216 Postal Codes in Smolyan Province

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area392.8 km²
Population114,842 (More Details)
Male Population55,983 (48.7%)
Female Population58,859 (51.3%)
Median Age45.1
Postal Codes4700, 4701, 4702 (213 more)
Area Codes30, 301, 3019 (24 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
4700 - 4716Smolyan13
4725 - 4728, 4743 - 4746Bostina8
4738 - 4742Belev dol7
4961 - 4974Rudozem8
4969 - 4971Chuchur7
4992 - 4997Erma Reka (village)6

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216 Postal Codes in Smolyan Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
4700SmolyanSmolyan Province7,00310.1 km²
4701SmolyanSmolyan Province4,7281.852 km²
4702SmolyanSmolyan Province3,2246.5 km²
4703SmolyanSmolyan Province5,3257.7 km²
4711SmolyanSmolyan Province574.283 km²
4712SmolyanSmolyan Province397 km²
4713SmolyanSmolyan Province1331.656 km²
4714SmolyanSmolyan Province14210.4 km²
4715SmolyanSmolyan Province68115.6 km²
4716SmolyanSmolyan Province33793.7 km²
4723Smolyan Province2,72499.3 km²
4724ChuchurSmolyan Province1694.622 km²
4725BostinaSmolyan Province395.8 km²
4726BostinaSmolyan Province8 km²
4727BostinaSmolyan Province525.4 km²
4728BostinaSmolyan Province
4729Smolyan Province1336.1 km²
4730Smolyan Province9149.1 km²
4731Smolyan Province2.457 km²
4732ChuchurSmolyan Province52.325 km²
4733ChuchurSmolyan Province1753.325 km²
4734Smolyan Province8514.6 km²
4735Smolyan Province3.764 km²
4736ChuchurSmolyan Province16.6 km²
4737Smolyan Province15.4 km²
4738Belev dolSmolyan Province329.4 km²
4739Belev dolSmolyan Province1265.4 km²
4740Belev dolSmolyan Province5408.5 km²
4741Belev dolSmolyan Province6517.2 km²
4742Belev dolSmolyan Province2697.6 km²
4743BostinaSmolyan Province2894.881 km²
4744BostinaSmolyan Province4284.686 km²
4745BostinaSmolyan Province1142.788 km²
4746BostinaSmolyan Province6423.143 km²
4747Smolyan Province75124.2 km²
4748SmolyanSmolyan Province54410.5 km²
4749Smolyan Province233.327 km²
4750MomchilovtsiSmolyan Province74653.6 km²
4751Smolyan Province75633.2 km²
4752Smolyan Province26811.8 km²
4753Smolyan Province7.6 km²
4754Smolyan Province4.591 km²
4755Smolyan Province4.009 km²
4757Dimovo, Smolyan ProvinceSmolyan Province6.4 km²
4758Smolyan Province2.898 km²
4759Smolyan Province1.133 km²
4760ChokmanovoSmolyan Province19610.2 km²
4761MogilitsaSmolyan Province2611.978 km²
4762BorikovoSmolyan Province1259.5 km²
4763Bukata, BulgariaSmolyan Province187.9 km²
4764Smolyan Province
4765Smolyan Province113 km²
4767Smolyan Province0.576 km²
4768Smolyan Province19.9 km²
4769UkhlovitsaSmolyan Province2.439 km²
4770SmilyanSmolyan Province1,38327 km²
4771ChereshkiteSmolyan Province8.6 km²
4772Chereshovo, Smolyan ProvinceSmolyan Province2.809 km²
4773Chereshovska RekaSmolyan Province2.569 km²
4774Smolyan Province38.7 km²
4775ChepletenSmolyan Province1.504 km²
4776ChepletenSmolyan Province4.522 km²
4777ChepletenSmolyan Province2.082 km²
4778Smolyan Province850.459 km²
4779Smolyan Province203.905 km²
4780Smolyan Province111.3 km²
4781ChepletenSmolyan Province
4782ChepletenSmolyan Province4.946 km²
4783ChepletenSmolyan Province6.4 km²
4784ChepletenSmolyan Province28.5 km²
4785Smolyan Province6.9 km²
4786ChepletenSmolyan Province4.878 km²
4787AligovskaSmolyan Province14.327 km²
4788Smolyan Province14.087 km²
4789BilyanskaSmolyan Province14.184 km²
4790Arda, BulgariaSmolyan Province3404.531 km²
4791Smolyan Province3.024 km²
4792Smolyan Province0.527 km²
4793Smolyan Province3.271 km²
4794Smolyan Province42614.3 km²
4795ChokmanovoSmolyan Province4108.4 km²
4796ChuchurSmolyan Province58.6 km²
4797Smolyan Province1.662 km²
4798Smolyan Province1.727 km²
4799ChepletenSmolyan Province6 km²
4800Devin, BulgariaSmolyan Province5,77865.1 km²
4801Devin, BulgariaSmolyan Province
4810Smolyan Province36610 km²
4811GyovrenSmolyan Province79940.6 km²
4812Smolyan Province7932.2 km²
4813Smolyan Province5120.8 km²
4814Smolyan Province68957.3 km²
4815Smolyan Province37312 km²
4817Smolyan Province42552 km²
4818Smolyan Province51175.2 km²
4819Smolyan Province15025.4 km²
4820Smolyan Province1,05132.4 km²
4822Smolyan Province25115.4 km²
4823Smolyan Province24250 km²
4824BorinoSmolyan Province2,67970.8 km²
4825Smolyan Province99822 km²
4826Smolyan Province115.9 km²
4827ChamlaSmolyan Province7350.6 km²
4828Smolyan Province10821.6 km²
4829Chavdar, Smolyan ProvinceSmolyan Province25023.2 km²
4830BarutinSmolyan Province1,59468.9 km²
4831DospatSmolyan Province3,49099.6 km²
4832Smolyan Province69412.9 km²
4833LyubchaSmolyan Province58613.9 km²
4834ZmeitsaSmolyan Province1,14638.5 km²
4835Smolyan Province42317.8 km²
4836Smolyan Province10929.5 km²
4837Smolyan Province33514.1 km²
4844Smolyan Province
4845Smolyan Province
4847ChamlaSmolyan Province
4848ChamlaSmolyan Province
4849Smolyan Province62629.6 km²
4850ChepelareSmolyan Province3,94242.7 km²
4855BogutevoSmolyan Province7327.9 km²
4856BogutevoSmolyan Province4.235 km²
4857Smolyan Province3919.3 km²
4858Smolyan Province19011.5 km²
4859BogutevoSmolyan Province406.3 km²
4870ChepelareSmolyan Province1,2777.9 km²
4871PamporovoSmolyan Province13134.9 km²
4872Smolyan Province29052.2 km²
4877Smolyan Province38348.7 km²
4878Smolyan Province1254.1 km²
4889Smolyan Province1,06043.2 km²
4890Smolyan Province67911.5 km²
4891Smolyan Province5712.7 km²
4900Smolyan Province6,80920.9 km²
4902Madan, Smolyan ProvinceSmolyan Province
4905Smolyan Province32.088 km²
4906Smolyan Province2.447 km²
4907Smolyan Province3.425 km²
4908Smolyan Province1062.37 km²
4909Smolyan Province1.737 km²
4910Smolyan Province5968.5 km²
4911Smolyan Province3.536 km²
4912Smolyan Province4.7 km²
4913Smolyan Province191.54 km²
4914Smolyan Province1.274 km²
4915Smolyan Province1.67 km²
4916Smolyan Province123.562 km²
4918SmolyanSmolyan Province4210.2 km²
4919Erma Reka (village)Smolyan Province258.9 km²
4920RudozemSmolyan Province4.492 km²
4921Smolyan Province2,29634.4 km²
4922Smolyan Province5262.401 km²
4923Belev dolSmolyan Province6.7 km²
4924Smolyan Province2.881 km²
4926Smolyan Province2.559 km²
4927Smolyan Province1.524 km²
4928Smolyan Province4742.053 km²
4929Smolyan Province1143.364 km²
4932Belev dolSmolyan Province4.537 km²
4933BaniteSmolyan Province11.3 km²
4935Smolyan Province8443.052 km²
4936Smolyan Province5.4 km²
4939Smolyan Province6314.2 km²
4940Smolyan Province3,06054.9 km²
4941Smolyan Province1986.7 km²
4942Smolyan Province4005 km²
4944Smolyan Province3199 km²
4945Smolyan Province6025.1 km²
4946Smolyan Province11.2 km²
4947Smolyan Province2110.1 km²
4948Smolyan Province1714.6 km²
4949Smolyan Province1612.1 km²
4950Smolyan Province23014.5 km²
4951Smolyan Province4916 km²
4952Smolyan Province41728.5 km²
4954Smolyan Province1,8254.494 km²
4955Smolyan Province1973.656 km²
4956Smolyan Province2.854 km²
4957Smolyan Province27014.7 km²
4958Smolyan Province1,62824.8 km²
4959Smolyan Province6.5 km²
4960Smolyan Province6,38214.9 km²
4961RudozemSmolyan Province2175.4 km²
4964Smolyan Province3.736 km²
4965RudozemSmolyan Province585.2 km²
4966Smolyan Province1004.827 km²
4967RudozemSmolyan Province1403.528 km²
4968RudozemSmolyan Province94.578 km²
4969ChuchurSmolyan Province2.193 km²
4970ChepletenSmolyan Province79311.8 km²
4971ChuchurSmolyan Province2.151 km²
4972RudozemSmolyan Province4.832 km²
4973RudozemSmolyan Province8.9 km²
4974RudozemSmolyan Province2.383 km²
4975ChepletenSmolyan Province5.9 km²
4976Smolyan Province3.271 km²
4977ChepletenSmolyan Province9.6 km²
4978Smolyan Province17.8 km²
4979Smolyan Province22030.5 km²
4980ZlatogradSmolyan Province8,19251.9 km²
4983Smolyan Province12 km²
4984AlamovtsiSmolyan Province22.5 km²
4985Dolen, Smolyan ProvinceSmolyan Province55717.1 km²
4986KushlaSmolyan Province9.7 km²
4987Smolyan Province1,99522.5 km²
4988Erma Reka (village)Smolyan Province2.409 km²
4989Smolyan Province12.6 km²
4990Smolyan Province6,64359.7 km²
4992Erma Reka (village)Smolyan Province11.9 km²
4994SmolyanSmolyan Province2.779 km²
4995Erma Reka (village)Smolyan Province
4996Erma Reka (village)Smolyan Province11 km²
4997Erma Reka (village)Smolyan Province82825.2 km²
4998Smolyan Province7.3 km²
4999Smolyan Province2.377 km²
6863KushlaSmolyan Province
6864KushlaSmolyan Province

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Smolyan Province Demographic Information

Population Density292.4 / km²
Male Population55,983 (48.7%)
Female Population58,859 (51.3%)
Median Age45.1
Male Median Age42.8
Female Median Age47.3
Businesses in Smolyan Province1,460
Population (1975)175,652
Population (2000)142,325
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -34.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -19.3%

Smolyan Province

Province (Bulgarian: Област Смолян - Oblast Smolyan, former name Smolyan okrug) is a province in Southern-central Bulgaria, located in the Rhodope Mountains, neighbouring Greece to the south. It is named after its administrative and industrial cent..  ︎  Smolyan Province Wikipedia Page