115 Postal Codes in Razgrad Province

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area239.7 km²
Population110,976 (More Details)
Male Population54,373 (49%)
Female Population56,603 (51%)
Median Age43.1
Postal Codes7200, 7201, 7202 (112 more)
Area Codes57305, 8311, 8328 (9 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
7200 - 7207, 7455 - 7459Razgrad13
7425 - 7434Sredoseltsi8

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115 Postal Codes in Razgrad Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
7200RazgradRazgrad Province14,58138.6 km²
7201RazgradRazgrad Province
7202RazgradRazgrad Province
7205RazgradRazgrad Province2,0891.112 km²
7207RazgradRazgrad Province
7217Razgrad Province1,4627 km²
7218PoroishteRazgrad Province94329.4 km²
7219GetsovoRazgrad Province2,45522.7 km²
7238Razgrad Province19924.8 km²
7239Razgrad Province15811.7 km²
7242Razgrad Province3,82239.5 km²
7243Razgrad Province1,02412.1 km²
7244Razgrad Province68815.7 km²
7245Razgrad Province42010.3 km²
7247Razgrad Province36319.4 km²
7248MortagonovoRazgrad Province1,18622.5 km²
7249Razgrad Province
7250Razgrad Province2,39333.4 km²
7251Razgrad Province34714.4 km²
7252Razgrad Province12023.1 km²
7253Samuil MunicipalityRazgrad Province
7255Razgrad Province
7257Razgrad Province
7258Razgrad Province
7260Razgrad Province
7261Razgrad Province44417.7 km²
7262Razgrad Province46728.6 km²
7263Razgrad Province51430.9 km²
7264Rakovski, Razgrad ProvinceRazgrad Province2,14641.2 km²
7265Razgrad Province93123.3 km²
7267EzercheRazgrad Province2,16150.1 km²
7268Razgrad Province1,37242.5 km²
7270Razgrad Province3,07052.1 km²
7273Razgrad Province42450.1 km²
7274EzercheRazgrad Province1,52054.5 km²
7275Razgrad Province1,08372.6 km²
7278Razgrad Province10411.9 km²
7279Razgrad Province16313.6 km²
7280Tsar KaloyanRazgrad Province2,26852.7 km²
7281Razgrad Province5837.6 km²
7282Razgrad Province30514.6 km²
7283Razgrad Province1188.4 km²
7285RazgradRazgrad Province1017.1 km²
7287Razgrad Province4239.7 km²
7288Razgrad Province35117.9 km²
7289Razgrad Province65223.3 km²
7290Loznitsa MunicipalityRazgrad Province1,78422.1 km²
7291Razgrad Province37412.5 km²
7292Razgrad Province17219.4 km²
7293Beli LomRazgrad Province60320.1 km²
7300Kubrat MunicipalityRazgrad Province4,87241 km²
7301Kubrat MunicipalityRazgrad Province
7316Razgrad Province4149.5 km²
7317Razgrad Province45518 km²
7318Razgrad Province34520.8 km²
7319Razgrad Province36417.8 km²
7321Razgrad Province1,46742.2 km²
7322Razgrad Province41829.9 km²
7323Razgrad Province82011.1 km²
7324Razgrad Province44321.2 km²
7325Razgrad Province93326.8 km²
7326RazgradRazgrad Province2,79126.6 km²
7327Razgrad Province1,03427 km²
7328Razgrad Province
7329Razgrad Province
7330Zavet MunicipalityRazgrad Province4,00364.7 km²
7331Razgrad Province2,54967.2 km²
7332Razgrad Province1,48642.1 km²
7333Razgrad Province55121.7 km²
7334Razgrad Province1,37622.4 km²
7335Razgrad Province33925.7 km²
7337Razgrad Province30014.8 km²
7338Razgrad Province45332.3 km²
7341Razgrad Province53537.7 km²
7342SveshtariRazgrad Province37713.2 km²
7343RazgradRazgrad Province38530.7 km²
7344RazgradRazgrad Province62714.2 km²
7400IsperihRazgrad Province9,71650.8 km²
7419Razgrad Province27712 km²
7421Razgrad Province39621.5 km²
7422VazovoRazgrad Province1,02817.4 km²
7423SveshtariRazgrad Province75720.7 km²
7425SredoseltsiRazgrad Province7989.7 km²
7427SredoseltsiRazgrad Province65713.1 km²
7428SredoseltsiRazgrad Province3623.702 km²
7429Razgrad Province37559.9 km²
7430SredoseltsiRazgrad Province1,37331.1 km²
7431SredoseltsiRazgrad Province1,41214.8 km²
7432Razgrad Province43419 km²
7433SredoseltsiRazgrad Province2628.7 km²
7434SredoseltsiRazgrad Province1513.062 km²
7435Razgrad Province55621.7 km²
7437Razgrad Province34314.9 km²
7438Razgrad Province2367.5 km²
7439SredoseltsiRazgrad Province1,19125.7 km²
7440Razgrad Province95226.8 km²
7441Razgrad Province41011.4 km²
7442Razgrad Province6620.3 km²
7443Razgrad Province983.684 km²
7444Razgrad Province43310.6 km²
7445Razgrad Province85613.1 km²
7447Razgrad Province43714.5 km²
7448Razgrad Province2037.5 km²
7449Razgrad Province39318.2 km²
7450Razgrad Province88722 km²
7451Razgrad Province36921.8 km²
7452Razgrad Province2345.1 km²
7453Razgrad Province929.7 km²
7454Samuil MunicipalityRazgrad Province1,47122.1 km²
7455RazgradRazgrad Province41117 km²
7456RazgradRazgrad Province12129.9 km²
7457RazgradRazgrad Province11110 km²
7458Razgrad Province1207.5 km²
7459RazgradRazgrad Province19728.2 km²
7460Razgrad Province52326.5 km²

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Razgrad Province Demographic Information

Population Density463.0 / km²
Male Population54,373 (49%)
Female Population56,603 (51%)
Median Age43.1
Male Median Age41.2
Female Median Age45
Businesses in Razgrad Province1,207
Population (1975)213,970
Population (2000)149,101
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -48.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -25.6%

Razgrad Province

Province (Bulgarian: Област Разград (Oblast Razgrad), former name Razgrad okrug) is a province in Northeastern Bulgaria, geographically part of the Ludogorie region. It is named after its administrative and industrial centre - the town of Razgrad. ..  ︎  Razgrad Province Wikipedia Page