130 Postal Codes in Gabrovo Province

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area2,023 km²
Population112,334 (More Details)
Male Population54,264 (48.3%)
Female Population58,070 (51.7%)
Median Age48.2
Postal Codes5035, 5050, 5051 (127 more)
Area Codes308, 3103, 31308 (56 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
5400 - 5403Sevlievo6
5455 - 5457Koriyata2

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130 Postal Codes in Gabrovo Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
5035DrandariteGabrovo Province86667.2 km²
5050RunyaGabrovo Province2,77043.3 km²
5051BilkiniGabrovo Province603.421 km²
5241KramolinGabrovo Province16126.3 km²
5300Gabrovo Province12,07231 km²
5301FurgovtsiGabrovo Province4,39932.3 km²
5302Gabrovo Province9,68411.1 km²
5303GabrovoGabrovo Province
5304Gabrovo Province4,11393.4 km²
5305Gabrovo Province
5306Gabrovo Province5,2154.377 km²
5307Gabrovo Province1,56253.2 km²
5308Gabrovo Province1,9221.677 km²
5309Gabrovo Province1,67734.8 km²
5310Gabrovo Province58132.2 km²
5311Chervena lokvaGabrovo Province95.7 km²
5312Gabrovo Province5,1033.368 km²
5332NovakovtsiGabrovo Province50917.6 km²
5333GubeneGabrovo Province51530.4 km²
5334YavoretsGabrovo Province58527.1 km²
5335Gabrovo Province1,10717.3 km²
5337Gabrovo Province
5338Kozi rogGabrovo Province
5339TrunitoGabrovo Province
5340KmetovtsiGabrovo Province41418.6 km²
5341VrabtsiteGabrovo Province
5342Angelov (village)Gabrovo Province7579.8 km²
5343Gabrovo Province2,08538.4 km²
5344Kozi rogGabrovo Province1,09029.6 km²
5345YankovtsiGabrovo Province4,05130.2 km²
5346GerginiGabrovo Province
5347Gabrovo Province1,24219.8 km²
5348ArmeniteGabrovo Province
5349ChernevtsiGabrovo Province1558.5 km²
5350KrustenyatsiteGabrovo Province7,27243.2 km²
5351Gabrovo Province42814.8 km²
5358BangeytsiGabrovo Province
5359PrestoyGabrovo Province
5360NozheriteGabrovo Province2,09065.9 km²
5362RadevtsiGabrovo Province
5363Gabrovo Province13817 km²
5365VelkovoGabrovo Province34442.3 km²
5366KereniteGabrovo Province
5367Gabrovo Province36746.1 km²
5368Gabrovo Province
5369PopgergevtsiGabrovo Province
5370KuklyaGabrovo Province4,18264 km²
5374DryanovoGabrovo Province52513.8 km²
5376Gabrovo Province
5377DenchevtsiGabrovo Province693.712 km²
5378Gabrovo Province
5379GlushkaGabrovo Province
5380Gabrovo Province1,75039.1 km²
5382Gabrovo Province
5386Gabrovo Province41720.5 km²
5387DlugnyaGabrovo Province
5388KalomenGabrovo Province33924.4 km²
5390GostilitsaGabrovo Province1,11927.5 km²
5391Gabrovo Province1424.661 km²
5392DlugnyaGabrovo Province87927.5 km²
5393ManoyaGabrovo Province
5394Kosarka, BulgariaGabrovo Province
5395KatrandzhiiGabrovo Province
5396GozdeykaGabrovo Province
5397ZayaGabrovo Province44623.1 km²
5398ZayaGabrovo Province
5399RunyaGabrovo Province
5400SevlievoGabrovo Province7,19951 km²
5401SevlievoGabrovo Province2,0144.591 km²
5402SevlievoGabrovo Province2,58224.6 km²
5403SevlievoGabrovo Province2,9141.199 km²
5421BogatovoGabrovo Province57627.7 km²
5422IdilevoGabrovo Province34628.5 km²
5423LovnidolGabrovo Province1,10735.3 km²
5424Burya (village)Gabrovo Province99522 km²
5425Burya (village)Gabrovo Province
5427Gabrovo Province26820.7 km²
5428Mladen (village)Gabrovo Province7012.8 km²
5429KramolinGabrovo Province88049.1 km²
5430Gabrovo Province1,98049.6 km²
5431AgatovoGabrovo Province26932.2 km²
5432Gabrovo Province9229.5 km²
5433KormyanskoGabrovo Province95517.5 km²
5434SevlievoGabrovo Province1,43021.1 km²
5435Gabrovo Province10537.5 km²
5437DamyanovoGabrovo Province91119 km²
5438BerievoGabrovo Province56522.9 km²
5439SevlievoGabrovo Province1,58626.9 km²
5440Gabrovo Province2,07127.7 km²
5441Gabrovo Province10423.6 km²
5442Baeva livadaGabrovo Province
5443Gabrovo Province
5444DismanitsaGabrovo Province
5445MarinovtsiGabrovo Province19.4 km²
5447Gabrovo Province8 km²
5448Gorna RositsaGabrovo Province70016.2 km²
5449YavoretsGabrovo Province
5450SennikGabrovo Province91114 km²
5451DamyanovoGabrovo Province28817.8 km²
5452StolatGabrovo Province1159.8 km²
5453Gabrovo Province3.591 km²
5454Gabrovo Province4.062 km²
5455KoriyataGabrovo Province36131.6 km²
5456Dushevski kolibiGabrovo Province
5457KoriyataGabrovo Province
5458VoynishkaGabrovo Province3.765 km²
5459ShopiteGabrovo Province63.761 km²
5460KravenikGabrovo Province1311.995 km²
5461TabashkaGabrovo Province8634.9 km²
5462ValevtsiGabrovo Province25052.2 km²
5463Gabrovo Province23.2 km²
5464TumbalovoGabrovo Province1007.4 km²
5465UgoreletsGabrovo Province1251.3 km²
5466Gabrovo Province115.6 km²
5467Gabrovo Province
5468ShumataGabrovo Province41936.7 km²
5469Gabrovo Province2032.5 km²
5470BatoshevoGabrovo Province3585.8 km²
5471Gabrovo Province125.3 km²
5472Kastel (village)Gabrovo Province186.9 km²
5473GubeneGabrovo Province
5474PenkovtsiGabrovo Province
5475MuzgaGabrovo Province
5476Gabrovo Province
5477Smilovtsi, BulgariaGabrovo Province
5479NovakovtsiGabrovo Province
5481DraganovtsiGabrovo Province
5582DamyanovoGabrovo Province53418 km²
5657BerievoGabrovo Province1,24921.4 km²
6187KrustetsGabrovo Province3319.6 km²

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Gabrovo Province Demographic Information

Population Density55.5 / km²
Male Population54,264 (48.3%)
Female Population58,070 (51.7%)
Median Age48.2
Male Median Age45
Female Median Age51.1
Businesses in Gabrovo Province1,797
Population (1975)187,124
Population (2000)144,075
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -40%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -22%

Gabrovo Province

Province (Bulgarian: Област Габрово (Oblast Gabrovo), former name Gabrovo okrug) is a small province lying at the geographical centre of Bulgaria. It is named after its main town - Gabrovo. In 2009 the total population of the area is 130,001.   ︎  Gabrovo Province Wikipedia Page