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Postal Code 1230000, Chile - Map and Information

Area Codes32333435More
Local TimeMonday 10:41 PM
TimezoneBolivia Time
Coordinates-32.92675344371972° / -71.34720727945742°
Related Postal Codes110000011300001140000116000012400001300000

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/13/156:42 PM3.73.1 km46,700 m11km WSW of Quillota, Chileusgs.gov
7/12/148:16 PM4.89 km44,100 m7km S of Quillota, Chileusgs.gov
1/2/142:39 PM4.85.3 km44,800 m9km N of Villa Alemana, Chileusgs.gov
5/16/095:14 AM4.112.4 km52,700 mValparaiso, Chileusgs.gov
3/21/084:13 AM3.112.9 km52,600 mValparaiso, Chileusgs.gov
8/13/075:03 AM3.111.1 km51,800 mValparaiso, Chileusgs.gov
8/7/074:33 PM3.37.5 km45,700 mValparaiso, Chileusgs.gov
10/15/061:13 AM3.210.8 km49,000 mValparaiso, Chileusgs.gov
3/21/0612:49 AM4.313.6 km54,200 mValparaiso, Chileusgs.gov
1/13/0612:42 AM3.16 km53,100 mValparaiso, Chileusgs.gov

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