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Postal Code 5481 - Draganovtsi, Gabrovo Province

Primary CityDraganovtsi
Area Codes3691551857196718
Local TimeSaturday 11:37 AM
TimezoneEastern European Summer Time
Coordinates42.9167° / 25.1833°
Related Postal Codes547354745475547654775479

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
11/26/1711:01 AM4.576.3 km10,940 m2km S of Anton, Bulgariausgs.gov
1/3/172:02 PM4.257.7 km20,570 m8km ENE of Lyaskovets, Bulgariausgs.gov
4/17/1611:46 PM4.386.3 km5,000 m10km SSW of Nova Zagora, Bulgariausgs.gov
2/4/1510:16 PM4.274 km10,000 m12km ENE of Tvurditsa, Bulgariausgs.gov
2/7/0910:39 AM3.816.3 km2,000 mBulgariausgs.gov
8/24/084:24 PM3.391.7 km3,000 mBulgariausgs.gov
5/12/083:11 AM4.169.3 km15,700 mBulgariausgs.gov
4/14/088:43 PM4.217.3 km10,000 mBulgariausgs.gov
7/17/069:51 AM3.785.3 km16,000 mBulgariausgs.gov
4/5/065:24 PM3.284.2 km20,000 mBulgariausgs.gov

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Primary City

Draganovtsi is a village in Gabrovo Municipality, in Gabrovo Province, in northern central Bulgaria.  ︎  Draganovtsi Wikipedia Page