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Postal Code 1360000, Chile - Map and Information

Area Codes5557
Local TimeFriday 1:07 PM
TimezoneBolivia Time
Coordinates-22.0904° / -69.4613°
Related Postal Codes116000013000001310000132000013400001390000

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/23/185:04 PM4.247.2 km88,450 m52km N of Calama, Chileusgs.gov
4/25/186:20 AM4.426.9 km84,500 m79km ENE of Tocopilla, Chileusgs.gov
12/7/1610:16 AM4.146 km107,200 m42km NNW of Calama, Chileusgs.gov
9/2/166:00 PM444.2 km71,500 m32km E of Tocopilla, Chileusgs.gov
9/30/155:29 AM4.544.9 km72,990 m31km E of Tocopilla, Chileusgs.gov
10/22/143:01 AM3.645 km71,400 m54km SE of Tocopilla, Chileusgs.gov
2/8/148:07 PM4.130.2 km71,500 m46km E of Tocopilla, Chileusgs.gov
11/21/121:05 PM4.530.4 km85,700 mAntofagasta, Chileusgs.gov
5/30/0911:53 AM3.446.9 km66,300 mAntofagasta, Chileusgs.gov
4/30/081:16 AM445.5 km49,200 mAntofagasta, Chileusgs.gov

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