TimezonePacific Time
Area115 km²
Population659,464 (More Details)
Male Population322,455 (48.9%)
Female Population337,010 (51.1%)
Median Age39.7
Forward Sortation Areas (FSA)V5K, V5L, V5M (28 more)
Postal CodesV5K 0A1, V5K 0A2, V5K 0A3 (16,733 more)
Area Codes604, 780

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31 Forward Sortation Areas (FSA) in Vancouver, British Columbia

Forward Sortation Area (FSA)CityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
V5KVancouverBritish Columbia24,0305.9 km²
V5LVancouverBritish Columbia18,4043.485 km²
V5MVancouverBritish Columbia25,0174.901 km²
V5NVancouverBritish Columbia34,6384.973 km²
V5PVancouverBritish Columbia34,0035.2 km²
V5RVancouverBritish Columbia45,9555.9 km²
V5SVancouverBritish Columbia32,8237.4 km²
V5TVancouverBritish Columbia25,3753.09 km²
V5VVancouverBritish Columbia22,2803.729 km²
V5WVancouverBritish Columbia19,8083.277 km²
V5XVancouverBritish Columbia33,9956.6 km²
V5YVancouverBritish Columbia18,8194.234 km²
V5ZVancouverBritish Columbia20,9103.759 km²
V6AVancouverBritish Columbia16,2943.237 km²
V6BVancouverBritish Columbia30,0392.385 km²
V6CVancouverBritish Columbia1,5170.144 km²
V6EVancouverBritish Columbia26,4101.245 km²
V6GVancouverBritish Columbia27,8515.3 km²
V6HVancouverBritish Columbia19,2902.71 km²
V6JVancouverBritish Columbia20,4914.08 km²
V6KVancouverBritish Columbia26,2883.157 km²
V6LVancouverBritish Columbia14,2653.63 km²
V6MVancouverBritish Columbia18,3704.445 km²
V6NVancouverBritish Columbia14,7549 km²
V6PVancouverBritish Columbia33,8549.3 km²
V6RVancouverBritish Columbia19,6124.783 km²
V6SVancouverBritish Columbia12,27310.7 km²
V6TVancouverBritish Columbia13,2777 km²
V6ZVancouverBritish Columbia16,1530.665 km²
V7XVancouverBritish Columbia
V7YVancouverBritish Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia Demographic Information

Population Density5,735 / km²
Male Population322,455 (48.9%)
Female Population337,010 (51.1%)
Median Age39.7
Male Median Age39.1
Female Median Age40.2
Businesses in Vancouver, British Columbia70,368
Population (1975)314,813
Population (2000)511,772
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +109.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +28.9%


Vancouver (/væŋˈkuːvər/ or /vænˈkuːvər/) officially the City of Vancouver, is a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. 2011 census recorded 603,502 people in the city, making it the eighth largest Canadian municipality. Th..  ︎  Vancouver Wikipedia Page