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Postal Code 1130000, Chile - Map and Information

Primary CityAlto Hospicio
Area Codes57
Local TimeSaturday 6:14 AM
TimezoneBolivia Time
Coordinates-20.1913° / -70.0119°
Related Postal Codes110000011400001150000116000011700001300000

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/16/186:32 AM4.418 km46,050 m18km SE of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov
7/11/1812:22 AM423.6 km23,020 m30km NNE of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov
8/22/174:56 AM4.323.6 km46,600 m23km N of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov
7/26/1711:04 AM4.314 km42,030 m9km N of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov
4/4/176:01 AM4.226.9 km35,960 m14km SW of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov
1/27/175:27 PM4.925.6 km51,760 m30km NNE of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov
3/31/168:13 PM4.617 km54,410 m24km ESE of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov
8/31/1512:02 AM3.914.5 km48,000 m10km N of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov
7/24/154:14 PM5.327.2 km34,030 m13km SW of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov
5/28/152:55 AM410.7 km43,600 m9km NNE of Iquique, Chileusgs.gov

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Primary City

Alto Hospicio is a Chilean municipality and commune located next to Iquique, in the Iquique Province, I Region. It is a fast-growing popular area in the heights of Iquique and has a population of 94,254 according to the prelimanry result of the 2012 ..    Alto Hospicio Wikipedia Page