130 Postal Codes in Sliven Province

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area344.1 km²
Population188,582 (More Details)
Male Population92,242 (48.9%)
Female Population96,341 (51.1%)
Median Age40.9
Postal Codes8800, 8801, 8802 (127 more)
Area Codes44, 4516, 4518 (5 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
8800 - 8846, 8892 - 8898Sliven20

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130 Postal Codes in Sliven Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
8800SlivenSliven Province28,573184.5 km²
8801SlivenSliven Province
8802SlivenSliven Province3,7011.354 km²
8803SlivenSliven Province
8804SlivenSliven Province5,22415.2 km²
8805SlivenSliven Province5,28616.3 km²
8806SlivenSliven Province5,7434.258 km²
8807SlivenSliven Province1,23010.6 km²
8808SlivenSliven Province2,9071.309 km²
8809SlivenSliven Province
8810SlivenSliven Province3,9791.751 km²
8811SlivenSliven Province
8840SlivenSliven Province2523.561 km²
8841Sliven Province97021 km²
8842SlivenSliven Province
8843Sliven Province1217.1 km²
8844Sliven Province15967.7 km²
8845Sliven Province449.4 km²
8846SlivenSliven Province
8847Sliven Province2824.2 km²
8848Gradsko, BulgariaSliven Province
8849Sliven Province53483.4 km²
8850Sliven Province1,21238 km²
8851Sliven Province16753.4 km²
8852Gradsko, BulgariaSliven Province37024.5 km²
8853Gradsko, BulgariaSliven Province69411.5 km²
8854Sliven Province2,70618.9 km²
8855Sliven Province6357.9 km²
8856Sliven Province1,21824.6 km²
8857Sliven Province96519.7 km²
8858Sliven Province1,50722.4 km²
8859Sliven Province1,66319.4 km²
8860Sliven Province5,34143.4 km²
8861Sliven Province
8862Sliven Province2,32114.4 km²
8863Sliven Province29628.4 km²
8865Sliven Province3,0606.7 km²
8866Sliven Province1,24715.3 km²
8867Sliven Province1,52414.8 km²
8868Sliven Province2,84722.9 km²
8869Sliven Province1,3238.2 km²
8870KermenSliven Province3,81430.5 km²
8871Sliven Province83016.5 km²
8872Sliven Province16213.8 km²
8873Sliven Province8579.2 km²
8874Sliven Province2,54432.6 km²
8875Sliven Province1,74713.4 km²
8876Sliven Province72021.7 km²
8877Sliven Province4,92631.6 km²
8878Sliven Province1,98030.5 km²
8879Sliven Province88130.6 km²
8880Topolchane, Sliven ProvinceSliven Province3,78721.1 km²
8881Sliven Province1,40724.3 km²
8882Sliven Province2,22331.2 km²
8883Gorno AleksandrovoSliven Province57431.7 km²
8884Sliven Province10344.9 km²
8885SlivenSliven Province36429 km²
8886Sliven Province1,31020.3 km²
8887Sliven Province1,47316.8 km²
8888Sliven Province1,35328.9 km²
8889Gorno AleksandrovoSliven Province74826.5 km²
8890TvŭrditsaSliven Province3,80685.4 km²
8891TvŭrditsaSliven Province83344.5 km²
8892SlivenSliven Province46449.7 km²
8893Sliven Province95562.6 km²
8894SlivenSliven Province16919.2 km²
8895ShivachevoSliven Province3,50447.9 km²
8896SlivenSliven Province1,07052.9 km²
8898SlivenSliven Province33137.7 km²
8899Sliven Province1,47542.1 km²
8900Nova ZagoraSliven Province12,22039.5 km²
8901Nova ZagoraSliven Province1,00914.4 km²
8914Sliven Province1,11950.3 km²
8915Sliven Province42732 km²
8916Sliven Province2028.3 km²
8917Sliven Province29424 km²
8918Sliven Province1,21112.8 km²
8919Sliven Province78713.3 km²
8920Sliven Province1,66421.4 km²
8921Sliven Province66437.2 km²
8922Sliven Province
8923Sliven Province1,14116.9 km²
8924Sliven Province
8925Sliven Province
8926Sliven Province
8927Sliven Province
8928Sliven Province49623.4 km²
8929Sliven Province16013.7 km²
8930Sliven Province3,60619.1 km²
8933Sliven Province1,09922.9 km²
8934Sliven Province1,05121.1 km²
8935Sliven Province4655.5 km²
8936Sliven Province15025.7 km²
8937Sliven Province1,14835.7 km²
8938Sliven Province3913.4 km²
8939Sliven Province53721.6 km²
8940Sliven Province86525.7 km²
8941Sliven Province43727.4 km²
8942Sliven Province45928.4 km²
8943Sliven Province56635 km²
8944Sliven Province11325.8 km²
8945Sliven Province10413.4 km²
8947Sliven Province64531.6 km²
8948Sliven Province30123 km²
8949Sliven Province28524.2 km²
8953Sliven Province34842.1 km²
8958Sliven Province25625.2 km²
8959Sliven Province1,32918.4 km²
8960Sliven Province76556.1 km²
8961Sliven Province9029.7 km²
8970Kotel, BulgariaSliven Province4,97299.8 km²
8980Sliven Province1,02630.4 km²
8981Sliven Province49919 km²
8982Sliven Province64512.1 km²
8983Sliven Province153120.4 km²
8984Sliven Province5625.4 km²
8985Sliven Province1336.1 km²
8986Sliven Province1164.633 km²
8987Sliven Province49864.2 km²
8988ZheravnaSliven Province1,05741.5 km²
8989Sliven Province2,67026.6 km²
8990Sliven Province1,38262.1 km²
8991ZheravnaSliven Province27717.1 km²
8993Sliven Province42449.8 km²
8994Sliven Province2,35370.4 km²
8995Sliven Province32581 km²
8996Sliven Province23.5 km²
8997Sliven Province
8998Sliven Province1,16558.3 km²
8999Sliven Province18823.2 km²

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Sliven Province Demographic Information

Population Density548.0 / km²
Male Population92,242 (48.9%)
Female Population96,341 (51.1%)
Median Age40.9
Male Median Age38.8
Female Median Age43
Businesses in Sliven Province1,631
Population (1975)246,648
Population (2000)220,306
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -23.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -14.4%

Sliven Province

Province (Bulgarian: Област Сливен Oblast Sliven, former name Sliven okrug) is a province in southeastern Bulgaria, named after its administrative and industrial centre — the city of Sliven. It embraces a territory of 3,544.1 km² that is divided in..  ︎  Sliven Province Wikipedia Page