123 Postal Codes in Silistra Province

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area246.3 km²
Population114,661 (More Details)
Male Population56,917 (49.6%)
Female Population57,744 (50.4%)
Median Age45.1
Postal Codes7500, 7501, 7504 (120 more)
Area Codes34, 4745, 8150 (12 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
7500 - 7537Silistra9
7641 - 7644Glavinitsa4

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123 Postal Codes in Silistra Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
7500SilistraSilistra Province19,28016.8 km²
7501SilistraSilistra Province1,6551.494 km²
7504SilistraSilistra Province1,1401.092 km²
7505SilistraSilistra Province
7531SilistraSilistra Province78420 km²
7532SilistraSilistra Province19420.1 km²
7533SilistraSilistra Province35014.3 km²
7534SilistraSilistra Province3346.8 km²
7536Silistra Province8725.3 km²
7537SilistraSilistra Province49722.8 km²
7538AydemirSilistra Province7,19476.7 km²
7539Silistra Province9,02228.7 km²
7544Silistra Province34118.5 km²
7545Silistra Province3121.8 km²
7547Silistra Province34414.6 km²
7548Silistra Province17026.4 km²
7549Silistra Province14332.9 km²
7550KaynardzhaSilistra Province1,65640.8 km²
7551Silistra Province33911.8 km²
7552Silistra Province11616.4 km²
7554Silistra Province9412.2 km²
7555Silistra Province41224.8 km²
7557Silistra Province14311.1 km²
7558Silistra Province4738.8 km²
7560Silistra Province1,2606 km²
7561Silistra Province8926.5 km²
7562Silistra Province3022.5 km²
7563Silistra Province8413.5 km²
7564Silistra Province5816.3 km²
7568Silistra Province1,82450.6 km²
7569YastrebnaSilistra Province33421.5 km²
7570AlfatarSilistra Province1,91099.5 km²
7571Silistra Province14234.6 km²
7572Silistra Province2,52929.7 km²
7573Silistra Province95222.7 km²
7574Silistra Province21017.7 km²
7575Silistra Province35939 km²
7577Silistra Province90113 km²
7578Silistra Province18732.3 km²
7579Silistra Province1,61715.4 km²
7580Silistra Province1,32119.6 km²
7582Silistra Province5230 km²
7583Sitovo MunicipalitySilistra Province86718.5 km²
7584Silistra Province979.9 km²
7585YastrebnaSilistra Province7226.1 km²
7587SrebŭrnaSilistra Province1,57634.7 km²
7588SrebŭrnaSilistra Province54624 km²
7589Silistra Province22243.3 km²
7590Silistra Province43643.7 km²
7600TutrakanSilistra Province1,64081.1 km²
7601TutrakanSilistra Province3,6323.275 km²
7610Silistra Province1,24226.1 km²
7611Silistra Province22729.1 km²
7612Silistra Province11511.4 km²
7613Silistra Province35125.7 km²
7614Silistra Province37833 km²
7615Silistra Province4289.9 km²
7617Silistra Province26823.4 km²
7618Silistra Province4957.8 km²
7619Silistra Province7211.2 km²
7620Silistra Province7732 km²
7621Silistra Province66624.9 km²
7622Silistra Province10430.2 km²
7623Silistra Province719 km²
7624Silistra Province6339.1 km²
7625Silistra Province35713.7 km²
7627Silistra Province1812.4 km²
7628Silistra Province4429.1 km²
7629Silistra Province22612.7 km²
7630GlavinitsaSilistra Province2,35621.9 km²
7631Silistra Province46918.2 km²
7632Silistra Province8730.2 km²
7633Silistra Province72719.1 km²
7634Silistra Province9453.8 km²
7635Silistra Province47316 km²
7637Silistra Province1,51642 km²
7638Silistra Province30915 km²
7639Silistra Province46437.6 km²
7640Silistra Province1,66148.4 km²
7641GlavinitsaSilistra Province4778.2 km²
7642GlavinitsaSilistra Province47413.2 km²
7643Silistra Province3029 km²
7644GlavinitsaSilistra Province38111.6 km²
7645Nova ChernaSilistra Province1,85347.3 km²
7647Silistra Province4514.9 km²
7648Silistra Province84825.8 km²
7649Silistra Province20418 km²
7650Dulovo, BulgariaSilistra Province5,43711.5 km²
7651Silistra Province2,1477.6 km²
7656Silistra Province44132.8 km²
7657Silistra Province81729.7 km²
7658Silistra Province1,06018 km²
7659Silistra Province81914.5 km²
7660Silistra Province
7661Silistra Province
7662Silistra Province
7663YastrebnaSilistra Province
7664YastrebnaSilistra Province5515.4 km²
7668Silistra Province2378.6 km²
7669Silistra Province63548.3 km²
7670Silistra Province1,24819 km²
7671Silistra Province1,00512 km²
7672Silistra Province75510.7 km²
7673Silistra Province22912.4 km²
7674Silistra Province4919.4 km²
7675Silistra Province51419.5 km²
7677Silistra Province43816.4 km²
7678Silistra Province
7680Silistra Province1,74751.8 km²
7681Silistra Province1,0337.4 km²
7682Silistra Province22919.2 km²
7683Boil, BulgariaSilistra Province67715.3 km²
7684Silistra Province26513.4 km²
7685Silistra Province
7687Silistra Province
7688Silistra Province
7689Silistra Province25712 km²
7690Silistra Province1,43755 km²
7691Silistra Province1,1347.9 km²
7692Silistra Province73525 km²
7693Silistra Province1,50834.9 km²
7694Silistra Province54919.1 km²
7949Silistra Province

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Silistra Province Demographic Information

Population Density465.5 / km²
Male Population56,917 (49.6%)
Female Population57,744 (50.4%)
Median Age45.1
Male Median Age43.1
Female Median Age47
Businesses in Silistra Province945
Population (1975)194,849
Population (2000)146,751
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -41.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -21.9%

Silistra Province

Province (Bulgarian: Област Силистра, transliterated Oblast Silistra, former name Silistra okrug) is a province of Bulgaria, named after its main city - Silistra. It is divided into seven municipalities with a total population, as of December 2009,..  ︎  Silistra Province Wikipedia Page