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Postal Code 7750000 - Ñuñoa, Santiago Metropolitan Region

Primary CityÑuñoa
Area Codes2
Associated CitiesSantiago
Local TimeTuesday 3:58 PM
TimezoneBolivia Time
Coordinates-33.455509518246714° / -70.59809797475113°
Related Postal Codes755000076300007690000781000078500007910000

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Business Distribution by neighborhood in 7750000
 Ñuñoa: 72.7%
 Plaza Ñuñoa: 6.1%
 Pedro de Valdivia: 3%
 Providencia: 3%
 Cerro Navia: 3%
 Barrio Italia: 3%
 La Reina: 3%
 Recoleta: 3%
 Región Metropolitana: 3%


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 35%
 Restaurants: 24.3%
 Industry: 6.4%
 Professional Services: 5%
 Other: 29.3%

Business distribution by price for Postal Code 7750000

 Inexpensive: 57.1%
 Moderate: 28.6%
 Expensive: 7.1%
 Very Expensive: 7.1%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/5/152:39 AM3.59.4 km81,100 m4km NE of Lo Prado, Chileusgs.gov
8/31/144:06 AM4.48.4 km99,970 m8km N of Villa Presidente Frei, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile, Chileusgs.gov
4/30/133:57 AM513.9 km89,400 m7km SSE of Villa Presidente Frei, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile, Chileusgs.gov
11/27/1010:08 AM4.412.5 km101,200 mRegion Metropolitana, Chileusgs.gov
12/30/085:10 AM3.111.9 km99,800 mRegion Metropolitana, Chileusgs.gov
9/20/0811:31 PM3.113.1 km104,700 mRegion Metropolitana, Chileusgs.gov
1/22/089:48 PM3.46.2 km84,200 mRegion Metropolitana, Chileusgs.gov
10/19/078:14 PM3.58.8 km92,300 mRegion Metropolitana, Chileusgs.gov
11/13/064:57 AM3.18.7 km81,700 mRegion Metropolitana, Chileusgs.gov
9/11/0611:12 PM3.314.6 km89,700 mRegion Metropolitana, Chileusgs.gov

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 Magnitude 3.0 and greater   Magnitude 4.0 and greater   Magnitude 5.0 and greater 

Primary City

Ñuñoa (Spanish pronunciation: [ɲuˈɲoa])(from Mapudungun Ñuñohue, "place of yellow flowers") is a commune of Chile located in the Santiago province and city of Santiago. The oldest municipality in the traditional east end of Santiago, Ñuñoa has most c..  ︎  Ñuñoa Wikipedia Page


Percentage of businesses by city in 7750000
 Ñuñoa: 56.5%
 Santiago: 36.2%
 Other: 7.2%