92 Postal Codes in Sofia

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area492 km²
Population938,900 (More Details)
Male Population447,422 (47.7%)
Female Population491,478 (52.3%)
Median Age39
Postal Codes1000, 1040, 1110 (89 more)
Area Code2

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92 Postal Codes in Sofia, Sofia City Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
1000SofiaSofia City Province20,6802.2 km²
1040SofiaSofia City Province
1110SofiaSofia City Province
1111SofiaSofia City Province10,7581.673 km²
1113SofiaSofia City Province21,5594.129 km²
1124SofiaSofia City Province4,6221.151 km²
1125SofiaSofia City Province
1138SofiaSofia City Province14,1033.28 km²
1142SofiaSofia City Province3,2200.472 km²
1164SofiaSofia City Province7,8552.103 km²
1172SofiaSofia City Province5,5701.074 km²
1186SofiaSofia City Province3,7631.728 km²
1202SofiaSofia City Province17,1892.497 km²
1217SofiaSofia City Province41921.4 km²
1220SofiaSofia City Province44,7596.5 km²
1225SofiaSofia City Province33,51524 km²
1229SofiaSofia City Province9,2621.83 km²
1231SofiaSofia City Province13,2464.67 km²
1233SofiaSofia City Province12,0161.506 km²
1267SofiaSofia City Province4,2710.507 km²
1271SofiaSofia City Province15,7356.5 km²
1278SofiaSofia City Province13,37814.2 km²
1298SofiaSofia City Province4,1056 km²
1301SofiaSofia City Province
1303SofiaSofia City Province10,7791.319 km²
1309SofiaSofia City Province23,3123.709 km²
1324SofiaSofia City Province15,0142.588 km²
1326SofiaSofia City Province5,3482.219 km²
1330SofiaSofia City Province
1331SofiaSofia City Province1,2700.617 km²
1335SofiaSofia City Province2,7200.476 km²
1336SofiaSofia City Province9,1881.805 km²
1343SofiaSofia City Province14,2193.112 km²
1345SofiaSofia City Province1,8630.429 km²
1359SofiaSofia City Province6,2081.36 km²
1360SofiaSofia City Province17,3163.625 km²
1362SofiaSofia City Province15,27332.8 km²
1373SofiaSofia City Province15,2844.239 km²
1377SofiaSofia City Province
1379SofiaSofia City Province3,6820.567 km²
1387SofiaSofia City Province9,4853.495 km²
1390SofiaSofia City Province5,5244.533 km²
1404SofiaSofia City Province16,5063.482 km²
1407SofiaSofia City Province23,1006 km²
1408SofiaSofia City Province5,5850.97 km²
1414SofiaSofia City Province
1415SofiaSofia City Province23,57249.9 km²
1421SofiaSofia City Province8,4911.412 km²
1431SofiaSofia City Province3,1760.503 km²
1434SofiaSofia City Province20,34530.4 km²
1463SofiaSofia City Province5,2980.654 km²
1504SofiaSofia City Province4,6340.619 km²
1505SofiaSofia City Province13,6001.921 km²
1510SofiaSofia City Province14,8902.111 km²
1517SofiaSofia City Province33,4426.2 km²
1527SofiaSofia City Province5,4990.604 km²
1528SofiaSofia City Province15,1876.4 km²
1539SofiaSofia City Province
1540SofiaSofia City Province9,1586.1 km²
1574SofiaSofia City Province15,9712.426 km²
1582SofiaSofia City Province13,3653.264 km²
1592SofiaSofia City Province32,1946.3 km²
1606SofiaSofia City Province8,8431.093 km²
1612SofiaSofia City Province16,5492.361 km²
1614SofiaSofia City Province14,4907.3 km²
1616SofiaSofia City Province16,66111.4 km²
1618SofiaSofia City Province42,2037.3 km²
1619SofiaSofia City Province18,56814.8 km²
1632SofiaSofia City Province9,2851.9 km²
1680SofiaSofia City Province10,0951.462 km²
1700SofiaSofia City Province29,1546.7 km²
1709SofiaSofia City Province
1712SofiaSofia City Province7,7091.493 km²
1715SofiaSofia City Province8,2871.345 km²
1729SofiaSofia City Province2,8050.537 km²
1734SofiaSofia City Province49042,579 m²
1738SofiaSofia City Province12,28023.1 km²
1750SofiaSofia City Province16,3392.656 km²
1756SofiaSofia City Province12,7905.7 km²
1766SofiaSofia City Province1,3560.138 km²
1784SofiaSofia City Province11,5242.228 km²
1797SofiaSofia City Province3,1810.671 km²
1799SofiaSofia City Province5,4931.167 km²
1806SofiaSofia City Province4,75710.4 km²
1808SofiaSofia City Province5,44333.3 km²
1836SofiaSofia City Province10,1562.017 km²
1839SofiaSofia City Province30,97218.8 km²
1849SofiaSofia City Province7,65533.2 km²
1853SofiaSofia City Province11,12915 km²
1870SofiaSofia City Province59,18424.2 km²
2211SofiaSofia City Province62322.5 km²
2352SofiaSofia City Province71617.7 km²

Sofia, Sofia City Province Demographic Information

Population Density1,908 / km²
Male Population447,422 (47.7%)
Female Population491,478 (52.3%)
Median Age39
Male Median Age37.1
Female Median Age40.8
Businesses in Sofia, Sofia City Province45,410
Population (1975)566,759
Population (2000)824,302
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +65.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +13.9%


Sofia (/ˈsoʊfiə/) (Bulgarian: София, Sofiya,pronounced [ˈsɔfijɐ]) is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria. Sofia is the 15th largest city in the European Union with population of more than 1.2 million people. The city is located at the foot of Vi..  ︎  Sofia Wikipedia Page