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The average area for zip codes in Bulgaria is 23.9 km² with the largest being 4580 in Batak, Pazardzhik at 564.5 km² and the smallest being 1734 in Sofia, Sofiya-Grad at 42,579 m². In Bulgaria the average population for a postal code is 1,537 with the most populated being zip code 4004 in Plovdiv, Plovdiv at 72,753. The postal code with the oldest population is 2578 in Oblast Kyustendil with a median age of 65.2. The fastest growing postal code is 2953 in Osina, Blagoevgrad with population growth of 510.5% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 12.8% per year.

TimezoneEastern European Time
Area11,094 km²
Population7.1 million
Population Density644.4 / km²
Postal Codes2450, 2451, 2452 (5,102 more)
Area Codes2, 2991, 2992 (2,181 more)
Businesses in Bulgaria202,938

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5,105 Postal Codes in Bulgaria

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
2450SirishtnikPernik Province61829.2 km²
2451SirishtnikPernik Province4930.5 km²
2452Pernik Province20119.3 km²
2453Chervena MogilaPernik Province19014.6 km²
2454Pernik Province434.278 km²
2456Pernik Province1010.3 km²
2457Pernik Province11224.7 km²
2458Pernik Province23.88 km²
2459Pernik Province2216.3 km²
2460BogoynaPernik Province2,49624.1 km²
2463BusintsiPernik Province11.3 km²
2464BusintsiPernik Province2911.5 km²
2465BogoynaPernik Province4521.2 km²
2466Bankya, Pernik ProvincePernik Province317.6 km²
2467BogoynaPernik Province203.874 km²
2468BeraintsiPernik Province20010.3 km²
2469BeraintsiPernik Province10113.7 km²
2470VrabchaPernik Province10.7 km²
2471ProdanchaSofia Province18.6 km²
2472Pernik Province10513.3 km²
2473ButrointsiPernik Province812.5 km²
2474LyalintsiPernik Province1017.8 km²
2475Pernik Province13.8 km²
2476ParamunPernik Province689.5 km²
2477NedelkovoPernik Province4523.7 km²
247815928.9 km²
2479Bohova, BulgariaPernik Province8.1 km²
2480BeraintsiPernik Province1619.9 km²
2481BeraintsiPernik Province6817.8 km²
2482StrezimirovciPernik Province233.17 km²
2483Bohova, BulgariaPernik Province5218.8 km²
2484StrezimirovciPernik Province2616.6 km²
2485Pernik Province61.754 km²
2486BusintsiPernik Province2229.7 km²
2487BusintsiPernik Province4314.4 km²
2488BeraintsiPernik Province6715.6 km²
2489Pernik Province2231.6 km²
2490Pernik Province2712.4 km²
2491Bohova, BulgariaPernik Province16.7 km²
2492Dalga LukaPernik Province1423.3 km²
2493Dalga LukaPernik Province627.2 km²
2494Dalga LukaPernik Province3813.1 km²
2495Pernik Province12.9 km²
2496Pernik Province1020.7 km²
2497Dalga LukaPernik Province1712.3 km²
2498Pernik Province
2499Pernik Province1221.9 km²
2500KyustendilKyustendil Province9,6599 km²
2501KyustendilKyustendil Province1,4921.199 km²
2502KyustendilKyustendil Province4,0714.742 km²
2503KyustendilKyustendil Province7,3633.351 km²
2504KyustendilKyustendil Province6,3513.667 km²
2507Kyustendil Province9646.1 km²
2508Granitsa, Kyustendil ProvinceKyustendil Province9229 km²
2509Kyustendil Province30021.2 km²
2530Granitsa, Kyustendil ProvinceKyustendil Province1,2333.076 km²
2531Kyustendil Province2123.573 km²
2532Granitsa, Kyustendil ProvinceKyustendil Province2235.9 km²
2533Granitsa, Kyustendil ProvinceKyustendil Province1,09710.4 km²
2534Kyustendil Province5646.5 km²
2535Kyustendil Province57513.3 km²
2536Kyustendil Province2519.6 km²
2537Kyustendil Province2907.8 km²
2538Kyustendil Province69426.6 km²
2539BaykalskoPernik Province4920.4 km²
2540Kyustendil Province1,48811 km²
2541Kyustendil Province1389.3 km²
2542Kyustendil Province3823.2 km²
2543Kyustendil Province1,4644.868 km²
2544Kyustendil Province5956 km²
2545Kyustendil Province9543.968 km²
2546Granitsa, Kyustendil ProvinceKyustendil Province1461.71 km²
2547Kyustendil Province1,08251.9 km²
2548Kyustendil Province15211.4 km²
2549Kyustendil Province6511.4 km²
2550Kyustendil Province2,47540.9 km²
2551Kyustendil Province777.4 km²
2552Kyustendil Province28816 km²
2553Kyustendil Province1,6069.6 km²
2554Kyustendil Province2426.9 km²
2555Kyustendil Province721 km²
2556Kyustendil Province1649.6 km²
2557TreklyanoKyustendil Province39876.1 km²
2558Kyustendil Province12756.2 km²
2559Kyustendil Province2326.5 km²
25601911.1 km²
2561Kyustendil Province7636.2 km²
256241.1 km²
2563Kyustendil Province11.4 km²
2564Kyustendil Province2,11915.2 km²
2565Kyustendil Province29015.7 km²
2566Kyustendil Province87710.7 km²
2567Kyustendil Province86193.6 km²
2568Kyustendil Province25333.8 km²
2569GyueshevoKyustendil Province328.1 km²
2570GyueshevoKyustendil Province45613.4 km²
2571GyueshevoKyustendil Province24425.2 km²
2572GyueshevoKyustendil Province27629.5 km²
2573Kyustendil Province1,10613.5 km²
2574Kyustendil Province1852.241 km²
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