173 Postal Codes in Shumen Province

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area389.7 km²
Population165,254 (More Details)
Male Population80,875 (48.9%)
Female Population84,379 (51.1%)
Median Age42.2
Postal Codes9700, 9701, 9702 (170 more)
Area Codes3691, 53, 5313 (9 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
9700 - 9713Shumen20
9823 - 9826Yankovo3

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173 Postal Codes in Shumen Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
9700ShumenShumen Province15,23378.8 km²
9701ShumenShumen Province8,2323.354 km²
9702ShumenShumen Province1,6501.05 km²
9703ShumenShumen Province5,5352.853 km²
9704ShumenShumen Province6,9183.73 km²
9705ShumenShumen Province3,4351.329 km²
9706ShumenShumen Province4,4823.75 km²
9707ShumenShumen Province
9708ShumenShumen Province
9709ShumenShumen Province3,1059.7 km²
9710ShumenShumen Province99014 km²
9711ShumenShumen Province1,7376.9 km²
9712ShumenShumen Province
9713ShumenShumen Province
9745Shumen Province2,05417.9 km²
9746Shumen Province1,00422 km²
9747Tsarev BrodShumen Province3,75940.6 km²
9748Shumen Province59922.7 km²
9750Madara (village)Shumen Province
9751Venets MunicipalityShumen Province1,01619.1 km²
9752Shumen Province56528.5 km²
9753Shumen Province39215.8 km²
9754Shumen Province76919.4 km²
9755Shumen Province
9756ShumenShumen Province22110.6 km²
9758Shumen Province
9759Shumen Province
9760Shumen Province
9762Shumen Province
9763Shumen Province
9764Shumen Province34219.1 km²
9765Shumen Province1539.6 km²
9767Shumen Province1066.7 km²
9768Shumen Province30310 km²
9769Shumen Province19210.9 km²
9770Shumen Province49813.7 km²
9771Shumen Province21018.8 km²
9772Shumen Province874.253 km²
9773HitrinoShumen Province689.2 km²
9774HitrinoShumen Province618.1 km²
9775Shumen Province
9777Shumen Province1,18020.7 km²
9778Shumen Province58224.8 km²
9779Shumen Province28817.2 km²
9780HitrinoShumen Province1,02819.4 km²
9781Shumen Province71434.3 km²
9782Shumen Province8313.7 km²
9783Shumen Province2649.9 km²
9784HitrinoShumen Province14014.3 km²
9785HitrinoShumen Province60615.3 km²
9787Shumen Province21412.2 km²
9788Shumen Province17014 km²
9789Shumen Province47714.7 km²
9790Shumen Province2197.2 km²
9791Shumen Province20116.6 km²
9792Shumen Province1369.7 km²
9793Shumen Province60727.7 km²
9794Shumen Province60215.6 km²
9795Shumen Province1549.8 km²
9797Shumen Province1629.9 km²
9798Shumen Province8487 km²
9801Shumen Province81711.5 km²
9802Shumen Province1,86711.1 km²
9803Shumen Province1,32624.3 km²
9804Shumen Province57913.1 km²
9805Shumen Province49921.3 km²
9806Shumen Province19422.2 km²
9807Shumen Province1,00121.1 km²
9808Shumen Province2,10317.3 km²
9809Shumen Province93013.7 km²
9810Shumen Province4,14547.1 km²
9811Shumen Province3,04113.4 km²
9812Shumen Province1901.302 km²
9813Shumen Province1,30211 km²
9814Shumen Province1,06714.6 km²
9815Shumen Province1,78837.3 km²
9816Shumen Province2436.6 km²
9817Shumen Province2,09722.9 km²
9818ShumenShumen Province1,19017.8 km²
9820Smyadovo MunicipalityShumen Province3,21369.6 km²
9821Shumen Province37927.8 km²
9822Shumen Province
9823YankovoShumen Province61728.6 km²
9824Shumen Province34841.3 km²
9825YankovoShumen Province9612.2 km²
9826YankovoShumen Province494.726 km²
9827Shumen Province668.9 km²
9828Shumen Province63159.1 km²
9829Shumen Province6818.1 km²
9830RishShumen Province67183.3 km²
9850Veliki PreslavShumen Province3,44674.4 km²
9851Veliki PreslavShumen Province55419.5 km²
9859Shumen Province54013.7 km²
9860Shumen Province1,80242.4 km²
9861Shumen Province1788.5 km²
9862Shumen Province70620.7 km²
9863Shumen Province8496.6 km²
9864Shumen Province7889.3 km²
9865Shumen Province65324.2 km²
9867Shumen Province40019 km²
9868Shumen Province34764.4 km²
9869Shumen Province39811.8 km²
9870Varbitsa (town)Shumen Province1,80462.7 km²
9871Shumen Province39932.4 km²
9872Shumen Province4735.6 km²
9873Shumen Province42525.6 km²
9874Shumen Province2406.5 km²
9875Shumen Province11216.7 km²
9877Shumen Province39613.2 km²
9878Shumen Province21513.1 km²
9879Shumen Province59017.1 km²
9880Shumen Province1,03928.3 km²
9881Shumen Province23137.8 km²
9882Shumen Province1,10446.6 km²
9883Shumen Province30131.5 km²
9884Shumen Province70460.5 km²
9885Shumen Province3389.1 km²
9887Shumen Province3119.3 km²
9888Shumen Province635.3 km²
9900Novi Pazar, Shumen ProvinceShumen Province3,46341.2 km²
9917Shumen Province1,06121.1 km²
9918Shumen Province16514.9 km²
9919Shumen Province34816.1 km²
9920PliskaShumen Province2,83224.8 km²
9921Shumen Province1,12429.6 km²
9922Shumen Province32610.2 km²
9923Shumen Province19116.8 km²
9924Shumen Province18614 km²
9925Shumen Province30716.3 km²
9927Shumen Province13720.2 km²
9928Shumen Province2,06319.9 km²
9929Shumen Province29712.9 km²
9930Kaspichan MunicipalityShumen Province1,71534.1 km²
9931Kaspichan MunicipalityShumen Province42512.6 km²
9932Shumen Province28143.8 km²
9934Shumen Province3,09019.7 km²
9935Shumen Province20919.8 km²
9937ShumenShumen Province38815.1 km²
9938Shumen Province5977.5 km²
9939Shumen Province95927.8 km²
9940Nikola KozlevoShumen Province1,14033.8 km²
9941Shumen Province10822.8 km²
9942Shumen Province42217.9 km²
9943Shumen Province22515.1 km²
9944Shumen Province65321.3 km²
9945Shumen Province27420.7 km²
9947Shumen Province46115.1 km²
9948Shumen Province49113.2 km²
9949Shumen Province136.4 km²
9950Shumen Province45724.5 km²
9951ShumenShumen Province12615.5 km²
9952Shumen Province5316.9 km²
9953Shumen Province61518.6 km²
9954Shumen Province36226.9 km²
9955Shumen Province92750.1 km²
9957Shumen Province20226.8 km²
9958Shumen Province1,15125.3 km²
9959Shumen Province99720.6 km²
9960KaolinovoShumen Province2,30753.8 km²
9961Shumen Province73315.3 km²
9962ShumenShumen Province4386 km²
9963Shumen Province1,52325.8 km²
9964Shumen Province1,90633.3 km²
9965Shumen Province93018.6 km²
9966Shumen Province57112.9 km²
9967Shumen Province1,22416.9 km²
9968Shumen Province44510.8 km²
9969Shumen Province4276.9 km²
9970Shumen Province1,04920.8 km²
9971Madara (village)Shumen Province63220.6 km²
9972ShumenShumen Province85452.1 km²
9973Shumen Province38440 km²
9974Shumen Province5826.5 km²

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Shumen Province Demographic Information

Population Density424.1 / km²
Male Population80,875 (48.9%)
Female Population84,379 (51.1%)
Median Age42.2
Male Median Age40.3
Female Median Age44
Businesses in Shumen Province2,076
Population (1975)237,195
Population (2000)199,837
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -30.3%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -17.3%

Shumen Province

Province (Bulgarian: Област Шумен, transliterated Oblast Shumen, former name Shumen okrug) is a province in northeastern Bulgaria named after its main city Shumen. It is divided into 10 municipalities with a total population, as of December 2009, o..  ︎  Shumen Province Wikipedia Page