-000São Luiz, RoraimaRoraima7,7911,531.4 km²
69373-000RorainópolisRoraima30,10733,740.6 km²
69375-000São João da BalizaRoraima7,9914,305.3 km²
69378-000CaroebeRoraima9,91112,044.4 km²
69380-000Bonfim, RoraimaRoraima12,4878,075.5 km²
69390-000CantáRoraima17,9437,655.8 km²
69395-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima
69397-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima
69399-000Boa Vista, RoraimaRoraima

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Roraima Demographic Information

Population Density2.44 / km²
Male Population277,249 (50.7%)
Female Population269,788 (49.3%)
Median Age23.3
Male Median Age23.3
Female Median Age23.4
Businesses in Roraima11,785
Population (1975)123,748
Population (2000)335,306
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +342.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +63.1%


Roraima (Pemon: roro imã, "Parrot + Mount(s)" i.e. "Green Peak", Portuguese pronunciation: [ʁoˈɾajmɐ]) is the northernmost and least populated state of Brazil, located in the Amazon region. It borders the states of Amazonas and Pará, as well as the n..  ︎  Roraima Wikipedia Page