202 Postal Codes in Stara Zagora Province

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area551.1 km²
Population319,506 (More Details)
Male Population155,960 (48.8%)
Female Population163,546 (51.2%)
Median Age44
Postal Codes4157, 6000, 6001 (199 more)
Area Codes30256, 3119, 3673 (15 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
6000 - 6014Stara Zagora14
6100 - 6103Kazanlak3

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202 Postal Codes in Stara Zagora Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
4157Granit, BulgariaStara Zagora Province43011.5 km²
6000Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province21,53724.4 km²
6001Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province2,2780.541 km²
6002Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province3,5520.833 km²
6003Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province8,6182.286 km²
6004Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province4,97931.3 km²
6006Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province11,52519.5 km²
6007Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province2,4253.713 km²
6008Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province4,3502.124 km²
6009Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province9,1896.9 km²
6010Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province1,9601.7 km²
6011Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province6,31011.4 km²
6013Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province2,0810.88 km²
6014Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province4,9189.1 km²
6045Starozagorski baniStara Zagora Province2,05632.3 km²
6046Stara Zagora Province1,73325.4 km²
6047Stara Zagora Province1,4955.7 km²
6048Stara Zagora Province1,48311.8 km²
6049Stara Zagora Province1,2829.3 km²
6050Stara Zagora Province9,60983.2 km²
6051Stara Zagora Province91954.2 km²
6052Stara Zagora Province2,58429.2 km²
6053Stara Zagora Province2,58513.7 km²
6054Stara Zagora Province48946.1 km²
6055Stara Zagora Province2,86161.3 km²
6056OpanStara Zagora Province64412.5 km²
6057Stara Zagora Province3,25856.5 km²
6058Stara Zagora Province2,93558.3 km²
6059Stara Zagora Province2,78921.3 km²
6060Stara Zagora Province3,52551.5 km²
6061Stara Zagora Province2,07413.1 km²
6062Starozagorski baniStara Zagora Province4,781121.9 km²
6063Stara Zagora Province4,67021.3 km²
6064Stara Zagora Province2,918135.3 km²
6065Stara Zagora Province4,0489 km²
6066Stara Zagora Province47218.7 km²
6067Stara Zagora Province1,65619.5 km²
6069Stara Zagora Province84518 km²
6070Stara Zagora Province4,79573.3 km²
6072Stara Zagora Province95010.2 km²
6074Stara Zagora Province28027.8 km²
6075Stara ZagoraStara Zagora Province46636.7 km²
6076Stara Zagora Province
6077Stara Zagora Province11910.2 km²
6078OpanStara Zagora Province83839.2 km²
6079Stara Zagora Province
6080Stara Zagora Province
6081Stara Zagora Province
6082Stara Zagora Province
6083Stara Zagora Province
6084Stara Zagora Province
6085Stara Zagora Province
6089Stara Zagora Province
6090Stara Zagora Province8605.2 km²
6091Stara Zagora Province
6092Stara Zagora Province
6093Stara Zagora Province
6094Stara Zagora Province
6095Stara Zagora Province
6096Stara Zagora Province
6097Stara Zagora Province
6099Stara Zagora Province
6100KazanlakStara Zagora Province20,35450.5 km²
6102KazanlakStara Zagora Province3,9611.997 km²
6103KazanlakStara Zagora Province2,6761.785 km²
6137Stara Zagora Province3,09226.1 km²
6138Stara Zagora Province2,5387.6 km²
6139Stara Zagora Province2,06418.4 km²
6140KrenStara Zagora Province4,77516.1 km²
6141Stara Zagora Province1,75416.5 km²
6142Stara Zagora Province4,21670.2 km²
6144Stara Zagora Province2,95212.2 km²
6145Stara Zagora Province1,1236.6 km²
6146Stara Zagora Province4268 km²
6147Stara Zagora Province1,17274.6 km²
6148Stara Zagora Province92594.1 km²
6149Stara Zagora Province5963.18 km²
6150Shipka (town)Stara Zagora Province2,50950.1 km²
6151Stara Zagora Province1,6237.1 km²
6152Stara Zagora Province2939.6 km²
6153Stara Zagora Province53131.9 km²
6154Stara Zagora Province85883.4 km²
6155Pavel BanyaStara Zagora Province2,88115.7 km²
6156Stara Zagora Province32515 km²
6157Stara Zagora Province55771.9 km²
6158Stara Zagora Province69117.3 km²
6159Stara Zagora Province3,98432.3 km²
6160Stara Zagora Province190127.4 km²
6161Stara Zagora Province1,53421.1 km²
6162Stara Zagora Province1,93815.5 km²
6163Stara Zagora Province1,88415.3 km²
6164Stara Zagora Province1,69738.8 km²
6165Stara Zagora Province2,02555.9 km²
6166Stara Zagora Province42978.5 km²
6167Stara Zagora Province2,39422.5 km²
6168Stara Zagora Province71111.7 km²
6169Stara Zagora Province77022.8 km²
6170Stara Zagora Province1,44025.2 km²
6171Stara Zagora Province1,50128 km²
6172Stara Zagora Province1,07642.6 km²
6173Stara Zagora Province28838.7 km²
6174NikolaevoStara Zagora Province82128.4 km²
6175Stara Zagora Province1,38925.6 km²
6176Stara Zagora Province213.2 km²
6177Stara Zagora Province81416.2 km²
6178Stara Zagora Province1,62538.7 km²
6179Stara Zagora Province925.8 km²
6180MaglizhStara Zagora Province3,83264.7 km²
6181Stara Zagora Province44217.4 km²
6183Stara Zagora Province89813.6 km²
6184Stara Zagora Province5331.9 km²
6185Stara Zagora Province4611.5 km²
6186Stara Zagora Province13.1 km²
6188Stara Zagora Province1844.4 km²
6189Stara Zagora Province95040.7 km²
6190NikolaevoStara Zagora Province1,6706.2 km²
6191Stara Zagora Province71322.9 km²
6192Stara Zagora Province7511 km²
6193Stara Zagora Province3915.6 km²
6194Stara Zagora Province163.716 km²
6195Stara Zagora Province
6196Stara Zagora Province11249.9 km²
6197Stara Zagora Province9159.9 km²
6198Stara Zagora Province3246.1 km²
6199GurkovoStara Zagora Province3,53927.3 km²
6200ChirpanStara Zagora Province10,59697.8 km²
6215Stara Zagora Province51930.1 km²
6216Stara Zagora Province8517.1 km²
6217Stara Zagora Province11412 km²
6218Stara Zagora Province50612.7 km²
6219Stara Zagora Province23011.3 km²
6220ChirpanStara Zagora Province2,09531.4 km²
6221Stara Zagora Province14313.5 km²
6222Stara Zagora Province1639.3 km²
6224Stara Zagora Province1097.2 km²
6225Stara Zagora Province2732.8 km²
6226Stara Zagora Province1316.5 km²
6227Stara Zagora Province3928.2 km²
6228Stara Zagora Province36725.7 km²
6229Stara Zagora Province41520.4 km²
6230Stara Zagora Province88715.2 km²
6231Stara Zagora Province6112.7 km²
6232Stara Zagora Province7113.5 km²
6233Stara Zagora Province
6234Stara Zagora Province9339.6 km²
6235Stara Zagora Province18814.1 km²
6236Stara Zagora Province1124.9 km²
6237Stara Zagora Province7026.7 km²
6238Stara Zagora Province62328.9 km²
6239Stara Zagora Province36815.9 km²
6240Stara Zagora Province64635.1 km²
6241Stara Zagora Province17829.5 km²
6242Stara Zagora Province16029.6 km²
6243Stara Zagora Province1419.4 km²
6244Stara Zagora Province18213.5 km²
6245Stara Zagora Province9621.1 km²
6247Stara Zagora Province336.7 km²
6248Stara Zagora Province22441.4 km²
6249Stara Zagora Province88325.3 km²
6250Bratya DaskaloviStara Zagora Province84227.9 km²
6251Stara Zagora Province75430 km²
6252Granit, BulgariaStara Zagora Province92126.9 km²
6253Granit, BulgariaStara Zagora Province1,31424.5 km²
6254Stara Zagora Province27116.9 km²
6255Stara Zagora Province84620 km²
6257Stara Zagora Province86610.5 km²
6258Stara Zagora Province1,09936.1 km²
6260Stara Zagora Province4,07516.7 km²
6261Stara Zagora Province18517 km²
6262Stara Zagora Province12816.5 km²
6263Stara Zagora Province
6264Kovachevo, Stara Zagora ProvinceStara Zagora Province2,971103.5 km²
6265Stara Zagora Province
6266Stara Zagora Province71629 km²
6267Stara Zagora Province39832.7 km²
6268Stara Zagora Province2,04976.4 km²
6269Stara Zagora Province94511.7 km²
6270Stara Zagora Province92916.2 km²
6271Stara Zagora Province2,60737.7 km²
6272Stara Zagora Province82226.8 km²
6273Stara Zagora Province1,0426.2 km²
6274Stara Zagora Province3512.8 km²
6275Stara Zagora Province2,67711.7 km²
6276Stara Zagora Province2,42660.5 km²
6277Stara Zagora Province24610.1 km²
6278Stara Zagora Province10227.1 km²
6279Stara Zagora Province15718.6 km²
6280GalabovoStara Zagora Province4,51035.1 km²
6281Stara Zagora Province10626.7 km²
6282Stara Zagora Province813 km²
6283Stara Zagora Province3231.4 km²
6284Stara Zagora Province17020.9 km²
6285GalabovoStara Zagora Province2,2332.014 km²
6290Stara Zagora Province1,26541.3 km²
6292Stara Zagora Province79240.8 km²
6293Stara Zagora Province44026.5 km²
6294Stara Zagora Province2,54737.5 km²
6295Stara Zagora Province49548.9 km²
6297Stara Zagora Province14728.9 km²
8950Kovachevo, Stara Zagora ProvinceStara Zagora Province
8954Stara Zagora Province
8963Stara Zagora Province

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Stara Zagora Province Demographic Information

Population Density579.8 / km²
Male Population155,960 (48.8%)
Female Population163,546 (51.2%)
Median Age44
Male Median Age41.5
Female Median Age46.4
Businesses in Stara Zagora Province5,329
Population (1975)426,163
Population (2000)376,112
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -25%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -15.1%

Stara Zagora Province

Zagora (Bulgarian: Област Стара Загора oblast Stara Zagora, former name Stara Zagora okrug) is a province of south central Bulgaria. It is named after its administrative and industrial centre—the city of Stara Zagora—the sixth-biggest town in the c..  ︎  Stara Zagora Province Wikipedia Page