23 Postal Codes in Ruse, Bulgaria

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area127.1 km²
Population98,204 (More Details)
Male Population47,502 (48.4%)
Female Population50,702 (51.6%)
Median Age43.2
Postal Codes7000, 7001, 7002 (20 more)
Area Codes81, 82

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23 Postal Codes in Ruse, Bulgaria

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
7000Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province18,7868 km²
7001Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province6,7401.657 km²
7002Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province4,1662.032 km²
7003Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province4,9772.658 km²
7004Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province3,9891.188 km²
7005Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province9,8532.451 km²
7006Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province3,1780.77 km²
7007Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province1,1909.5 km²
7008Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province5,5396.7 km²
7009Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province15,7958.8 km²
7010Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province4,12828.1 km²
7011Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province4822.939 km²
7012Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province3,3480.775 km²
7013Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province8,55721.1 km²
7015Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province4,2084.068 km²
7016Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province3,9442.587 km²
7017Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province4510.121 km²
7018Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province3,5101.287 km²
7019Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province2,56720.5 km²
7020Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province2,4440.586 km²
7044Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province2,26573.6 km²
7058Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province11,84628.3 km²
7066Ruse, BulgariaRuse Province1978.6 km²

Ruse, Bulgaria Demographic Information

Population Density772.5 / km²
Male Population47,502 (48.4%)
Female Population50,702 (51.6%)
Median Age43.2
Male Median Age40.9
Female Median Age45.3
Businesses in Ruse, Bulgaria4,737
Population (1975)138,094
Population (2000)120,675
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -28.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -18.6%

Ruse, Bulgaria

Ruse (also transliterated as Rousse or Russe; Bulgarian: Русе, pronounced [ˈrusɛ]), and historically also known as Rustchuk/Ruschuk/Rusçuk, is the fifth largest city in Bulgaria. Ruse is located in the northeastern part of the country, on the right b..  ︎  Ruse, Bulgaria Wikipedia Page