142 Postal Codes in Montana Province

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area335.5 km²
Population134,621 (More Details)
Male Population66,214 (49.2%)
Female Population68,406 (50.8%)
Median Age47.3
Postal Codes3400, 3401, 3402 (139 more)
Area Codes3104, 3134, 36402 (51 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
3400 - 3405Montana7
3482 - 3484Vinishte3
3532 - 3534Pesochnitsa3
3600 - 3602Lom Municipality3

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142 Postal Codes in Montana Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
3400Montana, BulgariaMontana Province20,85340.7 km²
3401Montana, BulgariaMontana Province2,7248.4 km²
3402Montana, BulgariaMontana Province1,6614.347 km²
3403Montana, BulgariaMontana Province3,9771.911 km²
3404Montana, BulgariaMontana Province4310.187 km²
3405Montana, BulgariaMontana Province2,3641.19 km²
3429Montana Province2,25712.8 km²
3430BoychinovtsiMontana Province1,87528.6 km²
3431Erden, BulgariaMontana Province70617.2 km²
3432Montana Province802.167 km²
3434Montana Province81225.7 km²
3435Montana Province17018.3 km²
3437Erden, BulgariaMontana Province1,63627.5 km²
3438Ohrid, BulgariaMontana Province38519.9 km²
3439Ohrid, BulgariaMontana Province733.069 km²
3440Montana Province1,21621.1 km²
3441Montana Province3532.4 km²
3442Montana Province21816.7 km²
3443Montana Province77328.4 km²
3444Montana Province70119 km²
3445LehchevoMontana Province1,80053 km²
3447Montana Province12918.1 km²
3448Madan, Montana ProvinceMontana Province44146.6 km²
3449Montana Province81348.3 km²
3450Montana Province1,39831.4 km²
3451Montana Province56639.4 km²
3452Montana Province25922.2 km²
3453Gabrovnitsa, Montana ProvinceMontana Province1,35224.9 km²
3454Montana Province28025 km²
3455Montana Province37630.7 km²
3457PrevalaMontana Province17144.6 km²
3458Gorna LukaMontana Province27332.6 km²
3459MartinovoMontana Province36166.2 km²
3460ChiprovtsiMontana Province1,77744.7 km²
3461ZheleznaMontana Province17921.2 km²
3462BelimelMontana Province29817.4 km²
3463Gorna KovachitsaMontana Province8710 km²
3464MitrovtsiMontana Province13521.4 km²
3465ChelyustnitsaMontana Province17012.1 km²
3467Montana Province27849.2 km²
3468Glavanovtsi, Montana ProvinceMontana Province5320.3 km²
3469Gavril GenovoMontana Province53926.6 km²
3470Georgi DamyanovoMontana Province51010 km²
3471Glavanovtsi, Montana ProvinceMontana Province4020.2 km²
3472Montana Province1367.9 km²
3473Ravna, Montana ProvinceMontana Province415.9 km²
3474Glavanovtsi, Montana ProvinceMontana Province29812 km²
3475Montana Province22752.9 km²
3476Montana Province12.7 km²
3477Gavril GenovoMontana Province618.8 km²
3478Gavril GenovoMontana Province749.6 km²
3479Montana Province5326.8 km²
3480Montana Province1,23238.8 km²
3481Montana Province708.1 km²
3482Vinishte, BulgariaMontana Province34824.9 km²
3483Vinishte, BulgariaMontana Province53622 km²
3484Vinishte, BulgariaMontana Province29616.1 km²
3485Montana Province31623.4 km²
3487Montana Province32811.8 km²
3488Montana Province84725.2 km²
3489Montana Province1,34619 km²
3490Montana Province94526.8 km²
3491Montana Province59624.4 km²
3492Montana Province9654.3 km²
3497Montana Province
3499Montana, BulgariaMontana Province70459.3 km²
3500Berkovitsa MunicipalityMontana Province11,73781 km²
3515MezdreyaMontana Province2706.7 km²
3516Montana Province11213.9 km²
3517Montana Province11210 km²
3518Montana Province2210.3 km²
3519PesochnitsaMontana Province7.9 km²
3520BarziaMontana Province1,00615.5 km²
3522Montana Province3317.1 km²
3523Montana Province27.5 km²
3524Montana Province4838.6 km²
3525Montana Province20029.9 km²
3527Montana Province6022 km²
3528Montana Province86128.1 km²
3529Montana Province358.8 km²
3530Montana Province1,70835.6 km²
3531Montana Province1499.9 km²
3532PesochnitsaMontana Province8.4 km²
3533Montana Province49118.4 km²
3534PesochnitsaMontana Province14121.9 km²
3535Montana Province2308.4 km²
3537Yagodovo, Montana ProvinceMontana Province40410.8 km²
3538Montana Province85334.1 km²
3539Montana Province2638.8 km²
3540VarshetsMontana Province4,01364.7 km²
3541Montana Province
3542Tsvetkova baraMontana Province9329.6 km²
3543VarshetsMontana Province16913.8 km²
3544Montana Province11819.1 km²
3545Montana Province2449.5 km²
3546Montana Province73622.9 km²
3547Montana Province46733 km²
3600Lom MunicipalityMontana Province19,81162 km²
3601Lom MunicipalityMontana Province
3602Lom MunicipalityMontana Province
3605Dolno LinevoMontana Province40517.5 km²
3630Montana Province75572.4 km²
3631Montana Province24112.8 km²
3632Montana Province41137.4 km²
3633RazgradMontana Province45634.2 km²
3634Botevo, Montana ProvinceMontana Province1019 km²
3635Montana Province4948 km²
3637Septemvriytsi, Montana ProvinceMontana Province40337.7 km²
3638DalgodeltsiMontana Province77338.8 km²
3639Dolno TseroveneMontana Province43029.2 km²
3640Yakimovo MunicipalityMontana Province2,03288 km²
3641StanevoMontana Province26846.2 km²
3642StanevoMontana Province69114 km²
3643KovachitsaMontana Province1,03157.2 km²
3644Zamfir, BulgariaMontana Province1,18219.1 km²
3645TraykovoMontana Province1,20832 km²
3647Mokresh, Montana ProvinceMontana Province68373.2 km²
3648KomoshtitsaMontana Province60862 km²
3649Montana Province17855.7 km²
3650ValchedramMontana Province5,08234.4 km²
3657Staliyska mahalaMontana Province1,34823.2 km²
3658Vasilovtsi, Montana ProvinceMontana Province75110.4 km²
3659SlivataMontana Province22726.7 km²
3660RasovoMontana Province1,56023.5 km²
3661Asparuhovo, Montana ProvinceMontana Province33119.1 km²
3662PishurkaMontana Province10529.7 km²
3663Montana Province74529.4 km²
3664SlivovikMontana Province18949.7 km²
3665OrsoyaMontana Province8034.7 km²
3667SlivataMontana Province51610 km²
3668SlivataMontana Province11122.7 km²
3669Kriva bara, Montana ProvinceMontana Province7668.4 km²
3670Medkovets MunicipalityMontana Province1,25571.2 km²
3674Montana Province451.746 km²
3675Montana Province5221.4 km²
3677Montana Province8910.8 km²
3678Bukovets, Montana ProvinceMontana Province7330.1 km²
3679Bukovets, Montana ProvinceMontana Province4.117 km²
3680Brusartsi MunicipalityMontana Province1,29651.1 km²
3685Brusartsi MunicipalityMontana Province
3921SlivataMontana Province7920.5 km²
3922Bukovets, Montana ProvinceMontana Province13037.1 km²

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Montana Province Demographic Information

Population Density401.3 / km²
Male Population66,214 (49.2%)
Female Population68,406 (50.8%)
Median Age47.3
Male Median Age44.8
Female Median Age49.8
Businesses in Montana Province1,032
Population (1975)271,326
Population (2000)185,279
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -50.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -27.3%

Montana Province

Province (Bulgarian: Област Монтана, transliterated: Oblast Montana) is a province in northwestern Bulgaria, bordering Serbia in the southwest and Romania in the north. It spreads its area between the Danube river and Balkan mountain. As of Februar..  ︎  Montana Province Wikipedia Page