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Postal Code K6A 3V2 - Hawkesbury, Ontario

Primary CityHawkesbury, Ontario
Area Codes613
Postal Code ExtensionsK6A 0A1 | K6A 0A2 | K6A 0A3 | K6A 0A4 | K6A 0A5 | K6A 0A6 | K6A 0A7 | K6A 0A8 | K6A 1A1 | K6A 1A3 | More
Local TimeTuesday 7:43 AM
TimezoneEastern Daylight Time
Coordinates45.6110356° / -74.6260397°
Related Postal CodesK6AK6HK6JK6KK6TK6V

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
10/19/174:08 AM3.164 km10,000 m9km W of Mont-Tremblant, Canadausgs.gov
7/31/177:50 AM3.171.5 km21,500 m30km NNE of Val-des-Monts, Canadausgs.gov
11/27/159:16 PM3.2370.8 km5,000 m4km S of Cornwall, Canadausgs.gov
7/15/153:00 PM3.2716.5 km10,230 m13km SSE of Hawkesbury, Canadausgs.gov
11/6/121:05 AM3.742.1 km11,070 mOntario-Quebec border region, Canadausgs.gov
9/18/1112:19 PM3.8447.5 km5,000 mOntario-Quebec border region, Canadausgs.gov
3/16/1110:36 AM3.877 km10,000 mOntario-Quebec border region, Canadausgs.gov
6/23/104:34 PM3.372 km22,900 mOntario-Quebec border region, Canadausgs.gov
2/27/107:51 PM3.4118.4 km7,370 mOntario-Quebec border region, Canadausgs.gov
11/1/097:16 PM3.5956.1 km3,920 msouthern Quebec, Canadausgs.gov

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Primary City

Hawkesbury is a town in Eastern Ontario, Canada, on the Ottawa River, near the Quebec-Ontario border. lies on the south shore of the Ottawa River about halfway between Downtown Ottawa and Downtown Montreal in United Counties of Prescott and Russell...  ︎  Hawkesbury, Ontario Wikipedia Page