TimezoneAtlantic Time
Area76,912.8 km²
Population783,302 (More Details)
Male Population381,722 (48.7%)
Female Population401,581 (51.3%)
Median Age44
Forward Sortation Areas (FSA)E0G, E0J, E1A (105 more)
Postal Codes57,116
Area Codes506, 780

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108 Forward Sortation Areas (FSA) in New Brunswick

Forward Sortation Area (FSA)CityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
E0GHampton, New BrunswickNew Brunswick
E0JNew Brunswick
E1A43,86580.2 km²
E1BRiverview, New BrunswickNew Brunswick20,23239.2 km²
E1CMonctonNew Brunswick26,22614 km²
E1EMonctonNew Brunswick12,03936.1 km²
E1GMonctonNew Brunswick21,299449.8 km²
E1HMonctonNew Brunswick8,820289.5 km²
E1JNew Brunswick3,658174.8 km²
E1NMiramichi, New BrunswickNew Brunswick11,354848.8 km²
E1VMiramichi, New BrunswickNew Brunswick13,747933.8 km²
E1WCaraquetNew Brunswick6,926176.5 km²
E1XNew Brunswick14,042463.8 km²
E2ABathurst, New BrunswickNew Brunswick17,9371,951.6 km²
E2E20,52926.2 km²
E2GQuispamsisNew Brunswick5,21233.8 km²
E2H5,04424.1 km²
E2JSaint John, New BrunswickNew Brunswick16,13031.7 km²
E2KSaint John, New BrunswickNew Brunswick18,34943.9 km²
E2LSaint John, New BrunswickNew Brunswick7,7062.38 km²
E2MSaint John, New BrunswickNew Brunswick20,609146.8 km²
E2NSaint John, New BrunswickNew Brunswick5,93497.4 km²
E2PSaint John, New BrunswickNew Brunswick2,06327.7 km²
E2RSaint John, New BrunswickNew Brunswick
E2SNew Brunswick7,364326.3 km²
E2VOromoctoNew Brunswick15,698295.3 km²
E3AFrederictonNew Brunswick29,3791,168.2 km²
E3BFrederictonNew Brunswick38,204545.8 km²
E3CNew Brunswick11,754129.4 km²
E3EKingsclear, New BrunswickNew Brunswick6,091296 km²
E3GFrederictonNew Brunswick9,670229.5 km²
E3NCampbellton, New BrunswickNew Brunswick14,4171,517.4 km²
E3VEdmundstonNew Brunswick10,31389.3 km²
E3YNew Brunswick8,2661,171.1 km²
E3ZNew Brunswick3,698171.8 km²
E4AChipman, New BrunswickNew Brunswick3,6001,335 km²
E4BMinto, New BrunswickNew Brunswick4,373602.8 km²
E4CNew Brunswick1,888639.9 km²
E4ESussex, New BrunswickNew Brunswick9,105668.5 km²
E4GNew Brunswick3,043437.7 km²
E4HNew Brunswick4,5801,039.7 km²
E4JSalisbury, New BrunswickNew Brunswick4,958207.8 km²
E4KMemramcook, New BrunswickNew Brunswick6,997279.3 km²
E4LSackville, New BrunswickNew Brunswick8,026705.3 km²
E4MNew Brunswick2,064447.3 km²
E4NCap-Pelé, New BrunswickNew Brunswick4,016116.3 km²
E4PShediacNew Brunswick14,500377.1 km²
E4RNew Brunswick5,963143.6 km²
E4SBouctoucheNew Brunswick6,901405.6 km²
E4TNew Brunswick2,2322,254.8 km²
E4VSaint-Antoine, New BrunswickNew Brunswick4,313186.8 km²
E4WNew Brunswick8,460620.6 km²
E4XSaint-Louis-de-Kent, New BrunswickNew Brunswick2,699265.5 km²
E4YRogersville, New BrunswickNew Brunswick3,135666.6 km²
E4ZNew Brunswick6,9132,499.4 km²
E5ANew Brunswick1,701899.8 km²
E5BNew Brunswick3,635361.9 km²
E5CSt. George, New BrunswickNew Brunswick3,911541.9 km²
E5ENew Brunswick76739.8 km²
E5GGrand Manan IslandNew Brunswick2,445159.7 km²
E5HNew Brunswick3,081384.5 km²
E5JNew Brunswick1,883485.8 km²
E5KGrand Bay–WestfieldNew Brunswick7,867662.4 km²
E5LNew Brunswick3,4261,589.9 km²
E5MGagetown, New BrunswickNew Brunswick2,409658 km²
E5NNew Brunswick12,338633.8 km²
E5PNew Brunswick2,912318.5 km²
E5RNew Brunswick1,575635.3 km²
E5SNew Brunswick1,739172.3 km²
E5TNorton, New BrunswickNew Brunswick3,508520 km²
E6ABoiestown, New BrunswickNew Brunswick1,3472,355.4 km²
E6BNew Brunswick2,0541,640.4 km²
E6CNew Brunswick2,046564.8 km²
E6ENew Brunswick1,472313.2 km²
E6GNackawicNew Brunswick2,609602.7 km²
E6HNew Brunswick1,5701,046.8 km²
E6JMcAdam, New BrunswickNew Brunswick1,430582.7 km²
E6KNew Brunswick3,338896.9 km²
E6LNew Brunswick5,193732.7 km²
E7ANew Brunswick4,240617.4 km²
E7CNew Brunswick5,4501,070.3 km²
E7ENew Brunswick4,632920 km²
E7GPlaster Rock, New BrunswickNew Brunswick4,4493,780.6 km²
E7HNew Brunswick5,681596.6 km²
E7JNew Brunswick2,285781.3 km²
E7KNew Brunswick2,553312.6 km²
E7LFlorenceville-BristolNew Brunswick5,465728.9 km²
E7PHartland, New BrunswickNew Brunswick4,629662.7 km²
E8ASaint-Quentin, New BrunswickNew Brunswick3,5552,485.3 km²
E8BKedgwick, New BrunswickNew Brunswick2,4062,060.4 km²
E8CDalhousie, New BrunswickNew Brunswick3,70517.6 km²
E8ENew Brunswick5,2051,234 km²
E8GNew Brunswick2,9031,360.5 km²
E8JPointe-Verte, New BrunswickNew Brunswick5,644174.5 km²
E8KBeresford, New BrunswickNew Brunswick8,645331 km²
E8LAllardville, New BrunswickNew Brunswick2,105656 km²
E8MNew Brunswick2,157196.3 km²
E8NGrande-Anse, New BrunswickNew Brunswick2,20778.5 km²
E8PInkerman, New BrunswickNew Brunswick3,471212.7 km²
E8RNew Brunswick3,342229.9 km²
E8SNew Brunswick4,48064 km²
E8TLamèqueNew Brunswick5,942193.4 km²
E9ANew Brunswick2,377680.5 km²
E9BNew Brunswick2,104575 km²
E9CDoaktown, New BrunswickNew Brunswick2,2661,500.9 km²
E9ENew Brunswick5,2706,319.3 km²
E9GNeguac, New BrunswickNew Brunswick4,761464 km²
E9HNew Brunswick3,333276.9 km²

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New Brunswick Demographic Information

Population Density10.2 / km²
Male Population381,722 (48.7%)
Female Population401,581 (51.3%)
Median Age44
Male Median Age43
Female Median Age44.9
Businesses in New Brunswick37,225
Population (1975)631,164
Population (2000)729,099
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +24.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +7.4%

New Brunswick

New Brunswick (French: Nouveau-Brunswick; pronounced: [nu.vo.bʁœn.swik], Quebec French pronunciation: [nu.vo.bʁɔn.zwɪk]) is one of Canada's three Maritime provinces and is the only constitutionally bilingual (English–French) province. It was created ..  ︎  New Brunswick Wikipedia Page