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Postal Code 1320000, Chile - Map and Information

Area Codes5557
Local TimeFriday 12:47 PM
TimezoneBolivia Time
Coordinates-23.2542° / -69.3072°
Related Postal Codes130000013100001340000136000013900001420000

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/23/191:55 AM4.122.6 km103,400 m101km ENE of Antofagasta, Chileusgs.gov
2/4/194:55 PM4.129.9 km113,910 m70km SW of Calama, Chileusgs.gov
12/30/1811:54 PM4.420.8 km94,050 m77km SSW of Calama, Chileusgs.gov
12/16/188:27 AM4.815 km83,490 m109km SSW of Calama, Chileusgs.gov
12/13/183:01 PM4.17.8 km93,930 m88km SSW of Calama, Chileusgs.gov
8/22/184:15 PM4.329.4 km78,030 m90km ENE of Antofagasta, Chileusgs.gov
6/3/181:48 PM4.525.6 km101,280 m116km SSW of Calama, Chileusgs.gov
3/17/1812:30 AM4.324.3 km88,120 m99km S of Calama, Chileusgs.gov
11/21/165:28 AM422.9 km89,800 m87km S of Calama, Chileusgs.gov
9/9/163:52 AM4.314 km93,600 m94km SSW of Calama, Chileusgs.gov

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