5,105 Postal Codes in Bulgaria

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The average area for zip codes in Bulgaria is 23.9 km² with the largest being 4580 in Batak, Pazardzhik at 564.5 km² and the smallest being 1734 in Sofia, Sofiya-Grad at 42,579 m². In Bulgaria the average population for a postal code is 1,537 with the most populated being zip code 4004 in Plovdiv, Plovdiv at 72,753. The postal code with the oldest population is 2578 in Oblast Kyustendil with a median age of 65.2. The fastest growing postal code is 2953 in Osina, Blagoevgrad with population growth of 510.5% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 12.8% per year.

TimezoneEastern European Time
Area11,094 km²
Population7.1 million
Population Density644.4 / km²
Postal Codes4580, 4341, 2643 (5,102 more)
Area Codes2, 2991, 2992 (2,181 more)
Businesses in Bulgaria202,938

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
1000 - 2028Sofia City Province154
2000 - 2368Sofia Province230
2300 - 2539Pernik Province162
2500 - 2691Kyustendil Province149
2700 - 2972Blagoevgrad Province237
3000 - 3360Vratsa Province137
3400 - 3685Montana Province142
3690 - 3965Vidin Province152
4000 - 4427Plovdiv Province262
4400 - 4657Pazardzhik Province135
4700 - 4999Smolyan Province216
5000 - 5295Veliko Tarnovo Province185
5300 - 5481Gabrovo Province130
5500 - 5793Lovech Province171
5800 - 5999Pleven Province146
6000 - 6297Stara Zagora Province202
6300 - 6714Haskovo Province280
6600 - 6969Kardzhali Province319
7000 - 7174Ruse Province47
7200 - 7460Razgrad Province115
7500 - 7694Silistra Province123
7700 - 7999Targovishte Province191
8000 - 8689Burgas Province311
8600 - 8789Yambol Province118
8800 - 8999Sliven Province130
9000 - 9299Varna Province183
9298 - 9699Dobrich Province235
9700 - 9974Shumen Province173

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5,105 Postal Codes in Bulgaria

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
4580Batak, BulgariaPazardzhik Province3,796564.5 km²
4341Klisura (Bulgaria)Plovdiv Province1,574244.7 km²
2643Rilski ManastirKyustendil Province992204.6 km²
5720Ribaritsa, Lovech ProvinceLovech Province1,322196.8 km²
8800SlivenSliven Province28,573184.5 km²
2820LyubovishteBlagoevgrad Province1,192182.2 km²
2790YakorudaBlagoevgrad Province7,494181.9 km²
5835KnezhaPleven Province10,100179.1 km²
4637Pazardzhik Province581174.6 km²
2020GovedartsiSofia Province2,171172.9 km²
2724Bistritsa, Blagoevgrad ProvinceBlagoevgrad Province422172.5 km²
2800Golem TsalimBlagoevgrad Province15,745171.7 km²
6560Haskovo Province5,209168.1 km²
2011Sofia Province1,897160.3 km²
1165Sofia City Province5,304157.1 km²
2760RazlogBlagoevgrad Province11,805156.8 km²
4640RakitovoPazardzhik Province7,665151.4 km²
8164SlivarovoBurgas Province150.4 km²
4241Plovdiv Province1,137148 km²
2062Belitsa, Sofia ProvinceSofia Province226145.8 km²
4600VelingradPazardzhik Province14,263142.7 km²
5580UgarchinLovech Province2,304142.4 km²
5930BelenePleven Province7,794138.7 km²
9261TsonevoVarna Province3,153138.3 km²
4363Plovdiv Province1,560137.4 km²
7040GlodzhevoRuse Province2,406135.5 km²
6064Stara Zagora Province2,918135.3 km²
2777DobrinishteBlagoevgrad Province2,849135.1 km²
3320KozloduyVratsa Province13,170134.4 km²
8279SinemoretsBurgas Province95134.4 km²
2151Sofia Province4,034132.7 km²
2060Sofia Province2,475130.2 km²
2780BelitsaBlagoevgrad Province3,774129.3 km²
5857TrastenikPleven Province4,056128.4 km²
6160Stara Zagora Province190127.4 km²
6954Chernichevo, Kardzhali ProvinceKardzhali Province168126.5 km²
2969KovachevitsaBlagoevgrad Province654125.4 km²
4520Pazardzhik Province2,535122.6 km²
2875KrandzhilitsaBlagoevgrad Province122.2 km²
6062Starozagorski baniStara Zagora Province4,781121.9 km²
8983Sliven Province153120.4 km²
2770BanskoBlagoevgrad Province9,803118.3 km²
2255Sofia Province566115.2 km²
4175StaroselPlovdiv Province1,449112.3 km²
4190Saedinenie, Plovdiv ProvincePlovdiv Province4,919112.1 km²
8320Burgas Province193111.8 km²
4245Plovdiv Province876110.9 km²
2077KoprivshtitsaSofia Province2,206110.6 km²
4530StrelchaPazardzhik Province3,729109.9 km²
6800Kardzhali Province11,953108.4 km²
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